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VOLTRON wins Season 3 Summer Championship!
by DaKinMan |

Congratulations to VOLTRON winning the Season 3 Summer Championship and taking home prizes from ProTubeVR and VR Cover!

DREAM Team also played very well and finished 2nd place. Both teams were at the top of the Season 3 standings and it was a pretty exciting grand finale!!

Now, many teams seem to be recruiting for the incoming Season 4.

Do you have a team!?

Round-robins are over, time for the Semi-finals this Sunday!
by DaKinMan |

And that wraps up Stage 1 Round-robins for the Season 3 Championships! DREAM Team, VOLTRON, VRath and The Reapers successfully advance to the Semi-finals!!

Congrats to all the players! Tune in next week for the climax of the season, happening on Sunday August 19th.

Sorry SwordCaster, love you, but that was pretty funny!

Announcing the Pavlov Summer Championship!
by DaKinMan |

The season is coming to an end and the Season 3 Summer Championship has arrived !

More information here !


Monday, July 30 to Sunday, August 5 matches have been generated!
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Here are the matchups for this week (Monday, July 30 to Sunday, August 5) !

To view the scheduled dates of the matches, visit the Matches page.


Monday, July 23 to Sunday, July 29 matches have been generated!
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Here are the matchups for this week (Monday, July 23 to Sunday, July 29) !

To view the scheduled dates of the matches, visit the Matches page.


Monday, July 16 to Sunday, July 22 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |

Here are the matchups for this week (Monday, July 16 to Sunday, July 22) !

To view the scheduled dates of the matches, visit the Matches page.


Pavlov Community All-Star Match
by Bro |

Forget the World Cup Finals, we've got something far more important going on.

Get ready for the match you've all been waiting for, a game pitting Pavlov VR's developer davevillz, Pavlov discord moderators and community mappers, YouTube sensation TheLonelyViper, members of VOLTRON, and Distratory against each other on two Search and Destroy maps as well as a rousing round of Gungame!

Greet this Sunday afternoon, at 3 PM EST, with this inaugural celebration of Pavlov TV, livestreamed and shoutcasted to the Pavlov VR Master League twitch channel. NightFiree, raring to go after the VRML and ESL Onward Invitational, will be joining us as a dedicated caster for the event.

Only Pavlov exclusive maps will be played, with S&D games on Sand and Industry, followed by a round of Gun Game on Datacenter.

Teams are currently as follows:

Team 1

  • TheLonelyViper
  • Assorted members of VOLTRON

Team 2

  • davevillz
  • Wardancer
  • Brainslug
  • DragnHntr
  • Distratory

Make sure you tune in! Don't forget to comment about how much better you'd be playing if only you'd been on the super secretive list. Revel in watching people who have argued against your perfectly reasonable suggestions to add riot shields and rocket propelled grenades for literally hours every day on the discord server prove themselves in the ring of honor.

Monday, July 9 to Sunday, July 15 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |

Here are the matchups for this week (Monday, July 9 to Sunday, July 15) !

To view the scheduled dates of the matches, visit the Matches page.


Pavlov Community Newsletter: Week Ten (Fourth of July Special)
by Bro |


Welcome to Week 10 of the Pavlov VR competitive community newsletter! This week’s edition has been slightly delayed due to a little holiday known in the parts of the world that enjoy Freedom (or are militarily occupied by a nation with a penchant for dispensing Freedom) as the Fourth of July. 

This beloved holiday celebrates the first recognized instance of Freedom in world history - the date of the founding of the United States of America. It is generally celebrated by consuming tremendous amounts of grilled meats, firing guns and lighting off fireworks, gazing condescendingly upon world maps, and pondering the profound inferiority of Canada.

Updates to both Pavlov and the VRML website have revolutionized the content of this newsletter going forwards. All submitted scores now track the map each game was played on and the scores per map, so cataloguing that information here is blessedly superfluous. Additionally, Pavlov TV’s closed alpha has evolved rapidly thanks to davevillz’s hard work. This allowed NightFiree and Alfredo to shoutcast some of this week’s games, so there’s some incredible footage. 

Unless you happen to live in some lesser nation (including, but not limited to, anywhere in Europe) grab a hotdog off the grill and put the only game that matters - Pavlov - on the massive flatscreen that you’re constitutionally required to have prominently displayed in your living room so you can watch this week’s games with a cold one and some friends.

