1. League Member Code of Conduct
    1. Play fairly and within the rules of the VR Master League.
    2. Treat your fellow gamers, playermates, competitors, spectators, and League officials with respect and dignity.
    3. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, doxxing, and other forms of harassment or unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.
    4. Accusations of impropriety or foul play are taken seriously and should be brought to the attention of the League Moderators.
  2. Regions & Participation Requirements
    1. The league will be split into two separate leagues. The North American league will operate on the PST timezone and the European league on CET.
    2. Players do not have to reside in the league which they join, but are encouraged to select the league closest to their timezone. 
    3. Typically each league will play games between 14.00 - 22.00 according to their selected timezone. Players may agree to play outside these timezones if both consent to the change. 
  3. Lag dispute procedure
    1. If you wish to dispute your opponent you must first complete your match.
    2. During your match you need to take any clip(s) of lag that occur to validify your claims and help the moderator  assist you to better understand what form of lag occured.
    3. Limit your dispute to wherever the moderator  tells you to discuss lag disputes. There you can post your clips, your speed test (as seen in the step after the next), and ping a moderator  who is helping to run the tournament and they will help direct you.
    4. Post your speed results that can be taken from the website http://www.speedtest.net/.
    5. Moderator assisting you has the right to either stick with the standings of your match or advance either player. All decisions are final.
  4. Matches Organization
    1. The League will generate 2 match-ups each week of the regular season.
    2. The matches are generated on Mondays.
    3. Players are responsible for scheduling their matches.
    4. Players must reach out to the other player using DISCORD to schedule their matches by Friday 1600 UTC of the week it is to take place. A reminder will be sent if players have not scheduled their matches by then.
    5. Matches must be scheduled via the website.
    6. Matches must be scheduled at least one hour prior to their start time.
    7. A match's scores must be submitted within 24 hours of its scheduled start time.
    8. All matches must be played and have the scores submitted by 1500 UTC on the following Monday.
    9. Players are responsible for reporting the correct scores on the website.
    10. Players will play a minimum of 2 matches per week during the season, with exception to the following rules:
    11. Once per season, any Player may elect to become inactive (indicated by the player appearing greyed-out on the standings page) for one week without penalty. On subsequent inactivity (not necessarily consecutive weeks), said player will receive a weekly recurrent MMR penalty until it becomes active
      1. If a player's status is set to "inactive", they will not be assigned matches on the following Monday and will not receive their allotment of challenges for that week. Inactive players are still expected to complete matches that have already been assigned and/or scheduled.
    12. Once per season, when scheduling is deemed to be excessively difficult or impractical, a player may use their "player postponement" to postpone one match without penalty, to be scheduled and played the following week.
    13. A match may not be postponed more than once.
    14. Ladder players may not postpone matches generated during the last week of the season. 
    15. Once a match is scheduled on the VRML website, it may not be rescheduled to another week. It may be rescheduled to a different time within the same week if both players agree.
    16. Occasionally, there may be significant events or circumstances, outside of player control, which affect both players' ability to play a scheduled match (e.g. a patch is released that makes the game unplayable). In such an event, the match may be rescheduled to the following week, pending League Moderator approval.
    17. In the event that a player becomes inactive or drops out before playing any matches in the current season, and a match was created for that player, the match is cancelled (not forfeited) and their opponent will be allowed an extra challenge match in compensation.
    18. The scheduled times are according to local time. For example, EST in winter and EDT in summer.
  5. Challenges
    1. The League offers a "Challenge" option which allows players to play an additional match in a given week. Barring special circumstances, players are not allowed to play more than 1 challenge match per week. Challenges may be rejected without penalty.
    2. Barring special circumstances, a player, in order to be able to challenge, must have been active when the weekly matches were generated.
    3. In the event the League is unable to assign a weekly match to a player, that player will be permitted additional challenge(s) for that week as replacement(s).
    4. Challenge matches must be scheduled, played, and have their scores recorded on the website no later than the following Monday at 1600 UTC.
