• League Member Code of Conduct
    1. Play fairly and within the rules of the League.
    2. Treat your fellow gamers, teammates, and competitors with respect and honor.
    3. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, spam, and other forms of harassment or illegal behavior will not be tolerated.
    4. Accusations of impropriety or foul play are taken very seriously.
  • Matches Organization
    1. The League will generate match-ups each week of a season.
    2. The matches are generated on Mondays.
    3. Teams are responsible for scheduling their matches.
    4. Players must reach out to the other teams using DISCORD to schedule their matches.
    5. Teams must schedule their match by Friday 8hAM UTC of the week it is to take place.
    6. The scores must be submitted as soon as the game is over.
    7. Teams will play a minimum of 1 match per week during the season (subject to the following rule).
    8. Twice per season, when scheduling is deemed to be excessively difficult or impractical, a team can request a match to be scheduled the following week without penalty. Once the match is scheduled though, it must be played.
    9. The league also offers a "Challenge" option which allows teams to play an additional match in a given week. 1 challenge per week.
      • Those challenges can be scheduled anytime.
    10. In the event that the League is unable to assign a weekly league match to a team, that team will be permitted an additional challenge option for that week.
    11. A team may elect to become inactive for a week (greyed-out in standings) without penalty. When a team has been inactive for 2 weeks or more, it shall receive a recurrent MMR percentage penalty until it becomes active again.
    12. The scheduled times are according to local time. For example, EST in winter and EDT in summer.
  • Matches Format
    1. A match consists of 3 maps. All maps must be played, as the overall scores do affect traded MMR.
    2. The official game-mode in the league is Search & Destroy.
    3. The officially supported map pool is listed below. Other maps can be played only if both teams fully agree:
      OG maps:
      • Industry (by Voxie)
      • Manor (by Voxie)
      • Sand
      • Scud Hunt (by Brainslug)
      Non-OG maps:
      • Cache (by Tarmac)
      • Dust 2 (by Nova)
      • Jordan Market Siege (by KENNITHH)
      • Mirage (by KENNITHH)
      A map can't be played twice.
    4. The official player count is 5v5. 4v4 or 3v3 can be played if both teams agree.
      • A team will be ineligible to play its match where it has fewer than 3 rostered players present.
    5. At the beginning of each match, the following phases must be arranged between team captains:
      1. Away team bans a map
      2. Home team bans a map
      3. Home teams picks map
      4. Away team picks side (blue or red)
      -- on next map --
      5. Away team picks map
      6. Home team picks side (blue or red)
      -- on next map --
      7. Home team picks map
      8. Away team picks side (blue or red)
      1. Home team bans a map
      2. Away team bans a map
      3. Away team picks map
      4. Home team picks server and side (blue or red)
      -- on next map --
      5. Home team picks map
      6. Away team picks server and side (blue or red)
      -- on next map --
      7. Away team picks map
      8. Home team picks server and side (blue or red)
      • When a match is NA West vs EU, the match is played on NA East servers.
    6. Full 3rd party communications is allowed while playing.
    7. Team coache(s) must refrain from talking to the players when they are playing their match. The only time a coach is allowed to talk to their team is in-between maps.
    8. Mic must be enabled in game (you can still mute teammates to avoid echo)
  • Scoring System
    1. Teams enter the score themselves (or ask admin). Both teams need to submit the score for the match to be compiled.
    2. The website allows to enter the score for each map individually.
    3. The team winning 2 maps out of 3 is the winning team.
  • Matches Forfeits
    1. Teams have a 20 minutes buffer from the scheduled match start time to be in the game lobby with a majority of their rostered team members.
    2. Once the 20 minutes buffer has elapsed, the team that is not ready (or responsible for the delay) forfeits the first map.
    3. If a further 20 minutes elapses without match commencement, the offending team is officially declared a 'no-show' and a score of 30-0 (total) will be awarded to their opponent.
  • Matches Defaults
    1. Where teams miss the match scheduling deadline, but the match is organised and played subsequently, a warning will be given to the teams. On the next occurrence, a -5 MMR-points penalty shall apply. League Moderators may impose this penalty on one or both of the teams depending on the facts.
    2. In the event that a match has not been played during the allotted time frame, the League Moderators will review the circumstances and allocate the match points accordingly. Example resolutions may include the following:
      • Where neither team made any arrangement efforts, the match will be considered cancelled;
      • A score of 2-1 may be awarded by default with the 'win' attributed to the team determined to have been available on the most days with a higher weighting given to weekend availability;
      • A score of 3-0 may be awarded to a team where their opponent has made little/no effort or been objectively determined to have frustrated the organisation of the match; or
      • Where facts do not permit a clear determination, a 2-1 win may be awarded to the home team.
