Challenger Cup
Your team missed the closed qualifiers group and you want to try your shot at the grand honours? This Challenger Cup, happening on Saturday May 2nd & Sunday May 3rd starting at 17:00 UTC, may be your golden ticket to earn a spot in the Season 6 Championship Round-robin!
If you do not already have a team in the league, you have up to May 1st to register your team! (5 players minimum to participate). If you already have a team in the league, you can register by going in your "Teams management" page.
Teams can only register for either Saturday or Sunday.
Only teams ranked 8th or below in the season worldwide standings are allowed to enter.
The brackets will be generated on the morning of the event.
IMPORTANT: The Challenger Cup will be organized and monitored via the Pavlov VRML Discord. Make sure to join it!

Official list of participants (Saturday!)
8 -redyellowblue, Alan.Is.Toxic, Gri16m, Kyle1087, Unstable_Groot, Handi-Clapper, Oh4sh0, T3RMINATOR
8 c00li9, JellyBalloon, Lochy791, Nofus, Rigurun, Shadowzz, SheepTank, wok
8 Simu Els Son, jermu_jea, Dangerous_CODE, Dorka_mies, J0RKK3LI, Kontakanen, kyljär, Tobin
5 MarTn, Kochtopf, Liability, Scardigne, Vincent_n
8 basilmaz, _Scornfulsix_, POOH-XI, whoop, xHauntedtoasterx, bruh.exe, Sillygau5, TonyKabooch
7 FrillyLlama, ClanSolo, greyclock, grimms, Joda, King_Kroma, Perro
8 Kaiser666a999resiak, boss - hide and win, Malekiah, masQtu, T.I.E., Bazinga, dante7703, DoomGuy
6 1SLOWc6, STEEDLY, 11pan, Evasive Ferret, Jesus, SpaceCowboy
8 Kamikaz-eh, IDGAFdotCOM, Rarity, SPITFIYAH, EVILmorty, Lisa Simpson, Razafrazamataz, Son_of_Themis
6 Explosion, Ghost74u, RaceKrispys, Vader, Flaming Yon, SOVIET C.O.B.R.A.
8 Sumatchi, /, Crakkaj, frig, userdoesnotexist, A CARDBOARD BOX, Dr.No, Droid
Total teams (excluding overqualified teams): 11

Official list of participants (Sunday!)
8 Budgy, MessiahPenguin, Mr. Pringles, Registrae, Bricktop, Comoli, Dr.Greybush, Zoidberg
6 Skylark, TheTackleBerry, Binkleyman, call_for_help, DeathBoy666, Kesha
7 Zak, JiM, MaxGreenTvain, System_spy, Zel, BOT Kurt, Liar
1 R3D
6 JaceySlates, C4RDS, KingDinga, RickySpanish, samagotchi, Murkin
1 Comet
6 BC, _ZLOY, PapaFanta, Pegas, piketz, vrcenter
8 Stugotz, Diirkeyga, Jaja, Postavit, Aldiyk, Ga'o Ga'o, Horoz, uume
5 MindsEye69, DaGreatCake, Nuki, _napalm, Turbo
Total teams (excluding overqualified teams): 9
Challenger Cup Poster