Prize Pool
1st place - $1050
2nd place - $450
3rd place - $300
4th place - $200
*Will be delivered as "Amazon Gift Cards"
Format Diagram
The whole tournament consists of 2 parallel single-elimination brackets (1 for America and 1 for Europe).
Competition Details
Each team must have 3 players to be an eligible team. All games will play 12 minute matches in 3v3 Goaltower mode on the map Sneaky. In case of a tie, teams will face off in an Elimination mode game on the map Cebitus. Timer will be set to 12 minutes, but the first team to score a point by eliminating the enemy team will win and end the tie breaker. Essentially a sudden death mode.
Both North America and Europe will have a maximum of 16 teams, seeded by number of matches submitted in the Tower Tag world week period. The winner of each regional bracket will face off against the other region, determining 1st and 2nd places. 3rd place is defined as the winning region’s finalist, 4th as the losing region’s finalist, 5th as the winning region’s semi-finalist, and so on.
Supplemental Tower Tag equipment such as towers, guns, and vests will be optional, but eligible for tournament use.
All scores will be recorded via screenshots, and sent before the final competition date, midnight MST (GMT-6) with respect to the relevant competition dates.
Third party software and hardware is permitted as long as it has no effect on gameplay, performance, competition and participants. This includes recording software and communication software (as long as communication is between teammates or other relevant parties).
VAL will contact participants in advance for broadcasting, and will be expected to broadcast or livestream their match with reasonable notice. Participants are otherwise free to broadcast and livestream via non-VAL channels should they want to. Exemptions can be made for technical difficulties and other inhibiting circumstances.
While English language proficiency is not required, VAL typically communicates in English and may not be able to accommodate language barriers.
There is currently a maximum of 16 NA teams, and 16 EU teams with each team containing 3 players each.
Players (can be either customers or arcade staff) must create an account at and register as a player.
Arcade owners must also register at and register as an "arcade". If the application is approved, VAL admins will reach out to coordinate team signup.
Players must be 13 or older to participate. If they are under 18 but over 13, they must have permission from a parent or guardian.
More information
For more details, join the VAL DISCORD and the VRML DISCORD communities!
Complete ruleset document can be found here: Google Drive link