Caster Enrollment Information and Guidelines
Enrollment Period
Enrollment is now open year-round! We will be reviewing applications periodically and bringing people in on an as-needed basis.
Caster Guidelines
Onward VRML casters and production team are expected to uphold a particular standard of production integrity throughout their tenure at the VRML. We expect a certain level of professionalism at all times from each person when engaging with the public and with the league players and fans.
While it is common for casters to provide 'off-book' entertainment at times and allow their personalities to come through, it is also the responsibility of each caster to attempt to maintain a professional demeanor while engaged in the act of casting or during the setup and training processes. This includes but is not limited to communicating with teams, making announcements in the Onward Discord channels pertaining to upcoming casts, and engaging with players and viewers during the cast itself.
If you are applying for solely production assistant roles, the same rules apply. Though you may not be as public facing as those that produce live or recorded content, your actions and demeanor represent the VRML as a whole and, as such, you are beholden to the above code of conduct as well as that of our official rules.
In addition if you are accepted, all VRML matches and content must be streamed to appropriately sanctioned VRML channels. You cannot use VRML assets or stream VRML matches to a personal channel.
Any serious infraction of these responsibilities or any other actions deemed reprehensible by the active production team or the league moderators will result in immediate revocation of production privileges as well as any punishment deemed necessary by the moderation team.
VRML's production and organization operates entirely through community volunteers. While we've remained committed to distributing funds earned through Twitch affiliation, donations, etc. back to our volunteers based on activity, understand that all time and effort put into VRML should be given without the expectation or guarantee of monetary compensation, unless stated otherwise. VRML's origins are community grassroots, relying on the passionate players, leaders, casters, and creators that exist within our supported games directly, in order to run and produce a league that we can all take pride in being in, and playing in.
TL;DR Have fun but be professional, respectful and courteous. This is the face of the VR Master League and we should remember that at all times.
How Do I Apply?
Please complete and submit the form below in its entirety to the best of your abilities.
Your application will be reviewed and considered by the production team and you will be contacted upon acceptance via Discord. We may not contact you if you are not selected though your application will remain in our archives for future contact purposes if a position becomes available. Training for your chosen position will begin immediately upon acceptance. This will involve a short 'probationary' period during which you will be expected to learn and practice with the production team before being allowed to participate in official league production design or media. This is solely at the discretion of the Production Team Leads and will be based on a number of factors.
Thank you for your interest!
-- The VRML Production Team