ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship 2017 - Format
Stage 1 - Swiss-system tournament - Saturday December 2nd - 16:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC
All teams registered will get a maximum total of 4 matches against other teams in a Swiss-system tournament. The first set of matches will be determined randomly. Each match will consist of 2 maps. The home/away will be determined randomly and reversed for the second map.
At the end, all teams will be ranked by number of wins (& ties) then by Buchholz then by +/- points. The best team will be granted a spot for Stage 2.
Stage 2 - Semifinals & Final - Sunday December 3rd - 16:00 UTC, 18:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC
4 teams will be split in 2 groups. The teams will play 3 maps in a single-elimination - regular league style - 'Best of 3' format.
At the end, each winner will move on to the Final.
SEMIS A (16:00 UTC) SEMIS B (18:00 UTC)
Swiss' #1 (Home) Swiss' #2 (Home)
Swiss' #4 (Away) Swiss' #3 (Away)
The Final will consist of a 'Best of 5' match. Whichever team was highest in the official league ranking will start Home.
FINAL (20:00 UTC)
Semis A winner Semis B winner