    5. A challenge match may be cancelled, without penalty, after it is scheduled, but only if notification of the cancellation is given to the other player, via Discord, prior to 24 hours before the match is to take place. If a challenge match is cancelled within 24 hours of its scheduled time, it may be considered a forfeit by the player that cancels.
  6. Matches Format
    1. Once a match begins, it must be completed in one session.
    2. The maximum amount of time between games within matches is 5 minutes.
    3. A match is to be played as a Best-of-5 games. When one player wins three games, the match is officially over, and no scores should be reported for the remaining games.
    4. Both players may swap load outs between games.
    5. Once a player has loaded into a game and seen their opponent's weapon selection they may not change load-outs until that game has been completed. 
    6. Players must not voluntarily forfeit any match.
    7. Forfeits, Accumulated Penalty Points (AP), and other forms of punitive actions can only be given out by League Moderators.If a rule is violated, players can report it to the League Moderators through the ticket system in Discord.
  7. Scoring System
    1. Players enter the score themselves. Both players need to submit the score for the match to be accepted.
    2. The website requires users to enter the score for each round individually.
    3. If one player wins the first two rounds, do not enter scores for the third round.
    4. In the case where a forfeit is necessary, players should submit a forfeit (2-0, 2-0, 2-0). players should attempt to resolve forfeits on their own, and open a ticket in the case of a dispute. If moderators lock in scores at the following match generation, AP may be applied. 
  8. Matches Forfeits
    1. Players have a 15-minute buffer from the scheduled match start time to generate or join a room code in order to start the match. However, players should do their best to start their matches on time.
    2. If one player is waiting for another player, the waiting player must post a message in Blaston discord’s VRML's section (tagging their opponent) or show other proof to League Moderators that they were ready at the scheduled time.
    3. Once the 15-minute buffer has elapsed, the player that is responsible for the delay forfeits the first game.
    4. If a further 15 minutes elapses without match commencement, the offending player is officially declared a 'no-show' and their opponent will be given a forfeit after opening a ticket with the Moderators with proof of the "no-show". See rule 6.5 regarding submitting forfeits.
    5. If a player forfeits one or more games, per 7.3 and/or 7.4, but the forfeited game(s) are subsequently played, the results of the games will be valid as played, and the scores must be submitted.
    6. In the case of a forfeit, the "forfeit" option should be selected from the dropdown box when submitting scores.
  9. Technical Issues
    1. Players are responsible for all of their own technical issues. This includes, but is not limited to, hardware, software and internet problems.
    2. In the event that a connection with another player is lost and an interference occurs, a Moderator should be called to determine how to advance. If a resolution cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, the player who disconnected from the match is subject to forfeiting the round, game, or match at the moderator’s discretion.
    3. Games or matches are not to be replayed due to a misinterpretation of the rules OR misconfiguration of game settings. Additionally, all controller configurations should be handled before a match is played. Rounds, games, or matches are not to be replayed due to players failing to check their controller configurations in advance. It is the players’ responsibility to ask the moderator for any clarification of the rule match in the event of a disagreement, and the outcome of a game or match will not be changed after the fact unless under extreme circumstances, judgment is reserved for tournament staff.
  10. Matches Defaults
    1. Where players miss the match scheduling deadline (Friday 1600 UTC), but the match is organised and played subsequently, a warning will be given to the players. League Moderators may impose a penalty on one or both of the players, depending on the circumstances.
    2. In the event that a match has not been played during the allotted time frame, the League Moderators will review the circumstances and allocate the match points accordingly. Example resolutions may include the following:
      1. Where neither player made any arrangement efforts, the match will be considered a forfeit for both players;
      2. If players are unable to schedule a match, the match will be considered a forfeit for both players. 
      3. If a player has made little/no effort to schedule a match by the scheduling deadline (Friday, 1600 UTC), a forfeit should be submitted in favor of the opposing player;
      4. Where facts do not permit a clear determination, the match is cancelled and neither player gains or loses MMR.
    3. League Moderators may remove an inactive player from the League if the player has defaulted on 2 or more occasions and the League Moderators have good cause to believe this will continue.
  11. Players
    1. Players are not allowed to play under more than one account, and must not have more than one account registered with VRML.
