Season has terminated.
Keep an eye out for the next season announcement!
Congrats to the Blaston Championship 2022 Phase 1 Finalists & LCQ Phase 2 Details!
by Leeloo |

Hosted by Resolution Games, they're bringing you the 1st official championship circuit for Blaston! Join today and compete for over $10,000 in the biggest VR esports competition of 2022! VRML is happy to participate and help organize this tournament!

Players gather champion points and qualify to the championship finals.

Players in North America and Europe could participate in a series of tournaments, challenges, and events to gather points in Phase 1 of the Blaston Championship. Once collected, their championship points are shown on a regularly updated regional leaderboard. Here are your first set of finalists in the North American & European regions who will head to the finals this November!

North American Finalists:

European Finalists:

Didn't make it in Phase 1? No worries! Players can now register for the Phase 2 Last Chance Qualifier, read more:
Sign up here

Good luck to all!

Help Us Build Season 2!
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We hope everyone had a fabulous Season 1 for VRML Blaston!

We really want to grow and improve the league and to do that we want to hear your opinions on what you liked and what you would change. The feedback form is very short and can be completed very fast and really makes a difference as it will shape how we plan Season 2. Please fill it out here:

As a secondary note we're also looking for a few additional moderators to help support players during North American time zones. To apply to be a VRML league moderator please fill out an application here:

We'll be releasing more information as it becomes available. While we plan Season 2, participate in as many fun Blaston events happening right now & have a great off-season!

Congrats to our Season 1 Winners!
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24 remained undefeated throughout the competition??
Full bracket details here:
You can rewatch all the action:
Watching it all unfold was riveting! Thank you to the players, viewers, & VRML staff that made this happen. Special mention to Slowyd & Captain Fabulous for making Season 1 so smooth organization-wise!
Interested in participating behind the scenes?
Thanks to Resolution Games, our sponsor HyperX & our partner ARMAgg! This season's prize pool was $1,450 USD in cash & gear!
Stay tuned for details about upcoming seasons & tournaments like the Blaston 2022 Championship! Have you earned your spot?
Season 1 Championship Details!
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Saturday begins 2 weekends of high-action Blaston; it's the Season 1 Championship! We're super excited to see the finalists play and show off the highly competitive side of this very physical game!

16 players, 1 champion, and $1,450 USD in cash and prizes from our sponsors, including sick in-game banners! You can find all the details on the championship page:
You can participate by trying to guess who will win! Let us know your predictions using the Challonge bracket. Make sure to leave your Discord ID tag so that we know who is the most accurate!

Where to watch?
Day 1 - August 6, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/17:00 UTC
Horizon Worlds:

Day 2 - August 7, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/17:00 UTC 

Day 3 - August 13, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/17:00 UTC
Horizon Worlds:

Grand Finals (Day 4) - August 14, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/17:00 UTC
Horizon Worlds:

Join us! And, bring your friends. Let's get #VResports trending!

Horizon Worlds:
It’s an all-access pass to amazing VR content, including big name music performances, exciting sporting events, community activities, cool film experiences and more.  Download it free here:

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What an awesome season! Thanks to everyone one who participated and congrats to our 8 Wildcard Participants:

This weekend, they will fight for 4 places in the upcoming Season 1 Championship! They will play in a bracket with 14 matches total. No winner's advantage in the grand final.
First 8 matches will be bo5, the next 5 will be bo7 and the grand finals bo9.

Saturday and Sunday, starting at 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT / 17:00 UTC

It will be streamed LIVE on Make sure to follow the channel and our social media for more HYPE and content!!

See you there!

Blaston Season 1 Starts in One Week!
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Only a week left before season 1 start!!

Make sure you're registered on the website to get matches on May 16th.
Starting prize pool is $1,300 USD in cash & gear provided by Resolution Games and HyperX!

Register here: 
Discord server:

Don't forget to read the rules here:

Season 1 Starts May 16! Get ready!!
by DaKinMan |

All Blaston players looking to play competitively, it's time to get ready!

It's very simple!

  1. Create an account
  2. Register your player
  3. Brace yourself for the Season launch May 16th!