ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship 2017 - Rules
In addition to the existing league rules, the following Championship rules & regulations apply. In the event of a contradiction, these Championship rules take precedence.
  • Participation & Game Rules
    1. Any teams participating in the championship must have confirmed their roster on this web site.
    2. Teams may not receive transfer players from other teams within 2 weeks preceding the championship.
    3. The matches are 5v5. On common accord only, both teams can decide to have the match 4v4.
  • Substitution
    1. Substitute players may not be brought in to 'fill' on championship matches. It is up to the teams to ensure their players and rostered subs are available for the allotted dates.
    2. Teams may play with 1 player down in the event they are unable to field a full team. More than 1 player down will result in a forfeiture of the match.
    3. League Moderators will make a decision on match forfeiture having given the under resourced team an opportunity to remedy their roster issues. The allowed timeframe for this shall be no less than 15 minutes, and no more than reasonable with regard to the Championship schedule.
  • Streaming & Media
    1. Participating teams must have at least one player in-game recording match during all stages of the tournament.
    2. From the round-robin stage onward, all teams must have one or more members providing a stream of match gameplay.
    3. In addition to the above the League Moderators may, subject to having good cause, require a player or players to stream some or all of their matches.
    4. In the event that streaming is not possible, the League Moderators may require a player or players to provide a VOD of the match on demand.
  • Bugs & Round Resets
    1. In the event of a round restart, the team requesting the restart must provide proof of the alleged bug/issue to the opponent team or League Moderators on request from same. Said team must also hold and have this recording available for no less than 1 week following the impacted match.
  • Cheating, Exploits & Breaches
    1. Any cheating, exploiting, or contravention of the foregoing rules must be brought to the attention of the League Moderators.
    2. Cheating is intended to include the intentional, accidental or reckless manipulation of the game and its code in such a way as to confer an unfair advantage on one side or the other.
    3. The term exploit is intended to include the intentional, accidental or reckless triggering of code, attribute or function in game that is otherwise not envisaged as a legitimate feature of the game. Non-exhaustive examples include going outside of map boundaries, clipping inside solid objects/floors or causing one's player model to distort or disappear.
  • Decisions & Sanctions
    1. The League Moderators shall, with regard to developer input, decide issues on the balance of probabilities based on the relevant facts having due regard to the accounts of those involved.
    2. Failure to comply with a request for match VODs, stream links or any other item covered in the above rules will disqualify a player or team from participating and potentially result in a reversal of a match score.
    3. In relation to any of the above rules, when a majority of the League Moderators reach the conclusion that conduct unbecoming of the league has occurred, the League Moderators have complete discretion to administer the appropriate sanction.
    4. In the event of a conflict of interest, affected League Moderators shall recuse themselves from deciding or otherwise commenting on an issue in their capacity as league officials.