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Onward Invitational presented by ESL Gaming, Oculus and Stack Up!
by DaKinMan |

Ladies and gents, the VR Master League is very happy to announce a collaboration with ESL Gaming and Oculus!

ESL needs no introduction to most competitive gamers - they are the world's largest eSports company. Oculus, obviously, everybody know their flagship HMDs: Oculus Rift & Oculus Go. They have contacted us in order to partner up to showcase the very best of the Onward competitive scene.

To accomplish this, we've decided to up the ante of the ProTubeVR and VR Cover 2018 Championship!!

Indeed, the top 4 teams (2 from each group) coming out of the Round Robin stage (THIS WEEKEND!) will be selected to be flown out to an Onward Invitational Event in the ESL UK studios in Leicester, UK on June 15-17, 2018. This event is also associated with Stack Up, a charity supporting US and Allied veterans with gaming, and therefore a few selected veterans will be invited as well! The competing teams will fight for a prize pool of USD$10,000 grand prize presented by Stack Up, ESL and Oculus!!

The league moderators want to thank the community for its continuous support since February 2017. Without you it wouldn't be possible!

Keep your eyes open to more collaboration with ESL and Oculus in the future!

Cheers! May the best teams win this weekend!

Announcing the ProTubeVR & VR Cover 2018 Championship!
by DaKinMan |

Onward VRML Season 4 is now over and it's time for the post-season Championship Event!

As usual, in order to include as many players as possible and give every Onward fan a chance to compete in the Grand Championship, we'll be having a Wildcard Tournament!

The winner of this Wildcard Tournament will be granted a spot in the Top 8 Teams who will be competing in the ProTubeVR & VR Cover 2018 Championship!


Onward Season 4 and Pavlov Season 2 are underway!
by DaKinMan |

The new seasons are underway.

Join up!

Announcing the ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship!
by DaKinMan |

As we get closer to christmas, both Onward's and Pavlov's epic seasons are coming to an end and it’s with great pleasure that we announce the ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship!

Our sponsor ProTubeVR is happy to repeat the experience with us to congratulate the very best teams of both games with special ProTubes!

Also, VR Cover is getting in on the action and is thrilled to give prizes to every member of the winning team!

Image courtesy of Viper

Image courtesy of The Ace Station

New division for the Onward League!
by DaKinMan |

Introducing the new Gold division for the Onward League!

Teams will be adjusted this week as it settles into place.

More coming soon !

Website has changed clothes!
by DaKinMan |

Introducing themes !

You can now enjoy the new 'Light' theme or go back to the old 'Dark' theme from your Profile page.

More coming soon !

New feature added: Players list and nationalities
by DaKinMan |

Very happy to introduce 2 new features for the league: (1) Active players list and (2) player's nationalities.

Take a look at these respective web pages to see the list of active players in the league:

Also, league members can now, optionaly, specify their nationality in their 'Profile'. It'll be reflected next to their names.

Cheers and happy gaming!

New worldwide standings and Master division for all!
by DaKinMan |

New Worldwide standings :

The Master Division is now available to all teams! Good luck!

Pavlov now available in the VR Master League!
by DaKinMan |

Following the great success of the Onward Master League, we're introducing the Pavlov Master League this week. Their first league match between Classical Conditioning and The Pavlov Leftovers was a great success!

Keep an eye out for more!

Onward ProtubeVR 2017 - Grand Champions - Globochem
by DaKinMan |

The Onward ProtubeVR 2017 Championship is over now and we're glad to announce that Team Globochem players will be receiving a limited Golden Edition of the much praised ProtubeVR Gun Stocks! It was a very intense finale between them and Team SMC Tactical which have fought a very impressive championship not many had anticipated!

Congratulations to Globochem!

Season 3 is starting now. Can any team scratch some MMR from either of them ?