Winter Championship
Championship Poster
Image artwork by DaKinMan
VRML is proud to collaborate with Skydance Interactive in order to produce this Winter Championship to culminate the first VRML Season of Archangel: Hellfire!
The teams reaching the Final will share a prize pool of USD $500!
1st place : $300
2nd place : $200
The winning team will also get 2 Intel 8700K processors offered by Skydance Interactive and a selection of VR Cover accessories!
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Format Details
Stage 1 - Open Qualifiers - November 25th - 16:00 UTC
All teams registered in the Open Qualifiers will play at least 3 matches against other teams in their corresponding group. The Open Qualifiers follow the standards of a Swiss-system tournament. The first set of matches will be seeded by standings and new teams will be seeded at the bottom in a random fashion. Each match will consist of 1 map as detailed below. The Home side will be determined randomly - for all matches.
All teams will be ranked by number of wins (& ties) then by Buchholz then by +/- points then by points total. If a tie happens, the teams will play a single-elimination map. The best team will be granted a spot for Stage 2.
QUALIFIER (November 25th @ 16:00 UTC)
Open Registrations
1st match Agrizone 96
2nd match Genesis Facility
3rd match Collins Base
... TBD
Stage 2 - Round-Robin Group Stage - December 1st and 2nd - 16:00 UTC
8 teams (maximum) from the Season Standings will be split in 2 groups of 4 teams. Each team will play the other teams in their respective group in a round-robin format. Each match will consist of 2 maps. Whichever team finished higher in the season standings will start home and reversed for the second map.
All teams will be ranked by number of map-wins then by +/- points then by total points. The top 2 teams from each group will be granted a spot for the Final Stage.
*If only one day is necessary, Sunday will be given priority.
Stage 2A: Round-Robin Group Stage (Challonge)
GROUP B (December 2nd @ 16:00 UTC)
16:00 UTC
~17:30 UTC
~19:00 UTC
Stage 2B: Round-Robin Group Stage B (Challonge)
Final Stage - Semifinals & Final - Sunday December 9 th - 16:00 UTC
4 teams will participate in a single-elimination bracket. The team which finished higher in its round-robin group will be home.
The matches in the Semifinals and Final are regular league style - 'Best of 3' format.
SEMIS (December 9th @ 16:00 UTC)
Real Ones vs Hussars
Final-stage: Semifinals and Final (Challonge)