Active in the VRML since season 10 of 2020

- We are a group of players, who play from Spain, who like to enjoy the tension of the game in virtual reality.

- Our name is “MANCOS VR” because if we used both arms we would have no rival.

- Our team is made up of:

MNC_SkAsY. Captain and the elder of the group. He is in charge of planning, suffering, enduring and

guiding the group.

ASTURES. The temperance of the team. Cold and calculating, a great resource for the team.

CHIUACA. One of the oldest members of the team, ladino, from Contractors, lethal one on one.

SFR301. The Black Mamba. Don't cross his path or you're a corpse.

MNC_BREIKER. It takes the same time to get an uplink as it takes you to say “be careful”. Don't give him

space or you're lost.

KIT3SURF. From the depths of the jungle he has appeared to revolutionize the battlefield. Lethal, fast and


NEMESIS. The “new” one, in two days, has reached you all. With an incredible learning ability, it can copy all your resources and leverage them against you.

EINAR. Our latest signing. From the Canary Islands the destroyer, the lethal canary. He has no mercy on anyone.

-Our playing style is varied, sometimes chaotic, sometimes orderly, sometimes active, but we do it on purpose. You will never know how we do it.

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Selected season
Stats of Season 15 - 2023
15 8 7 115 53% -5
Map stats of Season 15 - 2023
Bazaar Day7457371849
Snowpeak Day5360251560
Downfall Day5240281346
Arctic Day2009111
Quarantine Day2210010880
USS Quest20010220
Arctic Night1006233
Downfall Night1006233
Egress Day1110044100
Past matches of Season 15 - 2023