Players List
There are currently 325 players in active teams.
*DonPatron* Silent Purge
[Old Man] Dobbo Cannon Fodder
04 Kingsmen
0Theta0 Cold Steel
15_bad_days Firestorm
2gorrion[ESP] Spanish Union
404 G-Men
advari Phantoms
akiller210 Cats In Hats
AmiracleDev G-Men
Anarki Cannon Fodder
AnonymouseDude 5 hearts 1 beat
ApeksDiver1 Pack 1
AquaFighter Lords Of War
Archer Lemon Squad!
ArkAttack Silent Purge
Arno G.O.E.
Arsenic Globochem Season 6 Champion
Artison Firestorm
Austintatious Sinister Pride
Auto Globochem Season 1, 2, 4 & 6 Champion
AxisMunde Pacifists
azreark Cold Steel
Baghool French Onward Union
Baron Sarin Cats In Hats
Beepboopbob Pack 1
Beikenost Silent Purge
BiggieSmalls G-Men
Bin voll treff nix Big Red One
bluega Mob Squad
Boxstoise The 5 Horsemen
Brandominos Team_Spectrum
Brass2Mouth G-Men
Bris3ur French Onward Union
buddermast3r Spaces Aces
BullAnt Pack 1
Bulletproof1406 Kingsmen
Button UK Silent Purge
Bvv.Fr Equipe Virtuelle Francophone Lords Of War
calrek Burning Chrome
Canaan Sinister Pride
Cannom Loyal Dogs eSports
CAP The Divided
Captain Sota SMC Tactical
cars3y Archangels
Cervitron Spanish Union
Cha0s GameFist
Chatting Parrot Big Red One
Chr0my Firestorm
Cmax Ember
CoolBreeze G.O.E.
Cpt.Buggy Team_Spectrum
CrimsonCatalyst Fury
Cruorzy Vikings
CryoCell Blaze
ctrl.flirt.del The Killettos
Cudastic Pacifists
DA_DOCTOR Cold Steel
Dan108 Pacifists
DaniEL Big Red One
Defilade-SS MAYHEM
Destructor SpaceForce
Diesel SpaceForce
Dirt Diver G.O.E.
DMThltryptmn Legionnaires
Doctor Sean The 5 Horsemen
Dr Leo Marvin G-Men
Dr. Killinger Beginners Season 3, 5 & 7 Champion
Dr.Nobuddy VRATH
Driverofcar SpaceForce
DrunkdrUmMmER Pack 1
DrunKingz GameFist
EdnaJordan SMC Tactical
El Vegas Legionnaires
ElParcero Loyal Dogs eSports
Enigma The 5 Horsemen
Enoch007 Silent But Deadly
Eremita ROME
esqo27 Lords Of War
Europe Cannon Fodder
Evolution Fury
Excis3 GameFist
eXodhin French Onward Union
Exped1ter Danglers
F.lapinski Animal House
FeedMetal Lords Of War
FesterTaint Sinister Pride
Fimicolus Fungi Vikings
Fishman Team_Spectrum
flyinpotatoes Sinister Pride
Fozzie Spaces Aces
FuriousDaddy VRATH
Galberz The Divided
Gamewizard5244 Cats In Hats
GET2GO Team_Spectrum
gladiatortr ROME