• Matches
    1. Teams are self-organized. Players must reach out to the other teams using Discord (highly suggested!) or any other method to schedule their matches.
    2. The matches are generated on Mondays. The team captains have 1 week to schedule and play their match. The score needs to be submitted before Sunday, midnight. The league also offers a "Challenge" option which allows teams to play an extra match in their week (on top of their generated and mandatory match).
    3. In the event that a particular team can't get a weekly generated league match, it'll be allowed an extra challenge for that week.
    4. The scheduled times are according to local time. For example, EST in winter and EDT in summer.
    5. A match is a best of 3 maps.
    6. The official game-mode in the league is Uplink. The game-mode Escort can be played only if both teams fully agree, prior to starting their game, that it'll be allowed during their league match.
    7. The officially supported maps are listed below. Other maps can be played only if both teams fully agree:
      • Downfall 1
      • Quarantine 1 and 2
      • Subway
      • Suburbia
      • Bazaar
      A map can't be played twice. Downfall1 and Downfall2; Quarantine1 and Quarantine2 count as the same maps.
    8. The official player count is 5v5. 4v4 can be played if both teams agree.
    9. Teams can play with random public players to round it up.
    10. The Home team picks the map OR decides side (Volk or Marsoc) they want to start on. Then the Away team picks the map OR decides their side first and finally the Home team again.
  • Scoring System
    1. Teams enter the score themselves (or ask admin). Both teams need to submit the score for the match to be compiled. Points structure is as follow: [The score of each individual maps] + [3 points for the final winner of the best of 3]. For example, after all 3 maps, if the score was: 5-2, 4-1 and 4-3, the points are 16 (5+4+4+3) to 6 (2+1+3). Important: team captains must input the total score (the system does NOT add the extra +3). In the extreme event that the points were 3-4, 3-4 and 5-0 (making it a tie of 11-11), the teams will play a fourth map to decide which will get the ONE extra point to make it 12-11. The team that was Volk twice will be Marsoc.
    2. Teams have a 20 minutes buffer to show up with a majority of official team members at the agreed scheduled time. After these first 20 minutes, the team that is not ready (or slowing down the start of the match) loses the first round automatically 4-0. After another 20 minutes, it's officially considered a no-show and a score of 15-0 (12+3) is attributed by default.
    3. In the event that a match hasn't been played within the week (by Sunday evening) : (1) If both teams REALLY tried their best to get the match setup, a score of 8-7 (that's total, no '+3') will be attributed by default (and the win attributed to the team who was free the most days or the weekend) or (2) if only one of the teams tried to get the match set up, they will be given a total score of 15-0 (12+3) by default. If it can't be determined, the home team will get the 8-7 win.
  • Bugs & Cheating
    1. In the event that someone crashes out or encounters a bug (be it advantageous or disadvantageous); that is unfortunate but the round still counts. If such a crash or bug is detected within the first 30 seconds of the round (including prep time): (1) if the bug is advantageous to their team, they must commit suicide and replay the round; (2) if the bug is disadvantegous they may commit a team suicide. A team suicide is considered valid when the majority of the team (of the players able to actually do it) suicides (2/3, 3/4 or 3/5) within the aforementioned 30 seconds. Other cases of unintentional bugs are part of the game unless stated below. The league moderators can also apply judgment in case of irrational particular bugs.
    2. Known bugs:
      • In the event the same team (Marsoc or Volk) spawns in 2 different locations, the round is automatically voided and must be replayed.
      • In the event that all Volk enemies are dead, but the round timer continues (making Volk automatically win) the round point actually goes to Marsoc. Marsoc wins by 1 point (they can't take advantage of the bug to capture the objective).
    3. In the event that a game update introduces major bugs experienced by majority of players, the league may decide to extend the week to play the match.
    4. Obviously, NO CHEATING. Cheating includes: "body glitching" (body not following player's viewpoint), moving in roomscale to get through solid objects, peaking through solid walls, climbing on objects to get out of the "usual" map boundaries, using external voice communication systems (except to declare a bug (ex: in-game voice not working, game crash to Windows, etc)). Kicking teammate from lobby to 'save' a certain game situation. Any other imaginative cheats are not allowed. Treat your fellow gamers, teammates, and competitors with respect and honor. In the event a team has been called for cheating, the league administrators will contact the team captain, of said team, and their player(s) could end up being banned from the remaining of the season.
  • Teams
    1. In the event that a team changes most of its roster, within 2 weeks, that team, when ready to continue playing, will have its MMR recalculated by averaging each Player-MMRs. In order to prevent abuse (notably when a championship is about to start), that recalculated MMR cannot be higher than what it was before the players had left the team.
    2. In the event that a group of players decide to create a new team from scratch, and most of them come from another team (or more than one other team), that new team may, upon request, ask to start with a higher MMR than they would normally be attributed. That MMR initialization bonus follows the Player-MMR logic. Note that, as every new team, they will have to do their mandatory placement matches before officializing their MMR in the standings.
Date: 2017-11-06