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As posted by esxx_, from team Typhon, on September 30th, 2021

The Facts

Bottom of Master

7. Clover (2-4/172)

8. Smash Dash (2-4/140)

9. Everest (1-5/102)

10. Baby Phantoms (0-6/93)

1280-1220 (Diamond)

1. T.E.A.M

2. Nantes Esport (inactive)


1220-1200 (Platinum)

4. Nuclear Waste

5. Typhon

6. The Arena Wolves

7. Helios

8. The Fireballs

1180 (Gold)

Venators (inactive)

Redd Juice



Standings at the beginning of Week 9

The Assessment

Locked In: T.E.A.M , Nantes Esport (inactive), RISE

In Good Position: Nuclear Waste , Typhon

In The Race: The Arena Wolves Helios

I can't say they're out: The Fireballs, Redd Juice, Fenrir

Out: Electro Echo, The Femboys, Astronomic...


Games on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Times are BST

Friday 5:00PM #11 Fenrir vs #14 Astronomic ( - One to Watch)

Friday 6:00PM #7 Helios vs #1 T.E.A.M

Friday 7:00PM #5 Typhon vs #14 Astronomic

Friday 8:00PM #3 RISE vs #12 Electro Echo

Saturday 7:00PM #7 Helios vs #3 RISE ( - One to Watch)

Saturday 8:00PM #5 Typhon vs #6 The Arena Wolves ( - One to Watch)

Sunday 7:00PM #6 The Arena Wolves vs #4 Nuclear Waste ( - One to Watch)

(Casting schedules TBD. There is no guarantee that any particular game will be cast. Go apply your hype votes if you have a preference!

My Prediction: 'Team, Nantes and Rise are pretty much set, they will all compete for their place in the Master Division. Nuclear Waste, Typhon as well as Arena Wolves are skill-wise also pretty much set for challenger cup. It's gonna a tough race for both Helios and Fireballs, the only real threat for the last CC position. Everest showed what they can do against Gravity, so they might have a chance to race up a rank, avoiding the possible relegation. Baby Phantoms are set to play in CC.'

Have a good weekend, everyone!