    3. League Moderators may remove an inactive team from the League where they have defaulted on 2 or more occasions and have good cause to believe this will continue.
  • Streaming & Media
    1. At least 1 player per team must be streaming or at least recording the match.
    2. The recording must include full video and audio. It must be available for a period of 2 weeks after the match.
    3. The League Moderators may ask a team to provide a VOD of their match on request for review.
    4. Recording must be posted in the match-streams channel.
    5. Failure to provide a recording enables the adversary team to force-request a rematch.
    6. The League Moderators may, subject to having good cause, require a particular player to stream or record his/her matches until such a time as specified by the League Moderators.
  • Bugs
    1. In the event that someone crashes out or encounters a bug (be it advantageous or disadvantageous); that is unfortunate but the round still counts. Note that advantageous bugs could be considered exploits, see below.
    2. In the event that a game update introduces major bugs experienced by majority of players, the league may decide to extend the week to play the match.
  • Cheating, Exploits & Breaches
    1. Any cheating, exploiting, or contravention of the foregoing rules must be brought to the attention of the League Moderators.
    2. Cheating is intended to include the intentional, accidental or reckless manipulation of the game and its code in such a way as to confer an unfair advantage on one side or the other.
    3. The term exploit is intended to include the intentional, accidental or reckless triggering of code, attribute or function in game that is otherwise not envisaged as a legitimate feature of the game.
    4. Non-exhaustive examples include:
      • Going outside of map boundaries;
      • Clipping inside solid objects/floors (using room-scale or not);
      • Body glitching (body not following player's viewpoint);
      • Peeking through solid walls;
      • Any other imaginative cheats
  • Teams
    1. The maximum number of players per team is 8.
    2. Subs from other teams are prohibited in standard or challenge matches.
    3. Only Official Reservists (Ringers) authorised by the League can be used to fill empty slots in a team.
    4. Official Reservists (Ringers) can not play for the same team more than twice per season.
    5. A player cannot become an Official Reservist (Ringer) if, within the season, he has played for a team for more than half the duration of the current season.
    6. Sister teams are not encouraged. However, an individual can be in a team Discord and not be on the official roster for counseling/friendship/coaching purposes.
    7. Where a player leaves a team for any reason, that player will be subject to a "cooldown" period for the next 2 VRML-weeks (that is the 2nd Monday if a player leaves a Monday-Tuesday and 3rd Monday if a player leaves Wednesday or after). During this period, the player may become a member of the reservists group or another team, and shall be prohibited from participating in a league match.
    8. In the event that a team changes the majority of its roster (3/5, 4/6, 4/7, 5/8), within 2 weeks, that team, when ready to continue playing, will have its MMR recalculated by averaging each Player-MMRs. In order to prevent abuse (notably when a championship is about to start), that recalculated MMR cannot be higher than what it was before the players had left the team.
    9. In the event that a group of players decide to create a new team from scratch, and most of them come from another team (or more than one other team), that new team may, upon request, ask to start with a higher MMR than they would normally be attributed. That MMR initialization bonus follows the Player-MMR logic. Note that, as every new team, they will have to do their mandatory placement matches before officializing their MMR in the standings.
  • Decisions & Sanctions
    1. Contravention of any of the foregoing rules shall be sanctionable on review by League Moderators.
    2. League Moderators reserve the right to void any match or challenge after it has been played.
    3. Formal disputes amongst league teams and their members are to be lodged directly with League Moderators via the Captains Room Discord channel.
      • Unfounded and baseless accusations against players via any public medium are considered to be an act of misconduct.
    4. The League Moderators shall, with regard to developer input, decide issues on the balance of probabilities based on the relevant facts and giving due consideration to the accounts of those involved. Amongst these considerations, the League Moderators shall give the most weight to the presence/absence of indicting or exculpatory evidence (e.g. in game footage, chat logs, etc..).
    5. League Moderators will issue decisions via the Captains Room Discord channel.
    6. Failure to comply with a request for match VODs, stream links or any other item covered in the above rules will disqualify a player or team from participating in any further League events until they deemed compliant by the League Moderators.
    7. In relation to any of the above rules, when a majority of the League Moderators reach the conclusion that conduct unbecoming of the league has occurred, the League Moderators have complete discretion to administer the appropriate sanction.
    8. In the event of a conflict of interest, affected League Moderators shall recuse themselves from deciding or otherwise commenting on an issue in their capacity as league officials.

Updated: 2018-09-22