Down Brothers DB

Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi

This message is an automated response to our matchup for this week. We are available daily from "8:00PM'EST to 9:00PM'EST" for our matchup VRML this week please join our following public Discord for further scheduling. A responses is needed prior to Saturday and an agreement must be made 24 hours before to the initial scheduled date.

Team: DownBrothers DB


Tips for pre-scheduling:

Create a voting poll for the following event see what members are available to participate for the day & or create an event within the "voting poll tab" to see the amount of members in the attendee list. A voting-poll must be scheduled 48 hours prior to the event scheduled, Also a 24-hour event attendee list must be scheduled prior to the event. This will allow morale and satisfaction for your team as it tells them that you are capable of leading your team.

Any and all messages will be ignored in this DM should you decide to message within this DM, You do not have the consent of this individual who is currently sending this automated response to be used for judiciary or moderation decisions. This user has lost the ability to further communicate as due to a formal ticket response as of the inability for decision making for per Captain of their respective teams on scheduling for any and all future events & lack there of-1.). We formally and firmly ask that you please understand that you as an individual would understand the circumstances as it has been difficult for the past seasons to schedule due to the lack thereof- 1.)"miscommunications".


DownBrothers DB

- Acting Captain, ("Naki808")

[email protected]

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Stats of Season 14 - 2023
12 7 5 105 58% +23
Map stats of Season 14 - 2023
Bazaar Day6117331236
Arctic Day44100221673
Quarantine Day30019632
Suburbia Day326712867
Snowpeak Day2210010880
Downfall Day215014750
Abandoned Day1110044100
Abandoned Night1007343
Past matches of Season 14 - 2023