1. League Member Code of Conduct.

    1. Play fairly and within the rules of the VR Master League.
    2. Treat your fellow community members, League Officials, and the Developers of the game with respect and dignity.
    3. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, doxxing, and other forms of harassment or unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.
    4. Team Captains may be held responsible for their team's behaviour.
    5. Accusations of impropriety or foul play are taken seriously and should be brought to the attention of the League Moderators.
    6. Violations of VRML rules and codes of conduct may be reported to the moderators using the Ticket tool in the Pavlov VRML discord.
    7. If a rule is violated, players can report it to the League Moderators through the VRML Support Discord server.


2. Regions & Participation Requirements.

    1. The League is separated into three regions: America, Europe and Oceania/Asia.
    2. Matches between teams will be exclusive to their geographic region
      (OCE/ASIA, Europe & North America) with the exception of cross region challenges as as detailed in
      Rule 4 Challenges.
    3. Players are expected to join teams closest to their geographical location
    4. Your country's flag is required on your VRML profile and should represent where you live and play the game from. Providing false information about this can result in a ban from VRML. Your nationality flag is totally optional.


3. Matches Organization

    1. The League will generate match-ups each week of the regular season. The matches are generated on Mondays.
    2. All matches must be played and have the scores submitted by 15:00 UTC on the following Monday.
    3. All matches must be played within the same calendar week as match generation, with the exception of postponement. 
    4. When weekly matches are generated, players must be set to "Is active, participating weekly and accepting challenges" to receive matches. Players who are inactive during match generation will not receive a match or challenges.
    5. Players must schedule their assigned match by Friday 1600 UTC of the week it is to take place. A reminder will be sent if teams are late to schedule.
      Failure to schedule their assigned match before deadline will result in a forfeit.  
    6. Players must reach out to the other teams using DISCORD to schedule their matches.
    7. The scores must be submitted as soon as the game is over.
    8. Teams will play a minimum of 1 match per week during the season (subject to the following rules).
    9. Once per season, a team may elect to become inactive for one week (greyed-out in standings) without penalty. On subsequent inactivity (not necessarily consecutive weeks), said team shall receive a recurrent MMR percentage penalty until it becomes active again.
    10. The only effects of this inactive status is that a team will not be assigned matches on Monday and will not receive their allotment of challenges for that week. Inactive teams can still complete matches that have already been assigned.
    11. When a match is scheduled between parties, it must be played during the same calendar week.  A scheduled match can be only be rescheduled within the same week if both teams fully agree and this mutual agreement is announced in the Discord #match-organization channel. A schedule lock will go in place one hour prior to match start time. Failure to reschedule prior to the schedule lock will require the match to be played.  All rescheduled matches must be completed through the VRML website.
    12. When both teams schedule and attempt to play a scheduled match only to find out that the match is unplayable (e.g.: game is broken), they can both reschedule) it. This rule does not apply to individuals experiencing technical or scheduling difficulties.
    13. In the event that a team becomes inactive or drops out before playing any matches in the current season, and a match was created for that team, the match is cancelled (not forfeited). The players on the team which dropped out will be on cooldowns for 2 weeks.
    14. The scheduled times are according to local time. For example, EST in winter and EDT in summer.


4. Match Postponement

    1. Once per season, when scheduling is deemed to be excessively difficult or impractical. A team can push (postpone) a match without penalty.
      The match must be played the following week. A postponed match can not be postponed again. 
    2. When teams have decided to postpone their match, you must open a ticket or notify the League Moderators in the Captain's chat of which team is using a push. 
    3. When a team has chosen to postpone their match, the match cannot be scheduled within the same week. The match should be scheduled after next match generation. 


5. Matches Format

    1. The player that is assigned Home is expected to create the match lobby and have the opposing player join their lobby. 
    2. The player that is assigned Home can choose the details of the court match (Court Surface, Temperature and Altitude) 
    3. You will be playing a Best of 5 match weekly, additional (1) challenge is allocated to  each player on match-generation. and you can choose which player you wish to challenge .
    4. Each player must submit their scores on the website under "My Matches" a Win is selected in the dropdown menu "Set" as 1-0 not by actual points scored in the match. 


