Crimson Claw

Undefeated Champions Season 9!

1 loss Season 10 Champions! (C00li and choomah went 2 vail for a bit)

choomah fat (EU crumb) average tazers and nades player also spent money on salamis roleplay

Sam plays from choomahs walls, hence the ping

c00li9 likes choomahs mum and feeds Choomah because he obese

turbo (backseat igl)

nospawnn likes lolis

Frosty carrying choomah up the stairs

wok rolling choomah down the stairs.

Spionen = The Spy has successfully infiltrated the enemy team for intel!

Munden - Finally sniped him to join after 3 seasons of trying

Take a moment to pay your respects to the members of the barn:

Nofus - Hottest girl in the CC cinematic universe

Vincent - Sneaky bastard

Jeff - Nade maestro

Skarafly - Sexiest Sleeve

Richard - Quiet clutch master

Jel - Best player that never played

Lochy - Irish chode

Nosy - Bought a protube and was never seen again

Hushey - Tactical deagle

The rest of the names are random lvl 1 hush guys

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