Animal House Interview
by Savscosplay |

Over these past few weeks of the Season 14 season of Onward I’ve had the pleasure to reach out and ask some of the top teams these questions and have them answer back with advice and stories for teams to read and learn from. Last from our NA side with have Animal House!


  1. What is the history of this team, how was it started? Answer to the best of your team’s knowledge.

Animal House originated back in season 4 with some of the founders being Ocean Dolf, Greentheftauto, Silent Knight, St3v3n12, Will0thewhisp, and EdnaJordan. The team was formed to create a fun relaxing and chaotic environment in the league. Every match was just a wild strategy after the other.


  1. What do you think is a skill new teams should learn? 

Coordination and timing is very important. Knowing where enemies are as well as how to coordinate with your entire team to snuff them out and kill them is very important. Timing is also essential, knowing when to push, when to hold, and when to flank came make all the difference.


  1. What advice have you received that you wish you learned in the beginning that you can now pass on to another?

 Its not all about the kills. Getting kills is fun and important but the objective comes first. Playing as your team to get to objective or to protect it is more important than trying to get as many kills possible.


  1. How many seasons did it take for your team to make it to the level they currently are at now? 

After our second season we were able to reach top 7 North America. By our third season we reached diamond division. And by our 7th season we reached Master division. Finally we are at our best ranking and mmr since we have started in season 4.


  1. Does your team like to rush more or take their time? 

Explain which one you are and why. Early on we were a very rush happy team and it worked for us. Not many teams at the time were quick enough to counter the aggression. But once quest released we met with many strong teams that were faster than us and we had to change our strategy. Now we play a little more relaxed and play every round differently.


  1. How does your team handle a loss in a game? 

We usually try to figure out our flaws from the game and spend time practicing and scrimmaging new techniques to counter those flaws.


  1. What advice would you give to the readers who are currently reading this who may not play onward but would like to get involved?

 Quest 2 is a great device to play onward. Make sure to feel the ropes out first with some co-op modes before moving into pvp multiplayer. Watching competitive matches are a great way to improve game knowledge as well.


  1. Final question: What’s been your team’s favorite moment together, could be a match or scrim or team practice. 

Our best moment together is when we were able to beat Globochem in season 8. It was a huge accomplishment to have beaten a team that won 94 of the prior 16 games they played. Afterwards we hopped into a private lobby and ran around celebrating and cheering and just amazed by our win.