French Onward Union

Why « French Onward Union » as your team name ?

French Onward Union comes from a search between the 1st members of the team. We chose French Oward Union because the acronym stands for Crazy in french and French Onward Union represents quite well what we are, a French union on onward (not an onion ? :).

Team Members :

Toxiikz (nickname « Tassin ») is the little comic of the team, always a good joke on the friends, it is for that reason that we keep him not for his "game" risky.

Mordrok is also a youngster, he helps to provide us with electricity in France. Currently on break he is looking to play other more physical game with the girl he loves.

Exodhin is the kind of person who knocks on your door to sell you everything is anything, having no door to knock in onward, he kills his enemies quite effectively.

Picasso He can be compared to the Tasmanian devil (cartoon), he does not in place and can not help but run.

Matthieu is the policeman (army) of the group, authority, rigor and team kill are what represents him.

Baghool it's our lucky luke, not that he shoot faster than his shadow, just who raises his arm to drink his glass more often than others

Bris3ur is the co-captain of the team and also the coach. This guy could have printed his house in 3D if we let him do it, he's a very manual genius. Pay attention to him, he can sell your parents and make you sign the paper without you realizing it!!

Punish3r is the captain of the team, manager in real life he tries to advance the team in the right direction, even if his gps has some problems. It is sometimes authoritarian but it is a real teddy

Game Style :

- Our style of play is a mix between the snake, the panther and the bear. The problem is that the poacher Matthew is among us. So there are not many animals on the cards at the end.

Selected season
Stats of Season 9 - 2020
5 2 3 39 40% -5
Map stats of Season 9 - 2020
Downfall Day 3 1 33 17 9 53
Suburbia Day 3 1 33 15 5 33
Subway 2 0 0 11 2 18
Tanker 2 1 50 12 5 42
Quarantine Day 2 1 50 10 5 50
Bazaar Day 2 2 100 11 9 82
Snowpeak Day 1 1 100 7 4 57
Past matches of Season 9 - 2020