6. Timeouts 

  1. Teams are allotted 2 timeouts each per match. Timeouts are not used before the first ggame is played.  

    Teams are allotted 2 timeouts each per match.

    1st timeout 10 minutes          
    2nd timeout 10 minutes

    Once the timeout expires, the match must proceed.

    2 timeouts cannot be called in succession and at least 1 game must be played between timeouts.

    In the event a team has no more timeouts remaining and is facing another delay of more than 2 minutes, they must decide immediately to play the round with the players they have or forfeit the match.

    Failure to abide by this rule can result in League Moderators reviewing and issuing a penalty to the offending team up to and including forfeiting the match.


7. Match Scoring System

    1. Teams enter the score themselvesBoth teams need to submit the score for the match to be compiled.
    2. Scores must be submitted within 24 hours of match completion. 
    3. Failure to submit scores before next match generation will result in forfeit from the team missing submital. 
    4. Match results submitted will not be changed once they have been submitted. You are responsible for submitting the correct results as well as ringers used. 
    5. The website requires users to enter the score for each map individually.
    6. All games must be played as the overall scores affect traded MMR outcome.
    7. Information about scores TBD:


8. Matches Forfeits

    1. Teams have a 20 minute buffer from the scheduled match start time to be in the game. These 20 minutes do not count towards the 2 timeouts each team can use in between matches.
    2. If opposing player have not shown up when 20 minutes elapses without match commencement, the offending team is officially declared a 'no-show' and the match will be forfeit in favor of their opponent.
    3. In the case of a forfeit, the "forfeit" option should be selected from the dropdown box under "Sets" when submitting scores.
    4. Teams must not voluntarily forfeit any match.


9. Matches Defaults

    1. Where matches are forfeit by the opponent the scores should be entered as 3-0. Both teams can submit the scores, if the scores are not submitted by Monday you can notify a League Moderator to confirm the scores for you. 


10. Decisions and Sanctions.

    1. Contravention of any of the foregoing rules shall be sanctionable on review by League Moderators.
    2. League Moderators reserve the sole right to:
      • Void or change scores for any match or after it has been played;
      • Enact disciplinary procedures for any alleged or perceived player misconduct;
      • Draft, edit, publish, and interpret the rules of the League;
      • Settle disputes and issue rulings.
    3. Formal disputes among League teams and their members are to be lodged directly with League Moderators via Discord.
      • Unfounded and baseless accusations against players via any public medium are considered to be an act of misconduct.
    4. The League Moderators shall, with regard to developer input, decide issues based on the relevant facts. Due consideration will be given to the accounts of those involved. Amongst these considerations, the League Moderators shall give the most weight to the presence/absence of indicting or exculpatory evidence (e.g. in-game footage, chat logs, etc..).
    5. In relation to any of the above rules, when a majority of the League Moderators reach the conclusion that conduct unbecoming of the League has occurred, the League Moderators have complete discretion to administer the appropriate sanction.
    6. Players may not "block " League Moderators.
    7. In the event of a conflict of interest, affected League Moderators shall recuse themselves from deciding or otherwise commenting on an issue in their capacity as League officials.
    8. All League Moderator rulings must be made in a VRML-official Discord server, or the ruling may be considered invalid. Current VRML servers are VR Master League HQ, VRML Support, Echo Arena VRML, Onward VRML, Pavlov VRML, Breachers VRML, Snapshot, Ultimechs, and Blaston (in League-specific channels). Any ruling made by a League Moderator outside of the servers listed here will be considered "unofficial" and can not be used.
    9. Suspensions are applied weekly, within a 24-hour window before Match Generation, except when the rule violation may affect the outcome of upcoming matches. All suspensions end before Match Generation the week they are set to expire. Exceptions may be made if an appeal or review is requested. If these exceptions interfere with participating in a tournament, the suspension may be paused to allow participation. Suspensions can not be moved unless it is a Moderator error and affects a tournament. If an error is made, the Moderators will review when the suspension will take place.
    10. In the event a player receives a disciplinary action such as AP and would like to appeal, they must do so by making a ticket in the VRML Support server. AP can be appealed as soon as it is applied and at any time after. If you believe it has been applied in error, appeal as soon as possible after receiving notification of the AP so your case may be reviewed prior to your suspension being applied. You may still appeal after your suspension begins.


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