How do I sign up?
In the navigation bar, click the "Sign-in" button at the top-right corner. Then click the "Create an account" button. Fill out the form and you're done!
How do I create a team?
You can start a team by choosing "Create a team" under the REGISTER menu in the navigation bar for the game that interests you. Once you completed the form, you will be able to invite your teammates to the team. You can find prospective players in the appropriate channels in Discord.
How to join a team?
The best way is to directly contact the teams that are flagged as "currently recruiting". You may quickly access this list by choosing "Currently recruiting teams" under the REGISTER menu in the navigation bar. You can also write a message to announce yourself in the appropriate channels in Discord. If you're accepted onto a team, go to their team page and click the "Recruit me" button. If the button isn't showing, make sure you are logged-in and verify with the team owner if the team isn't set to "blocking incoming recruiting requests" in "My Teams" page.
How to link a discord account to a VRML account?
Go to MyProfile and click the "Link Discord (OAuth 2)" button to link your VRML account to your Discord accound. This will allow the Discord VRML bot to assign you your team roles as well as other VRML specific roles.
How do I challenge a team?
On the Standings page for the game, when the season is active, you'll see this icon next to the teams that you can challenge. Challenges are restricted to teams around your skill level. You can also quickly filter on them by clicking "Find A Challenge" at the top of the Standings page. Pick a team you'd like to challenge, and reach out to them on Discord to discuss scheduling. If they agree to the challenge, and you both agree on a time to play, you can send them a challenge request by clicking on icon which will bring you to a calendar page to submit your challenge.
How do I get in contact with my opponent?
Contact the team captain or players through their Discord accounts. If you are unable to make contact with them, you can try to ping their team role in the appropriate channels in Discord.
How old do I have to be to participate?
The minimal age to use the website and participate in VRML is 13 years old. Each game has additionnal rules on that regard.
How can I report a VRML player or representative?
To report a VRML player or representative, we recommend creating a ticket in the VRML Support Server: https://discord.gg/Ngju8AuWfr. If you can't use Discord, you can send an email to [email protected]
What is a league substitute/reservist/ringer?
A League Reservist/Ringer/Substitute (depending on the game) is a player who is signed up to play in the League, but rather than join a team, they've signed up as a non-rostered substitute. These players will be pinged when a team needs an immediate substitute player.
How long are the seasons?
The seasons lengths vary in accordance to the game development plans and community size/expectations/readiness. Typically, they are about 3 months + 1 month for Championship.