There are currently 471 players in inactive teams.
[VS]-Stidge Virtual Secret
_Rec_ A-Team
_Scornfulsix_ The 8-Basils
000O3 Raw Dogs
1_Red_1 Muckies
Adrenaline chitgar Wolverines
Aegis Victorious
AgentBlue The Agents
AJronny Bin Chickens
Akp TFGaming
AlanZillo Border Crossing Aliens
Alchemy Totally Real Science
Alex The Terminator OzArmy 2.0
Alopex Maws n' Paws Season 9 Champion
Amel Gravity Wolverines
Andre Corridor
Anthony603 Maybe Toxic
Aphix Team Lava
Archiiee Border Crossing Aliens
ARW1 5 Faces
ASchneider Brazooka
astro PICNIK
atomicpotato ShababaTeam
AUP_Avatar Avatars
AUP_Legend Avatars
Auto Globochem
Azzy Night Shift
B412NET Icons
BABYCZ 5 Faces
Badarmy War Dogs
BadassBongo Billabong Bogans Season 8 Champion
bananekiller DoGXR
battlesheep11 ShababaTeam
BattlingBacon Wasteland
Bazinga TGOP
BEAST Maws n' Paws Season 9 Champion
Beepboopbob Globochem
Beezie CombatWombats
benjistaff MonkeyClan
BigDustyBunz Sinister Pride
Bimpy Jabberwocky
Blackwell1 Icons
Blade VR Goliaths Koi Fish
BlueCloud Korea Paranoia
Bordegann Virtual Gamers
boss - hide and win TGOP
Brain D United We Stand
BrockyTM Prickly Gunslingers
bruh.exe The 8-Basils
C4RDS Sterling
Captain Ezreal Prison Breakers
Carbis Bin Chickens
CentroK Domino
Chacal1988 G-5
chase Boda Boys
Chewwy Thinking Season 5, 6 & 7 Champion
Chill Frost
Chilled_Chaos Fruitality
choomah Jabberwocky Season 9 & 10 Champion
Chopper Pavlova
Chranitt Turkuaz Team
chthesis Border Crossing Aliens
Churchill Lost Tracking
Ciller Cillerian
classyname Lost Tracking
Clouds Jabberwocky
CMDR_Nexeon OKayest VRteam
cold_feet420 vaporz
ColdOatmeal lay's clan
Conflict Team Kailbrate
CopoNoStopo Icons
cory820 eclgpfogdf
Coryh4225 GXA
cowcar OzArmy 2.0
Crooks Dino-1st
cucumber Maybe Toxic
Cult Leader Egg The Egg Cult
CusterFlucked NARC_0S
Cyanister Team Flix
D'AmestoxX White Wolf eSports e.V.
D1G1TALWraith Shack Attack
Daisuki Yuru Camp
Daktporter Barq's Mug and Bizon
danteSpanish TGOP
DanTRG TRG union army
Darknova Pasta la vista
Dasani FTW
Dawatsons Unknown Goats
deathpallie Legacy Carbines
DeJaVu closed
Den_dolf Outlaws Zwette
Depechemode35 Turkuaz Team
Devvii Stealth
Dillkre ChopX
disratory The Pavlov Leftovers Season 1 Champion
DJ_Scotty_P North Side Cobras