    2. Players must play using their registered VRML name. Do not hide your identity under another alias.
      1. All content on a player's profile, and all content on a player's profile, must abide by the following rules. All content, including names, logos, and artwork, etc., is forbidden if it:
        1. Is protected by copyrights/royalties/third-party rights and the user has no written permission;
        2. Resemble or is identical to a brand/trademark, whether registered or not;
        3. Resemble or is identical to a Blaston community member other than themself;
        4. Resemble or is identical to a VRML representative (excluding the VRML representatives themselves using the name);
        5. Is deemed too hard to read, distinguish, interpret, or have multiple unnecessary characters;
        6. Is nonsense.
      2. In addition to the above, any profile content that is defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners, is forbidden. Using alternative spelling or gibberish in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above, is also prohibited.
      3. Player names must be unique and are first come, first served. Alternative spellings or otherwise attempting to use a name already taken by an active or otherwise occupied player by changing a small detail, whether intentional or incidental, is not permitted, enforceable at Moderator discretion.
        1. Names can not be claimed by alt accounts.
        2. Previous VRML Championship Winners as well as any players that earn 'Honours' in VRML are awarded Legacy Status. With Legacy Status the claims to these names are held perpetually by their original owner regardless of player status.
        3. If you change your player's name, you forfeit all rights and claims to your player's previous names. Exceptions may be made for player names entitled with Legacy status.
      4. The League Moderators reserve the right to suspend or ban any non complying player.
    3. Players in the league are required to maintain a professional image on the VRML website and in public branding, including having profile pictures, player names/logos, bios, and fan art that meet a reasonable standard of professionalism, enforceable at moderator discretion.
    4. Players acknowledge and follow Blaston’s guidelines on age restrictions and Terms of Use.
    5. Players acknowledge and follow their headset's regulations. For example: Oculus Terms of Use.
    6. Players acknowledge and follow Discord Terms of Use.
    7. Additional regional regulations or guidelines, based on your location, may apply.
    8. In order for a player to go "active" they must have their Discord accounts linked to their VRML website accounts and be members of the Blaston Discord server.
  12. Streaming, Media, & Spectators
    1. An "Unofficial Observer" is any entity in spectator mode during an official match that is not an Official League caster, Moderator, or any other VRML personnel present in the match expressly for official purposes pertaining to VRML.
    2. VRML reserves exclusive rights to the coverage of VRML matches. The VRML can assign the coverage rights of a match or of several matches to a third party. In this case, terms and conditions would have to be arranged with the VRML management before the match. No unofficial observers are allowed in a match being covered by VRML
    3. In general, VRML will contact any player if they wish to broadcast one of their matches. If no contact is made, and the match is part of the regular season, individual players are allowed to arrange their own broadcasts in accordance to the following:
      1. Both players must explicitly agree to spectators in writing.
      2. NO player is obligated to allow unofficial observers during their match. Any refusal, without explanation, by either player, is enough to void the privilege of any unofficial observer to be present during a match. Any form of pressure to make a player use an unofficial observer will be considered harassment and punitive actions may be administered, including, but not limited to, match forfeiture or suspensions.
      3. When conflicting voices between players occur on whether they agreed or not to allow an unofficial observer, screenshots of the agreement will be requested. Failure to provide the requested information will result in a forfeit.
      4. Players agreeing to the allowance of Unofficial Observers in their match accept the potential strategic risks inherent in allowing spectators.
    4. If VRML is covering a match, no additional spectators are permitted, for any reason, in that match.
    5. Matches cast by VRML must start on time. There is a grace period of 5 minutes (i.e. if a match is scheduled to begin at 5:00, no penalty is applied unless the match starts at 5:06 or later). Starting after the grace period, 5 AP will be applied for every 5 minutes that the match is late to begin.
    6. VRML may ban specific individuals/entities from observing VRML matches.
    7. All players must permit League-sanctioned spectators or Casters access to official matches.
    8. Recording of your personal perspective is recommended, regardless of whether your match is cast or not.
    9. Official casts will be streamed via the designated League Twitch channels.
    10. Players who qualify for special events such as the Finals may be required by the Production Leads to participate to a reasonable level (enforceable by moderators) in promotion of the league and/or their player. An example of this is that there may be mandatory interviews related to special events.
