Season 11 is HERE!
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Matches will be generated after noon EST. So, if your team is still inactive, make sure your captain checks the "Active" box in the "My Teams" portion of the website.

The season is 13 weeks of regular matches and 3 weeks of post-season tournaments to determine the Champions. Every week during the regular season, teams will get assigned 1 opponent and schedule to play a match within that week. An extra challenge match may be played with a team within your skill-level. New teams will not have a visible MMR score. They will need to play 3 matches to be placed on the ladder and perhaps a 4th or 5th to determine the color of their star. More information about the ranking system and the divisions can be found in the Rules and in Discord.

"Roster Lock" is the 24th of April.  After this date, no roster changes may be made or the team will risk their qualification in the post-season tournaments.

Post-season starts May 5th. More information about these events and prize pool will be made available soon!

A team may sign up at anytime during the season before the Roster Lock. Some restrictions may apply regarding the qualification of teams for the post-season events.



1. Oilrig
2. Stockpile
3. Museum
4. Manor
5. Stahlbrecher
6. Cache
7. Mirage
8. Dust II
9. Inferno
10. Overpass

This map pool is the official VRML-operated map pool, these maps are the standard and mandatory for matches to be played on. specially during championships. If you'd like other options you can look at the map pool below:

Pre-Approved Map Pool:
1. Pipes
2. Vice
3. Harbor
4. Seaside
5. Industry
6. Santorini
7. Reachsky
8. Legend
9. Remnant
10. Tuscan

We've decided to allow more flexibility of playing maps that are not in the official map pool, and also to provide the chance of playing a map that you would of liked to be in the pool but that didn't make it in, we have we have created a Pre-Approved map pool. To play any of these maps in a official VRML match, both team captains must agree and consent to play one of these maps. These are all listed on the website when locking in the scores for the match and the "Other" option has been removed. Should we lose some of the maps in the official map pool during the game's UE5 transition (date still unknown) we will be replacing them with the Pre-Approved list. We hope you are as excited as we are for a new change!



Here is your Squad Up Checklist:

1. Are you in the Discord server? If not, right this way
2. Are you looking for a team? Check out the recruitment channels in Discord and contact team captains in your region.
3. Already got a squad? Create a team! Make sure you've assigned your team captain and co-captain their roles and that at least one of you is in the Support Server
4. Have your teammates read the rules? Make sure to read them and then read them again here: Any updates to the rules will be announced in Discord. Feel free to ask questions!
5. Is your team set to "Active"? Make sure your team is activated prior to noon on Monday, January 30th to get matches. The admins put all teams as "inactive" last week to make sure there are no false starts when matches are generated.
6. Have fun! 



Last but not least, follow us on all our social media to not miss casted match announcements, clipped plays, and general VR esports goodness!


See you on the battlefield!

Season 11 Have Been Announced! And, News About Season 12!
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Good evening gamers!
We are happy to announce for the first time, launch of Season 11 and following Season 12. As we are transitioning over to a annual calendars we are opening doors for better and improved internal organisation. We have plans for the first time as well to host off season events and tournaments, we still need more time to plan these out but we are hopeful they should be inviting and joyful for everyone. Once we have them planned out we will update our calendar to reflect on these events.
Further more, we are just about to finalise rule changes and map pool for Season 11.
And will have a change log out for you all soon enough.
Sometime this week we will ping all teams to make sure you activate your teams for match generation. We hope you all are as excited as we are for the next season!
If you can, test the beta branch and give your valuable feedback to the devs! Join their Discord to let them know how your games went:
Let's get gaming! :pavvrml:
Are You Ready for the Season 10 Championship Closed Qualifiers and Finals?
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This weekend, get ready for the Closed Qualifiers! Teams are playing for a $5,600 USD in cash and gear from our sponsors: HyperX, ProtubeVR, VR Cover, and Asterion!

In EU, Cat'astrophy, Technical Difficulties, Virtual Assassins, and Lucky Round are still in the running! The winner from this weekend will have a shot at the Semi-Finals and play against Old People, Crimson Claw, and Friendly Fire qualified for the Semi-Finals. It's going to be an exciting next couple of weekends!

Follow all the action on our Twitch channel:
It starts on Saturday, October 22nd at 1700 UTC (1 PM EDT) and on Sunday, October 23rd at 1730 UTC (1:30 PM EDT).


In NA, Soulstice and Vortex will close up the Round Robin stage and then we'll dive into the NA Closed Qualifiers! Wonder Land, NARC_0S, Jabberwocky, and the Round Robin winner will play for a spot in the Semi-Finals and a piece of the prize pool!  Tune in this weekend!

Saturday, October 22nd at 7 PM EDT (4 PM PDT) and Sunday October 23rd at 7 PM EDT (4 PM PDT). 


It's all part of the VRML Fall Fest 2022! We'll be giving away prizes to viewers and the community! Stay tuned!

New Match Recap Videos!
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A couple community members have gotten together to creat weekly match recaps under the "Pavlov Match Report". Please go watch their content here:

 They have 3 episodes out at this time. Make sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to be alerted everytime a video drops. You can also join their Discord server to give constructive feedback, recommend clips for their next video, and chat with the creators. Thank you Pavlov Match Report for all that you do!

And, don't miss player montage videos and clips posted in our Discord server!
Quicksaber's "Enemy Brain - Pavlov Montage #11"
JT Clark (Theodore)'s "They called washed - Pavlov Highlights 6"
choomah's "My highlight clips from cc vs op"
AfterThoughts' "Mr. Manor"
O.o's "Extra Clips #8"

Keep up to date with their content by giving them a follow!

