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Details Released for the Zombieland Invitational
by Giligin |

The details you've been waiting for are here! Get ready for the Zombieland VR Invitational!

Four chances to qualify, $10,000 cash prize pool, and a whole lotta zombie heads to pop!

Maps will be announced on the day of each event, with 12 hours to put in your best time. Be faster than everyone else and win yourself a spot in the Finals!

More details can be found on the Zombieland landing page.

Finals on October 2nd will be live on Venues, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube!

Announcing The Zombieland VR Invitational
by Giligin |

In collaboration with XR Games, we're bringing you four chances to win a portion of the $10,000 prize pool!

Top 4 players from the leaderboards will qualify for the Finals, on October 2nd

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever is available on Quest, Rift, & SteamVR!

More details to come. Better start practicing!

Cheers to Our Pavlov VRML Season 8 Winners!
by Leeloo |

Announcing Pavlov VRML Season 8 Winners!

Congrats to Billabong Bogans, Royalty, & REKT on winning in their respective regions! Congrats as well to all participating teams!


Thanks to the volunteers casting & moderating! If you want to get involved, application forms are available in Discord:

A feedback survey will be released soon to prepare for Season 9. Make your opinions known!

Thanks to Davevillz & Vankrupt Games! Join the official Pavlov Discord for game updates and community events:

Thanks to our Season 8 sponsors HyperX, ProTubeVR, & Asterion Products for your unwavering support and contributing to the $5,760 prize pool and over $600 in giveaways!

See you next season!

Onward Season 11 Championship Finals Are Almost Here!
by Leeloo |

Raptors, Vikings, Beginners, & Peacekeepers made it through to the Onward Season 11 Semi-Finals!! Congrats on making it to the top 4 and securing a portion of the $14,000 prize pool!

Saturday, they will fight in a single-elimination tournament where Raptors will face Peacekeepers followed by Beginners vs Vikings. Winners of each match will move on to the Grand Finals on Sunday. Details about the format, schedule, and prize pool, can be found on the Championship Page.

Who do you think will be this season's champion?

Watch it live in Venues, Twitch, YouTube or Facebook by following these links:

Semi-Finals Venues

Finals Venues



Facebook Gaming

Also, check out our amazing sponsors: Downpour Interactive, HyperX, ProtubeVR, VR Cover, Rebuff Reality, Cybershoes, bHaptics, and FiXT!

Dream Homepage Contest Begins NOW!
by Giligin |


We are always looking to expand and improve upon our existing architecture and tools based on your feedback. One of the areas we know we could improve is the user-facing interface of the website! While the function of the site is intact, we also recognize that visually, it could be improved. While our focus right now is on performance and stability, we're looking for ideas to make the front-end better.

That is where YOU come in. We would like to announce the VRML Dream Homepage contest! 

We want to tap into the vast resource of our various VRML communities and see if any existing (or aspiring) UI designers would like to take a crack at revitalizing the landing page of the VRML to fit with their vision of what the next iteration of the site should look like! The winner (chosen by the VRML Board), in addition to having the honor of all or part of their design implemented directly to our site, will receive $250, a Discord role, bragging rights, and their name will be credited on the website, news posts, and casts! 

How to participate?

Front-end designers will know best how to approach this. Each submission can include 2 different packages:

 1) Sketches (can be hand-drawn) of the various pages (can be Home page, Standings pages, Matches pages, etc)

 2) A stand-alone css file (stylesheet) to apply on the website to change its look without requiring functionality overhaul changes.


The pages MUST include all existing elements/functionalities in some form or fashion but the style is entirely up to you!


Designs must be submitted by midnight PST on September 30th to:

[email protected]

Good luck!

*Disclaimer - By participating and submitting your ideas or designs as part of this contest, you grant VR Master League a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free, license to use, reproduce, modify, translate into different languages or formats, and publish your provided content.

And, The Snapshot VRML Season 1 Winners Are...
by Leeloo |

Congrats to our Season 1 Winners!

First place, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Second place, Serial Thrillerz 

Third place, Mean Girls

Get the full details here! Re-watch the Finals on YouTube!

Congrats to the all the participants! It was a great season and an exciting tournament! Hope to see you in Season 2!

Thanks to our casters and mods! Thanks to our sponsors VR CoverViveportHyperX, and ProtubeVR for your support and your generous contribution! Thanks to Giant Scam Industries! Have you see what they produced for the championship and season winners? Check it out!

