Season has terminated.
Keep an eye out for the next season announcement!
Welcome to X8 VRML!
by Leeloo |

Who's excited  for X8? WE ARE!

We are excited to see so many fellow passionate VR players joining us for what is going to be an exciting adventure.  



Make sure you take note of these dates!


The Preseason is 3 weeks and Season 1 is  12 weeks of regular matches. Afterwards, there will be 3 weeks of post-season tournaments to determine the Champions. Every week during the regular season, teams will get assigned 1 opponent and schedule to play a match within that week. An extra challenge match may be played with a team within your skill-level.

Because this is a new league, all teams will be at the same starting point. Preseason will help sort more experienced teams from newer teams prior to Season 1. Play as many matches as you can to get your rank! 

Teams will not have a visible MMR score on day 1. They will need to play 3 matches to be placed on the ladder and perhaps a 4th or 5th to determine the color of their star. Teams will be ranked by points until their MMR score is revealed. More information about the ranking system, the matchmaking algorithm, and the divisions can be found in the Rules and in Discord. 

"Roster Lock" has yet to be determined. We'll fill you in as soon as we know the date.  After this date, no roster changes may be made or the team will risk their qualification in the post-season tournaments. Post-season starts June 8th with the "Challenger Cup" or "Qualifiers". More information about these events and prize pool will be made available soon!

A team may sign up at anytime during the season before the Roster Lock. Some restrictions may apply regarding the qualification of teams for the post-season events.



Regarding the map pool for the upcoming pre-season, we would like to officially confirm the selection of: Bedrock, Depot, Midtown, Nautica, and Neo-Yakuza as the designated maps for the pre-season!



Here is your Squad Up Checklist:

1. Are you in the Discord server? If not, right this way
2. Are you looking for a team? Check out the recruitment channels in Discord and contact team captains in your region.
3. Already got a squad? Create a team! Make sure you've assigned your team captain and co-captain their roles and that at least one of you is in the Support Server
4. Have your teammates read the rules? Make sure to read them and then read them again here: Any updates to the rules will be announced in Discord. Feel free to ask questions!
5. Is your team set to "Active"? Make sure your team is activated prior to Monday, February 5th, Noon EST to get matches.
6. Have fun! 



Last but not least, follow us on all our social media to not miss casted match announcements, clipped plays, and general VR esports goodness!


Good luck to all!