There are currently 5945 active players in teams.
! Runa Ikeda Everlasters
'seaweed42069 Overdrive
-4L- Demon
-Cloudy- fruit snacks
-fàlleñ Blitz squad
-Mr.Raids- Echo Legion
??WiseMonke777?? SPYDER-SQUAD
_DabsKing_ Champions
_p0- The 4 commandments
_vivi_ Hit Men
0._Dane_.0 Icy Raptors
0.Cookie.0 DXSTINY
0.oLucky0.o Orbitals
0______0 Titans
0__WhammY__0 Flatliners
0°0 LoversARK
0000000000000000001 ICEED
000O3 DNA 2.0
00JayWalker00 Ignite Season 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 Champion
00O IceWolves
015A EF-YA
05Flare astr01ds
05flare. Cold dragon
0bs1dian Tyro NA
0dot Salem
0Frost Splat
0korz0 The Big Heroes
0nce Galaxxy
0ooo0132 Rewind
1_TRON_1 Shooting_Stars
10Tianshi01 Nomads
11.KAISER.111 Lucid
11Moonlight11 outer space
123jaydenp Lurify
123jaydenpvr Trinity
128ajb Moon Light Howlers
129.6 The Dimo‘s
12FoxyDaFox Tremors
12k_mijyon TeamAries
13andpregnant- Chill Chimps Party
13Foxtrot_ A for Effort
173- Algorithm
17ATLSPRINTER The Lucky Llamas
1808 Interstellar
1938291u3929 S P A C E
19mugsy Number 19s
1ceyAdrian Trinity
1chrissy0 The goats
1cuu Slurpee
1hec Double Tap
1i7 Bubblegang
1mN1ght Elegant & Dangerous
1ow Master Dingers
1Shiny Shiny
1toast_vr Axtros
1WET_FLOOR Warp Reality
1x1x1x1x AYCE
1XXDreamGamer Maklays
2075 Tremors
2094 Blindspot
21bumblebee12 Orange.x
22k- Valkyrie's Sinners
22y Overflow
24.paige.05 Pink fluffy unicorns
24towen The Devils
27_Luna_Z Enchiridion
29- -POWERS-
2amigoz The weiners
2cheeky teamtwo
2fame_.shooter Banana Bros
2pro4u11 The Emporers
2shiftyjx Eroz
33than sseptibel
37k_Dinos Kryptonites
3ethan_ clickers
3l_Catrín Echoalition
3nn4rd_1546 Ill go for any name you pick
3nspired F4T4LBL00DMOON
3O9 Toxin
3picGMR The Black Adams
3xho- Hav0c
3xperiment SweetLyfe Crew
4231.xino Kona
451.xella Arctics
467ppak Lightning strikers
4bay Just Potatoes
4lour Paragon
4LT3RN4T3 Cosmic Echo
4Tucker- Bronze spankers
5- Voltage
505JRFALCON The hockey team
505JRFALCONJR The Soccer Team
513destroyer Syclones Illuminati
5up FreeVR
6ix4Wrld AceGotNoSfx
711Destroyer Euphoria
7193380445 Xpvseater
7aco Arctics