VR Master League is One of HTC Vive's 2021 VR Global Innovators!
by Leeloo |

We're incredibly honored to be among such impressive company as nominees in this year's HTC Vive VR Global Innovators!

Thanks to HTC Vive and everyone who nominated us! Congrats to our fellow Innovators!

Read about it here and check out the other candidates:

Echo Arena VRML Season 3 Winners!
by Leeloo |

Congrats to Team Gravity, Jokr, and Leviathan on the win!


GG to all the participating teams! That was one killer series of matches and the games were so close, so fun to watch! What a great way to end the season!

In case you missed it, check out the Championship Details and the VODs.

Thanks to all the players that signed up this season! We hope to see you all back in Season 4. Lookout for the feedback form. We'll be taking the community's pulse on a variety of topics.

We had record viewership & participation, all thanks to the entire VR community, so thank you for your support!

Thanks to all the volunteers! As NightFiree put it, incredible job!!

Thanks to our sponsors ProTubeVR, HyperX, VRWear, Asterion Products, VR Cover, and FiXT! $8,200 USD was our biggest Echo Arena prize pool yet and we distributed $1,000 USD & 10,000 Echo Points in giveaways!

Last but not least, an IMMENSE thank you to Ready At Dawn Studios for their continued support. Your team is a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue to showcase your awesome game and give it the #HYPE it deserves!

Cheers and see you all in the arena soon!

-- VRML Team

Announcing Echo Arena's Season Prize Pool!
by Leeloo |

VRML is proud to unveil a prize pool of $7,000 USD in cash and prizes! Join us for an exciting next couple of weeks as we crown the Champions of Season 3!

Mark your calendar with these upcoming broadcasts! Full details to come, so stay tuned.



Venues EU Cycle 3 Challenger Cup

Venues NA Cycle 3 Challenger Cup

Venues OCE Semi-Finals

Venues EU Semi-Finals

Venues NA Semi-Finals

Venues OCE Finals

Venues EU Finals

Venues NA Finals

Onward Season 11, Weapons Hot!
by Trip |

Hey everyone!

Onward released for the Oculus Quest on July 30th of 2020, and since then the VR Master League has seen explosive growth in its community. It has been so encouraging to see how helpful and receptive the Onward veterans have been to all the new players joining the league. In February, everybody welcomed the new player base into the competitive scene with the largest ever Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament.

The first few rounds of the Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament were commentated over by a handful of dedicated community casters, most of whom you can look forward to hearing in Season 11 VRML broadcasts. What was truly inspiring to watch was how skilled these new players and teams were. The ORB Tournament Finals proved to be an amazing series resulting in Hell From Above, a brand new dedicated NA squad, taking the ORB Tournament title. You can look forward to seeing every team that competed in the ORB Tournament, including Hell From Above, compete in Season 11. 

With 16 weeks between Season 10 and 11 the VRML community found creative ways to stay active and competitive. The Custom Map Tournament over the break gave us an excellent opportunity to battle-test some truly jaw-dropping custom maps made by the incredibly creative and imaginative VRML community. You can expect to see some of those maps in the map pool rotation in Season 11.  

If you want to catch more videos of the Custom Map Tournament you can head over to the Onward VRML Youtube channel:

After almost 4 months of no regular season play, Season 11 finally launched this week! The regular season will be 15 weeks long and end with the highly anticipated postseason, August 7th to the 22nd. Week 1 is off to a great start with 90 active teams registered, 1,320 registered players and 47 matches to be played. There is a lot to look forward to like some significant changes to the rules and gameplay meta. Smoke grenades and C4 are being unbanned. Seasoned and new teams alike will have to adjust their strategies for Season 11 and with the addition of new tools comes the removal of others. Teams will have to also adjust to the shield and volk drone being banned in league play for this season.

Alongside the meta changes comes a rotation of fresh maps. Every 5 weeks, the competitive map pool changes, adding an all new element to strategic gameplay that we have never seen in Onward VRML. The standard pick/ban procedure remains unchanged but with the introduction of new maps throughout the season comes the added challenge of the unknown! We can’t wait to let everyone loose on the battlefield for an undoubtedly gripping and exciting spring-summer season of Onward play!

