Season 8 Feedback Form is Out!
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Thanks everyone for an exciting and competitive Season 8 ! Hopefully everyone is trying out the extensive new updates to the game and honing their skills using the new weapon balance, prices, movement differences, and utility limits. There are quite a few changes which will make for stimulating challenges and new opportunities for all players and teams.

We'd like to hear your thoughts on Season 8, what changes you would like to see for Season 9, and any other feedback you would like to share with the moderation team (including but not limited to, 'how soon should Season 9 start?')

We've created a convenient survey here:

Our goal is to improve the league and address our community's evolving needs and desires. Please take the time to fill out the survey so that your voice can be heard and we can work together to make Season 9 the best one yet!

Have You Played the Newest Pavlov VR Beta Branch?
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Now that season 8 is all wrapped up, we invite you to turn your attention to all the advancements made in the Pavlov VR Beta branch. Junt, community manager at Vankrupt Games, gave us the low down on the fixes and features that are new in this version and that are relevant to the Search and Destroy Mode:

-New skins with 1 drawcall to help performance

-New asynchronous loading system to help performance

-New industry map

-SND utility buy limits

-Added jiggle prevention to rapid strafe movement

-Various weapon tweaks with both interaction and balance (may need to view patch notes from betas to understand them all)

-Bomb explosion effects

-Grenade explosion effects

-PavTV now back online (still has a few kinks to iron out)

-Added bomb kill feed icon for SND

-Added new bullet decals for player bullet hits

-Added new server browser filters for TTT and OITC

-Added ability to attach laser to m9, de, and revolver

-Added ability to attach laser/flashlight to p90 and pump shotgun

-Added magazine optimizations to help with performance

-Adjusted net code to prevent high ping player advantage (competitive only)

-Added M'Kay slap mechanics to MP5, SMG, Autosniper, and AUG

-Adjusted Deagle to increase reloading speed slightly

-Adjusted bolt for AWP and anti-tank rifle to be more forgiving on fully latched and unlatched state

-Adjusted Vanas lowered RPM and boosted horizontal recoil

-Adjusted P90 recoil

-Fixed not being able to pick up grenades on the ground even though they’re highlighted

-Fixed SND bomb was able to be clipped when not planted

-Fixed the autoshotgun loading bounds

-Fixed culling issue in Santorini

-Removed bolt release binding from MP5, SMG, Autosniper, and AUG

-Added 'bVerboseLogging' server config var to now log killed/killedby/headshots/SND bomb Plants/Defuse/Explosions/Teamswitching/Teamkills/Roundstatechanges

-Added 'bCompetitive' option to game.ini default value is false. It will allow community servers to run competitive SND.

-Added basic stat tracking for community servers; it will dump to logs at match end (kills, assists, deaths, headshots, bombs planted, bombs defused, chickens killed etc)

-Added 'SetPin rcon command' (if no pin is passed in it will unlock the server).

Many community members have already been exploring the branch. Check out YellowHat's content on his YouTube Channel!

If you want your opinions about this branch known before next season, join the Pavlov VR Discord server and give your valuable feedback in the #pc-beta-feedback channel.

See you on the battlefield!

Congrats to Our Season 8 Winners!
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Announcing Pavlov VRML Season 8 Winners!

Congrats to Billabong Bogans, Royalty, & REKT on winning in their respective regions! Congrats as well to all participating teams!


Thanks to the volunteers casting & moderating! If you want to get involved, application forms are available in Discord:

A feedback survey will be released soon to prepare for Season 9. Make your opinions known!

Thanks to Davevillz & Vankrupt Games! Join the official Pavlov Discord for game updates and community events:

Thanks to our Season 8 sponsors HyperX, ProTubeVR, & Asterion Products for your unwavering support and contributing to the $5,760 prize pool and over $600 in giveaways!

See you next season!

Roadmap to the Championship
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We're pleased to announce that registration is open for the Pavlov VRML Season 8 NA, EU, and APAC Challenger Cup, and the information, schedule, and prize pools for all 3 Regional Championships is now online!

Check it out here!

If your team is eligible to compete, sign up through the 'My Teams' page on the VRML website!

Monday, August 9 to Sunday, August 15 matches have been generated!
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Monday, August 2 to Sunday, August 8 matches have been generated!
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Dream Homepage Contest Begins NOW!
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We are always looking to expand and improve upon our existing architecture and tools based on your feedback. One of the areas we know we could improve is the user-facing interface of the website! While the function of the site is intact, we also recognize that visually, it could be improved. While our focus right now is on performance and stability, we're looking for ideas to make the front-end better.

That is where YOU come in. We would like to announce the VRML Dream Homepage contest! 

We want to tap into the vast resource of our various VRML communities and see if any existing (or aspiring) UI designers would like to take a crack at revitalizing the landing page of the VRML to fit with their vision of what the next iteration of the site should look like! The winner (chosen by the VRML Board), in addition to having the honor of all or part of their design implemented directly to our site, will receive $250, a Discord role, bragging rights, and their name will be credited on the website, news posts, and casts! 

How to participate?

Front-end designers will know best how to approach this. Each submission can include 2 different packages:

 1) Sketches (can be hand-drawn) of the various pages (can be Home page, Standings pages, Matches pages, etc)

 2) A stand-alone css file (stylesheet) to apply on the website to change its look without requiring functionality overhaul changes.


The pages MUST include all existing elements/functionalities in some form or fashion but the style is entirely up to you!


Designs must be submitted by midnight PST on September 30th to:

[email protected]

Good luck!

*Disclaimer - By participating and submitting your ideas or designs as part of this contest, you grant VR Master League a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free, license to use, reproduce, modify, translate into different languages or formats, and publish your provided content.

Monday, July 26 to Sunday, August 1 matches have been generated!
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Monday, July 19 to Sunday, July 25 matches have been generated!
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Monday, July 12 to Sunday, July 18 matches have been generated!
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