Challenger Cup
Your team missed the closed qualifiers group and you want to try your shot at the grand honours? This Challenger Cup, happening on Saturday August 21st & Sunday August 22nd, may be your golden ticket to earn a spot in the Season 8 Championship Round-robin! Click HERE for more information.
Make sure to be logged-in and visit "My Teams" to register.
Teams can only register for either Saturday or Sunday.
Only teams ranked 8th or below in the season worldwide standings are allowed to participate.
Only teams who have 5 players rostered on the website and who have played at least 1 match in the season are allowed to participate.
The brackets will be generated on the morning of the event.
IMPORTANT: The Challenger Cup will be organized and monitored via the Pavlov VRML Discord. Make sure to join it! We will take team presence a few hours before launch.

Official list of participants (Saturday)
21 Korbit, Kaza_0, Tman968, Vash, Diidadie, Gingninj, Skittles, TyniTimmy 8
18 Lil goose, slasher, SOVIET C.O.B.R.A., Parcimonie, The_Rogue12 5
15 FrillyLlama, GrassNinja, Greyclock, Perro, CChance, Gr1mmz, Lobyone, Merpkiller 8
16 Ghost74u, _Scornfulsix_, bruh.exe, POOHXI, Quicksaber, whoop, SPITFIYAH 7
Total teams: 4

Official list of participants (Sunday)
17 GoddamnSuperhero, Aeon, anryko, CutieCat, LeCube, Odysseus, SACKJESEEECH, TacOcaT 8
17 funnywup, morgnfreeman, some sexi shrub, bepobsk, Clipz vr, Omshree 6
26 DoGvr1, bananekiller, DoGvr2, Frankie_Spankie, justjude97, akchev, Kuss Des Todes, WantonValkyrie 8
17 kyljär, CODE, Dorka_mies, J0RKK3LI, Kontakanen, Orpelo, Stg_Sandels, terve886 8
22 Skylark, TheTackleBerry, Bandinnite, BohrDOH, Jerry_X_Seinfeld, MaskBooce, Papa, Saikanadian 8
16 Mr. X, A Fancy Cat, Jesus, KiWi, Vista, SaLTY 6
15 Kyle1087, -redyellowblue, Eggy not Egg, KnifeWingedOwl, AlphaMail, Greta Thunberg, Gri16m, T3RMINATOR 8
21 Kamikaz-eh, JohnCletus, KIMfromCANADA, Razafrazamataz, BongRips4Satan, iPod Nano, nerominded, Son of a Gun 8
14 MindsEye69, _napalm, Nuki, BOBSonONE 4
Total teams: 9
Challenger Cup Poster