Ultimech's Season 1 Starts February 27th!
by Leeloo |

Ultimech VRML's 1st full season is in 2 weeks! Read up on the format, important dates, and how to sign up.


Make sure you take note of these dates!

The season is 11 weeks of regular matches and 1 week of post-season tournaments to determine the Finalists and who qualifies for VRML CON 2023. Every week during the regular season, teams will get assigned 2 opponents and schedule to play a match within that week. An extra challenge match may be played with a player within your skill-level. New players will not have a visible MMR score. They will need to play 3 matches to be placed on the ladder and perhaps a 4th to determine the color of their star. More information about the ranking system and the divisions can be found in the Rules and in Discord.

As a reminder Season 1 will not be cross region. Matches will not be generated cross region however if you wish you play a team from a separate region you may challenge them still.

Post-season starts May 20th. More information about these events, in-game rewards, and prize pool will be made available soon!

A player may sign up at anytime during the season. Some restrictions may apply regarding the qualification of teams for the post-season events.



Here is your Squad Up Checklist:

1. Are you in the Discord server? If not, right this way http://discord.gg/ultimechs
2. Are you looking for a team? Check out the recruitment channels in Discord and contact team captains in your region. https://vrmasterleague.com/Ultimechs/Recruiting
3. Already got a squad? Create a team! https://vrmasterleague.com/Ultimechs/Register Make sure you've assigned your team captain and co-captain their roles and that at least one of you is in the Support Server https://discord.gg/48JWECFQy7
4. Have your teammates read the rules? Make sure to read them and then read them again here: https://vrmasterleague.com/Ultimechs/Rules Any updates to the rules will be announced in Discord. Feel free to ask questions!
5. Is your team set to "Active"? Make sure your team is activated prior to Monday, January 16th to get matches. The admins may put all teams as "inactive" this week to make sure there are no false starts when matches are generated.
6. Have fun! 



Last but not least, follow us on all our social media to not miss casted match announcements, clipped plays, and general VR esports goodness!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ultimechs_VRML
Facebook: https://facebook.com/@VRMasterLeague
Instagram: https://instagram.com/@VRMasterLeague
TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@vrmasterleague
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQEo-YzHmlfjqGanoWuT8KQ/videos


See you in the arena!