Season has terminated.
Keep an eye out for the next season announcement!
Season 5 Start Date and Calendar Announced!
by Leeloo |

VRML is happy to announce an official start date and season format for Echo Season 5! The first matches will be generated on Monday, January 24th.

The Master Qualifier tournament will be the weekend of January 21st. If you created a new team, an MMR recalculation is automatically done. If you significantly changed the roster of an existing team, please open a ticket to get a recalculation. After recalcs, the top 16 teams will be eligible to compete for the Masters spots. The NA qualifier will be on Friday night and Sunday, while EU will be Saturday and Sunday as usual.

The season will be three cycles of four weeks, with a Challenger Cup at the end of each cycle. There will also be an Elite Cup at the end of the first and second cycles, which is a tournament the top 8 Master teams will be playing in the same weekend as the Challenger Cup. Finals will be the weekend after the third Challenger Cup. With this start date and season format, none of the planned LAN tournaments that VRML is aware of will fall on a Challenger Cup/Elite Cup weekend or during Finals.

There will still be 10 Master teams. However, with 4 week cycles, this makes things a little tricky to get 9 matches done. What will most likely happen (pending website testing) is each Master team will get three matches in the first week of the cycle. One of those matches will be a 'flex match,' meaning it can be played any week during the cycle. Playing it another week will not count toward a team's postponements. There will be more info on this soon, we are still working out the last of the kinks and planning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the arena soon!

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Congrats to Our Season 4 Champions!
by Leeloo |

OCE: Leviathan

EU: Team Gravity

NA: New York Kings

Congratulations to these teams for winning the championship this season!! Great job to all teams that participated in the Finals, and to all the teams throughout the season!

Season Report

75 Suspensions

5 Bans

Max number of teams competing in a week: 407

Max number of matches played in a week: 444

Number of players participating: 4,518

More stats can be found here.

Season 4 Badges/Tags/Banner

Currently the release date is unknown. We are actively working on getting those out, but it may take a few weeks.. Please read through the #season-4-badges channel in Discord. That is where updates and more information about badges will be posted. If your username on the VRML website does not match your Oculus username, you may not receive the badge.

Season 4 Connoisseurs

Echo Arena Bracket Winners

OCE: esxx has a perfect score (20 pts)

EU: beaver_ (32 pts, perfect is 36 pts)

NA: Ow (26 pts, perfect is 36 pts)

Top Season 4 Connoisseurs

1st place is Novius (92% success rate, 193 guesses)

2nd place is Tambaa (94% success rate, 79 guesses)

Honorable mention to… MadThrasherXXI (88% success rate, with a whopping 355 votes!)

Season 5

Currently there is no start date for Season 5, and there is no estimated start date. The planning of a season does not happen until the previous season is over, so it may take us a few weeks before we have more details. However, we do have a Season 4 Feedback Form for you all to fill out. After the feedback form is filled out and the Moderators have reviewed it, then a 'Season 5' channel will be opened for discussions.


If you are interested in being a Moderator, Governor, or part of the production team - fill out an application! The links for all applications are in Discord.

Season 4 Championship is Underway!
by Leeloo |

Here we go!

Top North American, European, and OCE/Asian teams are playing for glory and $10,150 USD in cash and prizes! For full details about the tournament and prizes, visit the Championship Page.

If you have a Quest, you can view all the hype in VR with the Oculus app, Venues:

OCE Day 1, OCE Day 2

EU Day 1, EU Day 2

NA Day 1, NA Day 2

Or, catch the games on our other streaming platforms, including JukedGG!


Facebook Gaming



Bracket predictions will close at the start of matches for each region.

The players are ready to go - join us in cheering them on in chat and in Discord! Good luck to all participating this weekend!

by Leeloo |

As posted by esxx_ on October 8th, 2021

Previous update can be found here:

Master Tier Relegation

9 Everest

10 Baby Phantoms

Seeding locked for these 2 in CC.

Ladder (CC positions pretty much set now)


1 T.E.A.M




3 The Fireballs

4 Typhon

5 The Arena Wolves

6 Nantes Esport

1200 and 1180

7 Nuclear Waste

8 Fenrir

9 The Femboys

T.E.A.M and Rise are both basically set for their places, they will be direct competitors for Master Tier. Fireballs really showed what they can do, beating Rise in a thrilling Game. They have no games left but very unlikely the will drop in rank either. Typhon doesn't have any games left so they will bit rise up in ranks, they can fall definitely though, that would just be the case if The Arena Wolves win against Team on Sunday, which is gonna be a very though match for them.


