Winter Championship
VRML is proud to collaborate with Skydance Interactive in order to produce this Winter Championship to culminate the first VRML Season of Archangel: Hellfire!
The teams reaching the Final will share a prize pool of USD $500!
1st place : $300
2nd place : $200
The winning team will also get 2 Intel 8700K processors offered by Skydance Interactive and a selection of VR Cover accessories!
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Format Details
Stage 1 - Open Qualifiers - November 25th - 16:00 UTC
All teams registered in the Open Qualifiers will play at least 3 matches against other teams in their corresponding group. The Open Qualifiers follow the standards of a Swiss-system tournament. The first set of matches will be seeded by standings and new teams will be seeded at the bottom in a random fashion. Each match will consist of 1 map as detailed below. The Home side will be determined randomly - for all matches.
All teams will be ranked by number of wins (& ties) then by Buchholz then by +/- points then by points total. If a tie happens, the teams will play a single-elimination map. The best team will be granted a spot for Stage 2.
QUALIFIER (November 25th @ 16:00 UTC)
Open Registrations
1st match Agrizone 96
2nd match Genesis Facility
3rd match Collins Base
... TBD
Stage 2 - Round-Robin Group Stage - December 1st and 2nd - 16:00 UTC
8 teams (maximum) from the Season Standings will be split in 2 groups of 4 teams. Each team will play the other teams in their respective group in a round-robin format. Each match will consist of 2 maps. Whichever team finished higher in the season standings will start home and reversed for the second map.
All teams will be ranked by number of map-wins then by +/- points then by total points. The top 2 teams from each group will be granted a spot for the Final Stage.
*If only one day is necessary, Sunday will be given priority.
GROUP B (December 2nd @ 16:00 UTC)
16:00 UTC
~17:30 UTC
~19:00 UTC
Final Stage - Semifinals & Final - Sunday December 9 th - 16:00 UTC
4 teams will participate in a single-elimination bracket. The team which finished higher in its round-robin group will be home.
The matches in the Semifinals and Final are regular league style - 'Best of 3' format.
SEMIS (December 9th @ 16:00 UTC)
Real Ones vs Hussars
Championship Poster