AirborneSyphilis - Has a secret trick where he calls out that its safe to go for the cap and gets his teammates killed...

Oilhead - always caps, even tho we trying to loose...

Purzel - makes sure he kills the last one so no one caps...

Norse - the kid on the team, makes strats that are born to fail like this one "Im happy with this one. I call this the bubble strat! This is becaus if we loose this guy here, the bubble will pop and we get capt on."

PhysicsT - so afraid of tracking issues made by reflective surfaces that he has his whole gaming room covered up, including his stock, his headset and himself.

CamStreet - you know the game is gonna end bad when this guy have not done his pre game poop.

Beikenost - does what a Beikenost does best...

Miss Alot - lives up to her name, unless she sees a chance to end the life of a teammate running wild

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Stats of Season 13 - 2022
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Quarantine Day9444502244
Bazaar Day7457372157
Suburbia Day6233351543
Downfall Day5360271763
Abandoned Day111005480
Abandoned Night111006467
Snowpeak Day1006233
Downfall Night111005480
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