Congrats to Our Echo Arena VRML Season 4 Champions!
by Leeloo |

OCE: Leviathan

EU: Team Gravity

NA: New York Kings

Congratulations to these teams for winning the championship this season!! Great job to all teams that participated in the Finals, and to all the teams throughout the season!

Season Report

75 Suspensions

5 Bans

Max number of teams competing in a week: 407

Max number of matches played in a week: 444

Number of players participating: 4,518

More stats can be found here.

Season 4 Badges/Tags/Banner

Currently the release date is unknown. We are actively working on getting those out, but it may take a few weeks.. Please read through the #season-4-badges channel in Discord. That is where updates and more information about badges will be posted. If your username on the VRML website does not match your Oculus username, you may not receive the badge.

Season 4 Connoisseurs

Echo Arena Bracket Winners

OCE: esxx has a perfect score (20 pts)

EU: beaver_ (32 pts, perfect is 36 pts)

NA: Ow (26 pts, perfect is 36 pts)

Top Season 4 Connoisseurs

1st place is Novius (92% success rate, 193 guesses)

2nd place is Tambaa (94% success rate, 79 guesses)

Honorable mention to… MadThrasherXXI (88% success rate, with a whopping 355 votes!)

Season 5

Currently there is no start date for Season 5, and there is no estimated start date. The planning of a season does not happen until the previous season is over, so it may take us a few weeks before we have more details. However, we do have a Season 4 Feedback Form for you all to fill out. After the feedback form is filled out and the Moderators have reviewed it, then a 'Season 5' channel will be opened for discussions.


If you are interested in being a Moderator, Governor, or part of the production team - fill out an application! The links for all applications are in Discord.