    11. League Casters must abide by the code of conduct maintained by the Casting Coordinator and approved by the League Moderators.
    12. League Moderators may permit a co-caster to stream on another private channel to assist with replay capture.
    13. The League Moderators may, subject to having good cause, require a particular player to stream or record their matches.
    14. Players are expected to act appropriately during an official VRML cast.
  13. Cheating, Exploits, & Breaches
    1. Any cheating, exploiting, or contravention of the foregoing rules must be brought to the attention of the League Moderators. League Moderators, with support from League Leads, have complete discretion on penalties imposed for violations. Examples of penalties are: Round forfeit, match forfeit, player suspension or player suspension.
    2. Offering, receiving, or agreeing to give or receive any sort of compensation related to improperly influencing the outcome of a match is strictly prohibited.
    3. Any attempts to intentionally and improperly manipulate the ladder standings or MMR system through any means is strictly prohibited.
    4. Any attempts to abuse the scheduling/score entry system in order to improperly manipulate match results and/or ladder standings is strictly prohibited.
    5. "Cheating" is intended to include the intentional or reckless manipulation of the game or its code in such a way as to confer an unfair advantage on one side or the other.
    6. "Exploit" is intended to include the intentional or reckless triggering of code, attribute or in-game function that is otherwise not envisaged as a legitimate feature of the game by Resolution Games. Non-exhaustive examples include:
      1. Use of a VPN or any other network manipulation method, for the purpose of increasing lag or playing in a region other than the one in which the player currently resides.
      2. Any other imaginative cheats.
      3. Players may not digitally adjust their height to gain an advantage.
    7. Any use of the spectator client by participants during official matches, either directly or indirectly, to obtain an advantage of any kind is classified as cheating.
    8. The use of any object (except the floor, ground, or a playspace mat) to aid in physical motion is strictly prohibited. Banned objects include, but are not limited to: trampolines, couches, steps tools, staircases, beds, indoor swing, sun lounger, tanning bed, gazebo etc.
    9. Players are not allowed to use any type of platform, furniture or equipment to raise themselves from the in-game platform in an unnatural way. This is to maintain competitive integrity, but also to prevent players from sustaining injuries to themselves when playing Blaston.
    10. Players are not allowed to recenter themselves excessively during active rounds.
  14. Decisions & Sanctions
    1. Contravention of any of the foregoing rules shall be sanctionable on review by League Moderators.
    2. League Moderators reserve the right to:
      1. Void or change scores for any match or challenge after it has been played;
      2. Enact disciplinary procedures for any alleged or perceived player misconduct and use the AP system where possible;
      3. Draft, edit, publish and interpret the rules of the League;
      4. Settle disputes and issue rulings.
    3. Formal disputes amongst League players and their members are to be lodged directly with League Moderators via Discord.
      1. Unfounded and baseless accusations against players via any public medium are considered to be an act of misconduct.
    4. The League Moderators shall, with regard to developer input, decide issues based on the relevant facts. Due consideration will be given to the accounts of those involved. Amongst these considerations, the League Moderators shall give the most weight to the presence/absence of indicting or exculpatory evidence (e.g. in game footage, chat logs, etc.).
    5. Failure to comply with a request for match VODs, stream links or any other item covered in the above rules will disqualify a player or player from participating in any further League events until they are deemed compliant by the League Moderators.
    6. In relation to any of the above rules, when a majority of the League Moderators reach the conclusion that conduct unbecoming of the League has occurred, the League Moderators have complete discretion to administer an appropriate sanction.
    7. In the event of a conflict of interest, affected League Moderators shall recuse themselves from deciding, or otherwise commenting, on an issue in their capacity as League officials.
    8. Reports made regarding rule violations during a match must be made within 48 hours of the match’s scheduled start time. Reports of this nature, made more than 48 hours after the triggering occurrence, will not be acted upon.
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