by DomieIG |

Hey everyone! I know we are all super hyped for VRML Con and the Sunset Cup which we will be hosting ONLINE AND AT THE CON so here is a FAQ  to help prep you for the Sunset Cup online Qualifiers!

Who can play in the Sunset Cup?
Anyone of the first 32 teams to sign up can compete in the Sunset Cup Tournament Qualifier. The top 8 teams will compete live on stage in Denver

How are teams for the Sunset Cup made?
Players may choose their teams. VRML wont be making the teams or restricting the rank of players allowed on each team. We want everyone to have fun, so play with your friends, current teammates, or whoever else you want to team up with! Teams will be capped at 6 players. 
How do we register for the Sunset Cup Qualifier? 
We will be releasing a form for sign-ups in the coming days in the EA VRML server. When this form comes out Team Captains will have to submit a response with information about their team in order to enter. 

What information do I need to know in order to sign-up?
Only Team Captains will have to fill out the form, so if you aren't a captain of a Sunset Cup team then you don't need to worry about the form. However, if you are a captain, some information you will need to know is; team name, who is on the team, VRML player pages for each teammate, ticket confirmation numbers, if you are available to play a tournament during the week of May 1-7th. More questions may be added later

When is the Sunset Cup Qualifier happening?
We will host the Qualifier the week of May 5-7th. Exact days and time will be determined closer to time when we know how many teams have signed up. This qualifier will determine who will play live on stage at VRML Con. 

How many teams will play live on stage at VRML Con?
8 teams will qualify to play live at VRML Con on stage.

What type of tournament will this be?
VRML Con's tournament format is a round robin with the last few rounds being single elimination, as for the online qualifiers that is still being worked on and we are hoping to get some more information to you all soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read, We cant wait to see you at VRML Con!