Fall Fest 2022 is Here!
by Leeloo |

Get ready for VRML Fall Fest 2022!

6 weekends, 3 leagues, 1 passion

This fall, we're showcasing Pavlov, Onward, and EchoArena_VRML championships as part of a 6 week event! Hot VR esports action, HyperX giveaways, and killer commentary!

Pavlov VRML Season 10 Championship starts October 15th with qualifiers for EU and NA.

Onward VRML top 4 teams from OCE/Asia region and top 8 from each EU and NA regions will battle to ascend to the Season 13 World Finals, also on October 15th and 16th. For details, see vrml.gg/Onward/Championships/Season13

Last but not least, Echo Arena VRML Season 6 Championship events will be starting November 5th for OCE/Asia, EU, and NA. 

Stay tuned for details and good luck to all our participants! We will be giving away prizes to the Championship winners as well as to our viewers and community members.