Season 10 is Being Extended!
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We have some news for you!

We will be extending Season 10 by an additional 3 weeks. this will increase the season length from 16 to 19 weeks. The reason we are doing this is to line up the grand finals weekends more in sync with the other leagues, and will therefore have consecutive weekends of grand finals across VR Master League. We are also increasing it to reduce off-season as we are working on a new formula for season planning, more in depth about this process is to be discussed and revealed in the off-season, but for now we are planning a "Annual Calendar" to showcase all seasons and off-seasons and the off-seasons events in one calendar year, we just need to make sure we are able to execute on this before actually doing it, and it requires a little bit more work to determine possibility. You can find the new updated calendar below as well as being able to do the command "!Calendar" in the bot channel.

We have also been discussing the Open Qualifier, Closed Qualifier and Bronze, Semi and Grand Finals format and we have been getting a little bit sidetracked getting this sorted. but we are hoping to have something final to announce very soon so bare with us a little longer!

Stay tuned!

Season 10 Has Been Announced!
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Start date: June 13th!

The community is busy ironing out the details, giving feedback about the map pool, and forming new teams! Don't miss out!

Register here:
Join the Discord server here:

And... We Have a Winner!
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The winner of the Pavlov VR Edit Contest is... Blackcat !

They win a HyperX Cloud II headset! Thanks to everyone who participated! Go check out each entry individually:

The_Rogue12 -
Blackcat -
callme69og666 -
Crumb -
Budgy - 

For the full stream and judging:

Announcing the Pavlov Montage Edit Competition!
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We have a HyperX Cloud II headset to give away to the winner.
- Use non-copyrighted music
- Upload the video to Youtube
- Submit your video in the #submit-highlights channel in the Pavlov VRML Discord server or the google form linked below.
- Focus on Search And Destroy (not zombies, TTT, etc)
Saturday May 7th, 2022
We want you make videos that hype up Pavlov and encourage people to get into the game. The montage doesn't strictly need to be about VRML Season 9, it can also just be a cool Pavlov edit. But please focus on Search And Destroy gameplay. You can find Season 9 related and submitted videos in the #submit-highlights channel in the Pavlov VRML Discord server on the google spreadsheet, otherwise ask around for people to submit other awesome highlights!
A panel of judges will review and score the entries live on Twitch ( on May 7th at 18 UTC (2pm EST / 20 CET)
Please submit your montages to this form once you have made one, we are excited to see all the creative montages!
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1st - Crimson Claw
2nd - Friendly Fire
3rd - Old People
1st - REKT
2nd - VortexVRML
3rd - MyVoltronList
1st - Maws n' Paws
2nd - Billabong Bogans
Special Mentions
Finnish Bear Influenced for stunning viewers with an impressive performance during Closed Qualifiers!
Soulstice for coming out of nowhere and impressing with their organization and dedication to the game as one of the best new teams this season!
To the Pavlov VR comp community for another great season, filling out the feedback form, & for showing up for casts. Tune in today for the Mod Q&A session. We will be taking your feedback to help shape Season 10!!
1430 PDT | 1730 EDT | 2130 UTC
To our sponsors & partners!
They contributed to bring Pavlov VRML it's biggest prize pool worth $7,500 USD & over $800 in giveaways for the community!
Thanks Vankrupt Games! The updates & PavTV were appreciated by all!
And, we would like to thank the Mod & League Casting team for all the hard work they have done this season & the amazing show this weekend. Without them it would not be nearly as fun to watch these games! Check out their personal streams for more great community content!

See you all in Season 10!
Season 9 Championship Finals are This Weekend!
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North American, European, and APAC top teams battle for the crown and $7,500 prize pool! Join us for excellent Pavlov VR and giveaways!


APAC Finals - Saturday April 16th, 2000 AEST (0600 EDT)
Billabong Bogans vs Maws 'n Paws

Vying for the title of APAC Champions and $900 USD prize pool, this battle is one in the making! In three encounters, Maws 'n Paws have overtaken the Billabong Bogans twice. Billabongs have a great track run this season, finishing 2nd!


European Semi-Finals - Saturday April 16th
Crimson Claw vs Finnish Bear Influenced at 1130 EDT
Old People vs Friendly Fire at 1330 EDT

FBI snagged the final spot in the Semi-Finals with an impressive upset during last week's closed qualifiers! They'll be going up against 1st place Crimson Claw. Can they pull off another upset against this undefeated team? Then, Old People and Friendly Fire will be facing off! Exchanging blows all season, this match will be down to the wire as both teams fight for spot in the Finals! The winning team of each match will qualify for the Grand Finals, while defeated teams will play for 3rd place in the Bronze Medal Match.


North American Semi-Finals - Saturday April 16th, 1830 EDT
REKT vs Dream Team 
Vortex vs MyVoltronList

One of the 10 biggest rivalries of all time, REKT and Dream Team are playing again for the coveted 1st place! Vortex and MyVoltronList are also in the mix, both looking to make it their year as Champions! Who will move on to the Finals? Who will be eliminated? The winning team of each match will qualify for the Grand Finals, while defeated teams will play for 3rd place in the Bronze Medal Match.


European Finals - Sunday April 17th

Bronze Medal Match at 1130 EDT
Grand Finals Match at 1330 EDT

North American Finals - Sunday April 17th, at 1830 EDT

Bronze Medal Match
Grand Finals Match

This is it! These matches will be the last chance for these teams to give it their all and take home a piece of the prize pool! Join us for the conclusion of Season 9!


Full Championship Details: 
Live on Twitch!