Fittingly, ten games were played during week ten - a community record. With five officially scheduled games and five challenge games played, the League is really heating up and there’s never been a better time to get involved. Check out the links below to see how:




Clip of the Week

With the intensity of the matches played this week, most notably the nailbiter that was VOLTRON vs DREAM on Dust_2, it was very hard to pick an individual clip. However, Kraken-Krieger (DREAM) demonstrated incredible tactical intelligence under pressure and pulled off one of the most brilliant 2v1 clutches you’re likely to ever have the privilege of seeing. Here’s “200 IQ Clutch” shoutcasted by Alfredo:


A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Match in Two Acts

Despite the sheer number of games played this week, one truly stood out. VOLTRON and DREAM had a challenge game rematch, and it turned out to be more of an emotional roller coaster than reading The Notebook on Space Mountain. 

VOLTRON started with an unusual map pick, selecting Datacenter. This Pavlov original map is perfectly symmetrical, which poses unique challenges for both offense and defense - as well as offering many possibilities for unexpected plays. What with the symmetricality and all, neither side has a clear advantage taking control of bomb sites, and the pre-plant struggle can be brutal.

VOLTRON brought their A game for Datacenter, starting on T side and managing to leverage a pistol round win into an 8-1 half. Excellent use of smoke grenades secured several key pillar plants, and with a rocky economy DREAM were pushed into difficult force buys and painful save rounds. 

DREAM picked Dust_2 for the second map, and things looked like a repeat of Datacenter for the first four rounds. However, during the 5th round, DREAM finally figured out how to exploit the CT side play of an increasingly cocky VOLTRON, closing the half at 5-4 with a slight VOLTRON lead.

Settling comfortably into CT side despite a pistol round loss, DREAM pulled their way to a 9-7 lead. With game point one missed headshot away, VOLTRON stepped up their game and tied things up at 9-9. During the 19th round, VOLTRON faltered on a critical Long A push - opting to attempt an ill-fated rotation. DREAM picked the remaining VOLTRON players off one by one and secured the win, landing themselves a tie for the match.

I’m sure we’ll see more DREAM/VOLTRON games soon, and hopefully close analysis of these maps by both teams will lead to even more exciting moments in the future.


General News

VOLTRON grilled Team Magma to perfection this past Saturday, winning 2-0. Though Industry was fairly close, going back and forth before settling into a 10-6 score, VOLTRON snatched their win on Dust_2 with a 10-2 scoreline. Recent Magma pick-up ThatGuyChris distinguished himself with a quadruple kill on Long A.



Additionally, Magma player Bro - a personal favorite of mine, real star to keep your eye on - demonstrated the awesome potential of the newly buffed pump-action shotgun with a badass triple kill.

Team Lava put their first win on the leaderboard with a 2-0 victory against Team Arctic, hot on the heels of OzArmy scoring their own first win against Lava. Arctic, Lava, and OzArmy have been going back and forth, so this is going to be dynamic to keep your eyes on.

The Mafia tied TNT a second time, winning their challenge series 4-2. However, TNT has only improved as of late, and these ties suggest serious potential for a future win against The Mafia. 

The Reapers ate a hard loss against rival European team Leftovers this week, losing both Datacenter and Dust_2 by 10-3. They clearly need to sharpen their scythes if they’d like to regain their former position on the leaderboard. With this win, Leftovers have leapfrogged to second on the leaderboard, pushing DREAM to third and the Reapers down to sixth. 

Additionally, TNT scored a tie against DREAM, solidifying their rise on the leaderboards.

Normally I’d cover more matches here, but Freedom is calling, so I need to go drink with friends and call the United Kingdom a stabby Orwellian nightmare state.



This week’s Game To Watch is The Reapers vs VRATH, as the two teams continue to establish the European pecking order. 

As our community casters get more comfortable with Pavlov TV, future matches should be far easier to analyze and enjoy. Please contact me with twitch clips if you find anything that needs to be highlighted. 


Monday, July 2 to Sunday, July 8 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |

Here are the matchups for this week (Monday, July 2 to Sunday, July 8) !

To view the scheduled dates of the matches, visit the Matches page.