Last important Game in Challenger Cup Race is on Sunday, 6PM BST (The Arena Wolves vs T.E.A.M), so tune in!

by Leeloo |

As posted by SirDimwi on October 9th, 2021.


1 Bangarang (1) (Eternity)


2 Redshift (0)


3 Ding! (0)

4 hive mind (2) (Odyssey, Corrosion)

5 Los Angeles Destroyers (1) (Chloroform)

6 Florida LaserSharks (0)


7 lightbuwlb (1) (There Is No Team)

8 Odyssey (1) (hive mind)

9 Eternity (1) (Bangrang)

10 Anarchy (1) (Chloroform)

11 Rusty Robots (0)

12 Chloroform (2) (Anarchy, Destroyers)

13 Corrosion (1) (hive mind)


Bangarang, Redshift

No one is going to be able to get enough MMR to knock out Redshift, Bang has enough MMR to safely absorb a loss.

Ding! is like 85% safe. If, hypothetically, hive mind, Destroyers, lightbuwlb, Eternity all won their remaining games, it might push Ding! out.... MIGHT... I would doubt it, though. Ding! is probably safe at this point.

LA Destroyers need a win to be safe.


Rusty Robots

Corrosion is probably out, but if they were to beat hive mind, dunno, maybe? Similar situation for Anarchy, but less likely to get enough MMR from a victory.

Chloroform would have to beat the odds and beat both Anarchy and Destroyers. 2 wins might be enough to push them up.

If Eternity were to beat Bangarang, that'd be a pretty decent MMR boost, so they could very possibly still get in.

Odyssey and lightbuwlb are both more of a toss-up.


Games Remaining (times EDT)

Sat 10pm There Is No team vs lightbuwlb

Sun 9pm Chloroform vs Anarchy

Sun 10pm Los Angeles Destroyers vs Anarchy

Sun 10pm hive mind vs Corrosion

Sun 11pm hive mind vs Odyssey

Not Yet Scheduled??

Eternity vs Bangarang

by Leeloo |

As posted by Punda on October 5th, 2021


1. Leviathan


2. FreeVR


3. Astrea


4. SoFreeVR

5. Villain

6. Last Centurions


7. Cosmic Legion

8. Invictus


Due to OCE not having a master bracket, the top 6 teams in OCE go to Finals



Leviathan, FreeVR, Astrea

Most likely in


In The Race

SoFreeVR, Villan, Last Centurions, Cosmic Legion, Invictus


This week will be an important week for the teams in the race for finals, they need to win all their games to stay in finals.


Important OCE Matches of the week:

Leviathan vs FreeVR (top 2)

Astrea vs FreeVR (while both teams are locked in, it will be a close and intense game)

Last Centurions vs Leviathan (if Last Centurions lose, they might be kicked off top 6)

SoFreeVR vs Astrea (if SoFreeVR lose, they might be kicked off top 6)

SoFreeVR vs Cosmic Legion (If cosmic wins it'll most likely move them to top 6)

Villan vs Cosmic Legion (top 2 Japanese teams, while Villain is in top 6, Cosmic legion sits at 7th place, making this an important game for them)

by Leeloo |

As posted by SirDimwi, Caster & Production Lead, on October 4th, 2021

Master Tier

LA Skyline, High Voltage

There is nothing either team can do to avoid the Challenger Cup at this point. This is a lock. Master Tier now playing for Finals Seeding exclusively.




1 Bangarang (2) (opponents: LaserSharks, Eternity)

2 Redshift (2) (opponents: Eternity, Odyssey)


3 Ding! (2) (opponents: Rusty Robots, LaserSharks)

4 hive mind (2) (opponents: Odyssey, Corrosion)

5 Eternity (2) (opponents: Redshift, Bangrang)

6 Odyssey (2) (opponents: hive mind, Redshift)

7 Florida LaserSharks (2) (opponents: Bangrang, Ding!)

8 Los Angeles Destroyers (2) (opponents: Corrosion, Chloroform)


9 Rusty Robots (2) (opponents: Ding!, Cerberus)

10 Corrosion (2) (opponents: Destroyers, hive mind)

11 lightbuwlb (2) (opponents: Giggles, There Is No Team)