  • Map Pool 1 (Weeks 1-5): Suburbia, Sand, USS Quest, Bazaar, Subway, Downfall, Quarantine, Snowpeak 
  • Map Pool 2 (Weeks 6-10): Sand, Cargo, [Small Sized Map TBD], Shipyard, Subway, Downfall, Quarantine, Snowpeak 
  • Map Pool 3 (Weeks 11-15): Suburbia, USS Quest, [Small Sized Map TBD], Bazaar, [Medium Sized Map TBD], Downfall, Quarantine, Snowpeak

Last but not least, we have a whole new team of creators across all VRML games, working to bring you all kinds of new content, from interviews and articles to highlight reels and posts across our social media. Now is the perfect time to share the experience with your friends and family. You can tune into Twitch to catch matches being broadcast live by our talented VRML casting team and follow the Youtube channel to be kept up to date with past broadcasts, team interviews, and highlight reels.  






Zombieland Headshot Fever Invitational with VRML
by DaKinMan |

We're very excited to collaborate with XR Games to celebrate the launch of their game Zombieland Headshot Fever with some action packed competition!

Behold the Zombieland Headshot Fever Invitational!

More information and details to come

VRML Celebrates Women in VR
by Giligin |

VRML is proud to support women in VR gaming!

To celebrate and bring awareness to Women's History Month and the International Women's Day for equal rights, we're giving away an Oculus Quest2 and HyperX coupons to the awesome women who help build the VResports community.

Check it out here!

Other helpful links:

by Giligin |

VR Master League is announcing its return to Oculus Venues!

The Echo Arena VRML has grown into something that transcends any single effort. It has taken a community full of dedicated, passionate, talented individuals to take the esport to the heights it has reached, and it continues to evolve and grow. Coming into 2021, we set several goals for VRML. One of those goals was to return to Oculus Venues. 

Venues Returns!

Over the course of Season 2 we saw Venues broadcasts every weekend. They were a great space to enjoy watching the games with your friends on your Oculus Quest and quickly became a popular avenue for people to enjoy watching Echo Arena VRML. We are therefore proud to announce: Echo Arena is returning to Venues with almost triple the amount of Venues broadcasts!

If you’ve never seen Echo Arena VRML in Venues before, with it's theater-sized virtual screen and real-time social interaction with other fans, it’s an enriching way to experience the games. To join, you can download the Venues beta directly from the Oculus app store. Once you're in, you can sign up to be notified of upcoming events and receive alerts in your headset when they go live!

More Content!

As mentioned earlier, we are always trying to take VR Esports to the next level. Another one of our goals for 2021 is to expand on the content offerings of VRML. As a community-run league, we thrive on community participation. The result has been the addition of the Creator team to Echo Arena VRML. Already, they have been delivering high-quality highlight reels, team interviews, and game recaps that are posted on the Echo Arena VRML YouTube channel. 

Echo Arena VRML Youtube

Season 3 Week 5 Highlight Reel

VRML Match Recap - Momentum vs Rush (S3W4)

Echo Arena Ethereal Interview - Season 3, Week 3

The best way to show your support is to like and share these videos with friends and family on social media to help us expand the reach of VRML. In addition, you can head on over to the VRML Instagram account where clips from all games are posted, and the Echo Arena Twitter account to get notified of any live games!

Lastly, you may have seen media applications go out recently. In line with our goal to expand our content offerings, we will be looking to also post articles on both the VRML home page and the Echo Arena home page. We will be sure to notify the community when articles are posted, so following the Twitter account and joining the Discord will guarantee you don't miss any content. 

These are just a few of the things we have planned for 2021 for VRML and we look forward to continuing to take VRML to new heights!

Echo Arena Charity Cup this weekend!
by DaKinMan |

Make sure to catch the Echo Arena Charity Cup for the benefit of the Gamers Outreach foundation this weekend!

We'll be showcasing it via our regular EchoArena_VRML Twitch channel!

Bringing Weekly Showcases of Echo Arena and Onward in Oculus Venues!
by DaKinMan |

We're incredibly excited to announce that we're coming to Oculus Venues to produce weekly VR esports showcases for Echo Arena and Onward!

What is Oculus Venues?

Oculus Venues is your ticket to bringing the stadium experience, complete with a live crowd to react and interact with, into your home via Oculus Go and Oculus Quest! Featuring curated events like concerts, comedy shows, major league sports, and more, VRML is proud to bring the best of VR esports into the Venues lineup with Echo Arena!

Oculus Venues is a fantastic opportunity to make our sport shine on an exciting, new platform. It's a chance to showcase to the increasing masses of VR adopters why Echo Arena and Onward are something they need to check out, and why VRML is something they should take part in. We encourage you all to spread the word, join the audience in Venues if you're able, and show your support for the game, league, and your fellow players who are featured on it!