Cheers to Our Pavlov VRML Season 8 Winners!
by Leeloo |

Announcing Pavlov VRML Season 8 Winners!

Congrats to Billabong Bogans, Royalty, & REKT on winning in their respective regions! Congrats as well to all participating teams!


Thanks to the volunteers casting & moderating! If you want to get involved, application forms are available in Discord:

A feedback survey will be released soon to prepare for Season 9. Make your opinions known!

Thanks to Davevillz & Vankrupt Games! Join the official Pavlov Discord for game updates and community events:

Thanks to our Season 8 sponsors HyperX, ProTubeVR, & Asterion Products for your unwavering support and contributing to the $5,760 prize pool and over $600 in giveaways!

See you next season!