12 Giggles (2) (opponents: Dallas texas fan club, lightbuwlb)

13 Chloroform (opponents: Anarchy, Destroyers)

14 Anarchy (2) (opponents: Chloroform, HotDrop)

Master Standings at the beginning of Week 10

Every single one of these games is relevant, most are not yet scheduled. Bangarang and Redshift, all they really need to do is win and they're probably 100% safe. For the rest, the higher up their position, the more likely they are to be safe with wins this week, but there are no guarantees. Score differentials, MMR differentials, and even order of games is going to have a big impact on who ends up where. Vegas would love this.

by Leeloo |

As posted by esxx_, from team Typhon, on September 30th, 2021

The Facts

Bottom of Master

7. Clover (2-4/172)

8. Smash Dash (2-4/140)

9. Everest (1-5/102)

10. Baby Phantoms (0-6/93)

1280-1220 (Diamond)

1. T.E.A.M

2. Nantes Esport (inactive)


1220-1200 (Platinum)

4. Nuclear Waste

5. Typhon

6. The Arena Wolves

7. Helios

8. The Fireballs

1180 (Gold)

Venators (inactive)

Redd Juice



Standings at the beginning of Week 9

The Assessment

Locked In: T.E.A.M , Nantes Esport (inactive), RISE

In Good Position: Nuclear Waste , Typhon

In The Race: The Arena Wolves Helios

I can't say they're out: The Fireballs, Redd Juice, Fenrir

Out: Electro Echo, The Femboys, Astronomic...


Games on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Times are BST

Friday 5:00PM #11 Fenrir vs #14 Astronomic ( - One to Watch)

Friday 6:00PM #7 Helios vs #1 T.E.A.M

Friday 7:00PM #5 Typhon vs #14 Astronomic

Friday 8:00PM #3 RISE vs #12 Electro Echo

Saturday 7:00PM #7 Helios vs #3 RISE ( - One to Watch)

Saturday 8:00PM #5 Typhon vs #6 The Arena Wolves ( - One to Watch)

Sunday 7:00PM #6 The Arena Wolves vs #4 Nuclear Waste ( - One to Watch)

(Casting schedules TBD. There is no guarantee that any particular game will be cast. Go apply your hype votes if you have a preference!

My Prediction: 'Team, Nantes and Rise are pretty much set, they will all compete for their place in the Master Division. Nuclear Waste, Typhon as well as Arena Wolves are skill-wise also pretty much set for challenger cup. It's gonna a tough race for both Helios and Fireballs, the only real threat for the last CC position. Everest showed what they can do against Gravity, so they might have a chance to race up a rank, avoiding the possible relegation. Baby Phantoms are set to play in CC.'

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Dream Homepage Contest Begins NOW!
by Giligin |


We are always looking to expand and improve upon our existing architecture and tools based on your feedback. One of the areas we know we could improve is the user-facing interface of the website! While the function of the site is intact, we also recognize that visually, it could be improved. While our focus right now is on performance and stability, we're looking for ideas to make the front-end better.

That is where YOU come in. We would like to announce the VRML Dream Homepage contest! 

We want to tap into the vast resource of our various VRML communities and see if any existing (or aspiring) UI designers would like to take a crack at revitalizing the landing page of the VRML to fit with their vision of what the next iteration of the site should look like! The winner (chosen by the VRML Board), in addition to having the honor of all or part of their design implemented directly to our site, will receive $250, a Discord role, bragging rights, and their name will be credited on the website, news posts, and casts! 

How to participate?

Front-end designers will know best how to approach this. Each submission can include 2 different packages:

 1) Sketches (can be hand-drawn) of the various pages (can be Home page, Standings pages, Matches pages, etc)

 2) A stand-alone css file (stylesheet) to apply on the website to change its look without requiring functionality overhaul changes.


The pages MUST include all existing elements/functionalities in some form or fashion but the style is entirely up to you!


Designs must be submitted by midnight PST on September 30th to:

[email protected]

Good luck!

*Disclaimer - By participating and submitting your ideas or designs as part of this contest, you grant VR Master League a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free, license to use, reproduce, modify, translate into different languages or formats, and publish your provided content.

Season 4 Start Date Has Been Announced!
by Leeloo |

Get your team ready. It's time to prep for a new Echo Arena season!

Make sure to stop by the Discord server for details.