Challenger Cup
Your team missed the closed qualifiers group and you want to try your shot at the grand honours? This Challenger Cup, happening on Saturday, May 11th, may be your golden ticket to earning a spot in the Season 2 Championship Closed Qualifiers
Registrations are open! Make sure to be logged in and visit "My Teams" to register.
Only teams ranked 8th or below in the season regional standings are allowed to participate.
Only teams who have 5 players rostered on the website and who have played at least 6 matches in the season are allowed to participate.
The brackets will be generated on the morning of the event.
The capacity for each region is 16 teams. If capacity is reached, we'll sort teams by MMR and the 16 teams with the highest MMR will be allowed to participate.
IMPORTANT: The Challenger Cup will be organized and monitored via the Breachers VRML Discord. Make sure to join it! We will take team presence a few hours before launch.
IMPORTANT: The Challenger Cup registrations will close on May 10th at 2024-01-13 23:00


The Regional Challenger Cup Qualifier is a single-day event. All teams registered in the Challenger Cup will play a pre-determined number of maps against other teams, in their corresponding group, based on the number of registrants. Details below. The Challenger Cup follows the standards of a Swiss-system tournament. Standings will seed the first set of matches. Each match will consist of 1 map. Starting with the Away Team. Teams will alternate bans until 2 maps remain. Then the Home team will select Map or Side. All teams will be ranked by the number of wins (& ties), then by Buchholz, then by +/- points, and finally by points total. If a tie happens, the teams will play a single-elimination map. The best 2 teams of each qualifier region will proceed to Challenger Cup Day 2 .

Challenger Cup Day 2 - May 11th
The top 2 teams coming from the open qualifiers will play a match in a 'Best of 3' maps format in a single elimination Match. Whichever team finished higher in the open qualifiers will start home. Beginning with the Home team, both sides will  ban up to 1 maps each. A team may decide to not ban a map. then Home gets to decide on choosing a map or choosing side.

3-4 teams 3 maps
5-8 teams 4 maps
9-16 teams 5 maps
Official list of participants (Group 1)
12 ShimiMarui, f.shy, Gears, Igris, Maestroo19, Juy_Guy, Parrot 7
12 Flare-, Argonaut, Beckam01, Darius, Dest, G.MONK3Y, zae2VALID_9 7
18 Phase_, NIL8R70, Paladin, Luwl, theweakmoves, Yea Itz Skippy 6
9 ruelas504-TTV, JJtwins543, Honeybun, Slim shady, Trintinator 5
9 GloomyMelanie, Dopiest, Hunter, Tuniical, Headshot5101, LordAngel10 6
13 Rise Optimal, Eviljester799, Black, E.D.O, G.R.1.M.M, GTZ, Ventarra, Zombie289 8
13 ItzOce, Idot, TheiConicOne, Cohen, David JOENAD0 5
11, Stuar, _COOKIE_, blamedagame13, SaccMan, shwack 6
10 Danamite, Gorlock, LacedVR 3
13 AshVR12, die_90, LePorkio, Night Lovell, OOGABOOOGAA, Sleepy Bat, Sloth 7
12 StunadV32, Illuminati, Atm500, Dmac020, Draspintine, LC...cott, Nagwesh, Shejustwont 8
7 snorlax 1
8 Jazzberry05, Crocodile, Bubbyboy, Monster1, Zyvhiria 5
12 Chris.x, Aiden.x, CJ.x, Enforcer.x, Mori.x, Will.x 6
6 amikosik, ImMIGGGY, Death5759, God_of_shinobi, Grahamster5134, PeazGaming, X_TEMPEST_X 7
15 sebby223, Gravity64, space..., ARustyChair123, burntwaffle, Junafix, rib 7
12 Cbob, MrZ, RebelPhoenix86, SigmaBob, TBob 5
11 Soundwave, QuizWhiz77, TheRaven7, Kano0403, Warrior, WhiskeyAvenger 6
12 Icebergcam, Juk3 2
3 evanguard, buddermast3r, MrMonkey, APerson007, Captain Squibby, Curtis G, Piggylion, SpicyHydra 8
10 RedlionYT, Miner414, Clix4k, LoganYoungJet 4
7 adore, Felix7979, PureCosm0, Whitesox5, Band1t, Paisley 6
9 Emmettiscool, Eli.22, Kion7399, Chanceiscool, mclaren, rusty_boi12 6
Total: 24

Official list of participants (Group 2)
11 JediMilo, Adam.133915, KimKong, mack, Mike_D10, Disander, Winterwolf2014 7
11 Florentin, Falsiion, Kolalagirl, Skud, Lilfeeze, Misterlight, Prishkas 7
12 Komoh, ALTAS_Enzo, Asorya, eXodhin, Youpless, ChuChu_TAYNE, Noctalys, Svio 8
14 Marx, Caspar, NopeNotMikey, .M., Fennec, Le P.A, Ryku, Seigmeyer 8
13 A BOY, Quinn95 2
15 AlexAbreu, 4Russell, Kaiser666A999resiak, Tonico1524, balasabia, Ciwe, pr1c333, Selfo 8
13 Boshk138, Jasmine, TAZzGaming123, Fallen-_, FerdiMon08, Norse, shmonkey, Velx 8
15 Hermes_, ellaa, RisingSurvivor, DEV!L, Fairy, Kasey, Vlanir, vr_mad_lab 8
4 P3r0xide, Ishy, Airsoft, Lonnielandii, uni 5
10 Balov, SSQQUUIIZZZZYY, Tumbleweed18, Dukegrant, Laino, Moshy, OOOLIE 7
Total: 10