NightFiree's original desk which surprised many back in the days

Thund3rPilot's original desk

Radarhead's crazy heading

HoochyUK breaks his teeth diving during a league match

NightFiree's desk get crowded in Season 4

NightFiree isn't sure anymore what to do with this crazy panel

SMC Tactical bum rush:

Happy birthday Tangled:

JizzyPants' epic fall in a clutch moment in Season 3, tagging 2:

An Abracadabra moment:

Arsenic's fucking dog:

Buxton is touched:

Boss Fight fighting amongst themselves to get the cap:

xAirrick is tired and done:

xAirrick is done, again!:

Viper's montage:

Practice session upper floor:

Practice session ground floor:

Ground floor (long):

In operations' room:

NightFiree's getting makeup:

Auto & Thund3rPilot giving interview:

Parzival's introduction video:

Globochem media session:

The glamorous life of Esporters:

Pre-tour on set:

Rafnek is angry:

SMC Tactical are the winners:

Group video: