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New worldwide standings and Master division for all!
by DaKinMan |

New Worldwide standings :

The Master Division is now available to all teams ! Good luck !

Pavlov now available in the VR Master League!
by DaKinMan |

Following the great success of the Onward Master League, we're introducing the Pavlov Master League this week. Their first league match between Classical Conditioning and The Pavlov Leftovers was a great success!

Keep an eye out for more!

Onward ProtubeVR 2017 - Grand Champions - Globochem
by DaKinMan |

The Onward ProtubeVR 2017 Championship is over now and we're glad to announce that Team Globochem players will be receiving a limited Golden Edition of the much praised ProtubeVR Gun Stocks! It was a very intense finale between them and Team SMC Tactical which have fought a very impressive championship not many had anticipated!

Congratulations to Globochem!

Season 3 is starting now. Can any team scratch some MMR from either of them ?

Announcing the Onward ProTubeVR Championship!
by DaKinMan |

The Grand Onward Championship has been announced and teams are getting ready!

For more information: http://vrmasterleague.com/Onward/ChampionshipInfo.aspx

Final Sprint for Season 2 2017 !
by DaKinMan |

We are coming close to the end of Season 2 2017 planned on June 25th.

Teams, make every points count and prepare yourselves for the season finale main event!

VR Master League Launch!
by DaKinMan |

One VR league to rule them all!

Pick your game from the menu!