Beginner-Level Videos
The Best Loadouts for Onward Beginners:
This video is for people who are brand new to the game and want to start out with the two best beginner loadouts for both Volk and Marsoc. Also included are some basic instructions on how to reload, throw grenades and toggle night vision goggles.
Cover 101: Cover, Concealment & Skylining:
Getting shot or surviving often comes down to whether you used cover intelligently. This video outlines how to use the environment to your advantage and against your opponents.
Settings and Loadouts for New Onward Players:
A more in-depth look at all the classes in the game, along with settings for ensuring the best possible Onward experience. This video is recommended for those who have already watched "The Best Loadouts for Onward Beginners."
Callouts & Directions for New Onward Players:
This video is a walkthrough of how to manage callouts and determine cardinal directions in Onward. Knowing how to do both is critical for the complex, team-oriented metagame of Onward.
How to Communicate in Onward:
Not sure how to use the radio or talk to your teammates? Here's a video for making sure everyone is on the same page, even when the bullets are flying and the smoke is in your face.
Onward Etiquette:
Onward's a complex game with a well-established culture and community, so it pays to know what people expect out of you when playing. This video highlights what is and isn't considered behavior worthy of a kick vote.
How to Build A Team:
A guide for all of you new competitors and team captains out there who have been asking about how to recruit and select teammates.
Q & A:
Answering some common questions from beginners that don't necessarily require their own full-blown videos.
Noob to Pro:
F.Lapinski, who's competed in VRML, ESL and other community tournaments shares his tips for the newcomers to give them the best advice at becoming a pro in VRML.
Intermediate-Advanced & Competition-Oriented Videos
Joining the League:
Playing Onward competitively is a much more interesting, rewarding experience than casual play. Watch this video to find out how you can get involved with the VRML, or "The League," as we call it.
How to Watch an Onward Match:
You probably want your friends and family watch you play the game, but chances are good they won't understand a lot of what's going on. This video is designed to be sent to anyone who is planning on watching an Onward match and is interested in what they'll be seeing.
How to Cap / How to Send the Uplink in Onward:
Knowing how to send the uplink, or "cap," as we call it, is critical in Onward. A cap is worth 2 points, and can decisively turn the tide of a match. Watch this video to learn the ins and outs of capping so you can do it effectively when the opportunity arises.
Tilt: How to Manage the Mental Game:
Beyond just basic skills, it's critical to know how to manage your own mental state in a game like Onward. It's an intense game, and knowing how to stay calm is critical. This video will help you learn how to think clearly in competition.
Understanding & Creating Information Asymmetry:
Onward is a game of information exchange, and it's critical to understand these dynamics. This video walks you through how and when to give or take information from the other team.
Play Styles and Their Consequences:
Teams and players possess a certain "character," and identifying that is very important for your ability to beat them. This video gives you a framework, based on poker, that will allow you to constructively analyze your opponents.