An Interview With 24 Co Captain of Havoc Hellfire
by CGF- |

Hello there and thank you for your time to go through with this interview! Would you introduce yourself to the readers for me?

Hi I am 24 not two four but 24 which is a very good number.

What do you think are your fellow teammates biggest strengths?

Dribbling the ball and shooting.

Where do you see the team (Havoc Hellfire) being in the future?

Hopefully winning tournaments.

What made you get into Ultimechs and into VRML as a whole?

I originally played Blaston which was created by the same people and since I was known in the community I chose to stick around and as far as VRML goes I am a very competitive person so I enjoy competing with others.

What tips could you give to potential new players looking to get into the game?

Practice a lot and try to improve at the game.

Thanks for answering the questions, have an amazing day!