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There are 163 participating players and 190 members looking to join a team.
Natl. Player Team
[Old Man] Dobbo Cannon fodder uk
5layer Steely Eyed Missile Men
Anarki Cannon fodder uk
Andres Andres Team
Arsenic Mob Squad
ASkillz82 Sacrilege
Auto Globochem
Barba-Q Krisenreaktionskräfte
Bassel Dynamite
Beikenost Lemon Squad!
Bennenator Phoenix
BiggieSmalls G-Men
Bin voll treff nix New Lunar Republic
Bluega Phoenix
Brain D United We Stand
Brandon1847 New Lunar Republic
Button UK Cannon fodder uk
calrek Burning Chrome
captain_beerfart Krisenreaktionskräfte
CDub Gh05t R1d3r5
Chief_Pineapple The Great Apes
Chuck Norris Abusement Park
CI2olvley Mob Squad
ColeusRattus Krisenreaktionskräfte
CPL_Media_Lab Burning Chrome
Cruise Abusement Park
DaKinMan G-Men
DaniEL New Lunar Republic
DeathByLemons Lemon Squad!
Diesel Abusement Park
District Krisenreaktionskräfte
Dr. Killinger Beginners
driverofcar Sacrilege
Dynamic Burning Chrome
El Vegas Legionnaires
europe Silent Purge
Exiled Abusement Park
eXodhin Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
Exped1ter Danglers
Falconian26 Bloodthirsty Gaming
FolkDeezy SMC Tactical
Gatoloco The Outlaws
GH05T Gh05t R1d3r5
Gibbs (FKA Leroy) Phoenix
GreenTheftAuto Legionnaires
GuiKa Lemon Squad!
Hav4c Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
HemingwaysGhost Gh05t R1d3r5
hoochy uk Cannon fodder uk
Hunnihalf This Can't Be Blank
i8yourcookies Sacrilege
Isrraka Lemon Squad!
Jabo Krisenreaktionskräfte
jay070702 Silent Purge
jimx78 Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
Jizzypants Globochem
joe mama Danglers
Jose Andres Team
kasTiel Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
Kay1-Gecko Krisenreaktionskräfte
kebo Boss Fight
Kensai187 Beginners
khefh Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
KillerHurdz Globochem
KobaEnigma13 The Great Apes
Korgan New Lunar Republic
Kswissbob This Can't Be Blank
Kushberries Beginners
landonjordan SMC Tactical
Lieder77 New Lunar Republic
lightsteed The Great Apes
Lil synkie Beginners
llewellur Danglers
logmannn Danglers
Mad Scientist This Can't Be Blank
Mad Soviet The Outlaws
MaIINo718 Phoenix
malcriado This Can't Be Blank
Manuel Andres Team
mattb0022 Legionnaires
Mav The Outlaws
Mechcondrid United We Stand
Meister417 This Can't Be Blank
Mexicution3r Danglers
Mixologist Gh05t R1d3r5
monsieurv Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
Mr.Ced G-Men
Mr.Smurf Silent Purge
mrbeefy SMC Tactical
MrDeath (reserve) Lemon Squad!
NeoTheRiot New Lunar Republic
NightFiree G-Men
NightFury Legionnaires
noah4213 Mob Squad
Nolomite Gh05t R1d3r5
Norseman Globochem
Nullest Sacrilege
OceanDolf Legionnaires
OfficerStatham (Sub) Phoenix
Operator0 Boss Fight
Otto (Sub/Hardware issues) Phoenix
Owleye Bullseye
Pain Killler Dank Memes
Parzival SMC Tactical
Peasley Beginners
plots Mob Squad
Polisbil Lemon Squad!
psn_wizzo911 Cannon fodder uk
purplehighway The Great Apes
Pwncake! SMC Tactical
Pyro Nation Legionnaires
Radarhead Boss Fight
rafaelo618 This Can't Be Blank
Rafnek87 Lemon Squad!
ransom This Can't Be Blank
RedBeardedFK3R The Outlaws
Rhoxos New Lunar Republic
richleyance The Outlaws
RonStoppable Abusement Park
rsemper Mob Squad
Schwarz-W-R Krisenreaktionskräfte
scoorpio1986 Boss Fight
Scoota New Lunar Republic
Silent SynerG Sacrilege
Silent_Knight Legionnaires
SirCookieNoob United We Stand
skidrow Cannon fodder uk
Skoobydoo Boss Fight
SL33PY C43S4R The Great Apes
Sled Burning Chrome
Smithysfc Phoenix
Smoils Beginners
Solbero Lemon Squad!
St3v3n12 Gh05t R1d3r5
Strajak Silent Purge
stumpynub Danglers
szeliga90 Silent Purge
Szoguner Silent Purge
taocow The Great Apes
The Irish Guerrilla The Great Apes
The Lion Legionnaires
The Man G-Men
The Sickness DB SMC Tactical
Thot - FR Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
Thund3rPilot Globochem
Toast Globochem
trevmorop Burning Chrome
twoolie Steely Eyed Missile Men
Viper Boss Fight
wandering timmy gaming Cannon fodder uk
WeatherBalloon Boss Fight
Wickedj The Outlaws
wil_FR Equipe Virtuelle Francophone
Will0thewhisp Gh05t R1d3r5
Woods43 Beginners
woofiewilly G-Men
xAirrick This Can't Be Blank
Yippy Globochem
Youthfullion G-Men
ZectionAte Burning Chrome
zeon007 Cannon fodder uk
Zevin Burning Chrome
ZPFunk United We Stand