We are cats, with an apostrophe, causing catastrophe and winning trophy(s).

We might even get a Cat-as-Trophy.

We stand on your keyboard.


Aeon – Gets drunk live on stream when getting killed via a headshot. Has to put his headset in the fridge between maps.

Anryko – Tactical Mastermind, No longer sounds like a Ro-bot.

CutieCat – Simp Magnet 3000… "She’s actually really good at Pavlov” ™

Odysseus – Resident Server Daddy.

SACKJESEEECH – Predictably unpredictable, a true wild card extraordinaire.

TacOcaT – Shoots guns better IRL. Known for saying stupid stuff like “The Famas has a longer barrel than the M4 and shoots the same round so muzzle velocity should be higher and damage falloff should be less”

LeCube - A well rounded player who plays fair and square. He likes to keep the ball rolling.

some sexi shrub - Came with a bag of catnip and we decided to keep him. LeCube has been tasked with walking him daily. Aeon and Taco take turns cleaning the shrubbyarium. Handle with care; will headshot when driven into a corner.


We haven't seen GDSH for a while now. Has anyone seen him? On an unrelated note, I made some kryptonite tea the other day and came back to find it was gone. Anyone know who drank it?

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