Hello and welcome to the VRML Volunteers page! We are excited that you are interested in contributing to this ever-growing esports organization. Over the last several years, we have seen amazing growth, which is reflected in the player base, viewership, media coverage, and content creation, as well as by the multitude of new sponsors and partners getting involved with both VRML and the player teams.
VRML is an example of how much can be accomplished by a passionate community, especially when their ideas align and their efforts are combined. That's always been the driving force behind our organization; We come directly from the VR communities within the games we feature.There's strength in passion, and strength in numbers—and we have a lot of both.
There are a thousand other things you could be doing with your time, but, like us, something about your favorite game or community resonated enough with you, that you wound up here: at the ground level of what feels like a future global phenomenon. When that day comes, every one of us can proudly look back and say—in whatever big or small part—that we were there from the beginning. We were the pioneers.
VRML's production and organization operates entirely through community volunteers. While we've remained committed to distributing funds earned through Twitch affiliation, donations, etc. back to our volunteers based on activity, understand that all time and effort put into VRML should be given without the expectation or guarantee of monetary compensation, unless stated otherwise.
As a VRML caster you are expected to uphold a particular standard of production. Whether you're on Discord, in game, or on stream, you're not only speaking about players—you're speaking for them. When new viewers interact with you as a VRML representative, the things you say will often be held with high regard, but will also be subject to higher standards and scrutiny, as well. We expect a certain level of professionalism at all times, from each person, when engaging with the public, the players, and the fans.
While it is common for casters to provide 'off-book' entertainment at times and allow their personalities to come through, it is also the responsibility of each caster to attempt to maintain a professional demeanor while engaged in the act of casting or during the setup and training processes. This includes, but is not limited to: communicating with teams, making announcements in Discord channels pertaining to upcoming casts, and engaging with players and viewers during a cast.
In addition, if you are accepted, all VRML matches and content must be streamed to appropriately sanctioned VRML channels. You cannot use VRML assets or stream VRML matches to a channel not authorized by VRML's Casting Coordinator.
Any serious infraction of these responsibilities or any other actions deemed reprehensible by the active production team or the League Moderators will result in immediate revocation of production privileges as well as any further punishment deemed necessary by the moderation team.
To apply for a casting position, fill out the following FORM
As a creator, you are expected to help conceptualize, compile, and/or create content to be featured on VRML streams and social media. This content may include art, programming, videos, music, etc., and be broken down into even smaller tasks from there.
Creators who make content for their own channels can continue to freely do so, as normal. In addition, VRML can feature that content on stream (if desired, and if it meets content requirements), but instead of being a “VRML Official” video that we brand and upload to the VRML channels, we'll feature it as a “Community Video”.
Some creators would like to work on solo projects exclusively for VRML. We appreciate that, but want to emphasize that it's not a requirement. We don't want to prevent you from taking on any personal projects outside of VRML; we just ask that you help out in some of the VRML projects when you can.
To apply for a creator position, fill out the following FORM
League Moderators are expected to engage with the community. This includes moderating various VRML official Discord and Twitch chat channels and having conversations with the community. We are all human, and sometimes just a general discussion in our #off-topic Discord channels can help the community see Mods as more than just "others" who enforce rules.
Another expectation of VRML Moderators is to answer support tickets. The ticket system is our most efficient method of dealing with moderation requests. Players can submit a ticket via our automated system integrated in Discord and contact our Moderators to resolve an issue.
Additionally, we have an #ask-here channel in Discord. While this isn't 100% the Moderators' job to watch over, Mods should read over this channel occasionally, checking to ensure the answers given in this channel are accurate.
To apply for a moderator position, fill out the following FORM.
League Moderators other responsibilities:
  • Update the Rules when necessary
  • Enforce the Rules
  • Assist with tournament management
To apply to be a League Moderator, fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/FGUu2VjKUiMDuMHt7