Season has terminated.
Keep an eye out for the next season announcement!
Season 13 Championship Winners & Off-Season News!
by Leeloo |
A month ago, there was a tense race for the cup with multiple different teams battling to receive it however as we all know only one team came out on top!
As of that congratulations are in order for the winners, RESURGENCE, as well as the runner up teams: 
2nd - No Fun Intended
3rd - Imperial
Furthermore we would like to personally start this off with a huge thank you to each and every one of you that completed in Season 13 of Onward VRML. We truly wouldn't be here without you. Another massive thank you to the production team for covering the vast majority of post season matches and one last thank you to the mods who keep this league up and running. We hope you enjoyed Season 13! 

Thanks to our sponsors! ProtubeVR and VR Cover, your continued to support is AMAZING! Check out their products by checking out their respective websites! 
The feedback form is now available for you to give us your opinions on the season, make sure to fill it out so that we know how exactly to improve the experience for you guys and make it more enjoyable! We appreciate everyone that does fill it out! 
While we plan Season 14, we have some exciting events happening! There will be a CASTER VS MODS match on the 4th of December at 4pm EST so make sure to tune in to watch some exciting gameplay and find out live who comes out on top. Make sure to join the discord event to get a notification when the game goes live!
Keep reporting those bugs to DPI and help make the game better! There's a channel in our Discord, #1-9-update-feedback, where you can report bugs and highlight irregularities.
As an update to the proposed drone tournament, the map is nearly completed, and is in the fine tuning stage now. Huge thank you to  WhiteFang for putting this map together, see a sneak peak of it below.
Finally, our moderator and caster applications are open! If you are interested in either of these positions please fill out the form to give yourself a shot at becoming an Official VRML caster or League Mod. The applications are pinned in the #league-gen channel and can be found here:
Keep up to date with our news by watching the Discord and our social media!
Onward Season 13 Finals This Saturday!
by Typic_ |
Throughout the entirety of Season 13 over 100 teams have fought tooth and nail to get to the point that No Fun Intended and Resurgence have reached. These two teams have finished at the top of both of their regions and will now face off in a best of 5 match this saturday. This match will truly showcase the best that Onward as a game has to offer as well as demonstrating what the highest skilled teams in VRML are capable of! Make sure to tune in live to experience the intense gameplay and participate in the various HyperX giveaways that will be going on throughout for your chance to get involved. 
Watch live at thest following times and places:
9 AM PDT | 12 PM EDT | 1600 UTC, Bronze Medal Match: Imperial vs BossFight
12 PM PDT | 3 PM EDT | 1900 UTC, Grand Finals: NoFunInteded vs RESURGENCE
$7,640 USD in cash and prizes up for grabs and giveaways for our viewers!
Details about the prize pool and the teams:
Onward Season 13 Championship World Finals, Don't Miss It!
by Leeloo |

Hey yall' lot!

We are finally approaching the end of the Season and it has definitely been a wild ride. The Round Robins ended and we are approaching the last stretch. Congrats to the teams moving on to the World Finals!

This season's prize pool is $7,640 USD with $7,000  USD in cash and $640 USD in gear from us and our sponsors: VR Cover, ProTubeVR, and NightFiree.

In OCE/Asia, TNK and OJC made it through to the Finals! TNK had a great season, garnering an 88% win rate! OJC, staple of the Japanese community, closed the season out with an 80% win rate. Follow their team links to find out more about their roster and stats!

Representing Europe, meet NoFunIntended, Imperial, and BossFight! NFI and Imperial finished the season in 1st and 2nd place in the EU region with impressive stats. BossFight is no stranger to the pressures of Championship Finals. But, they'll have to get through tough competition if they want a piece of the prize pool!

RESURGENCE, Proteus, and Dark Tidings qualified through the American region. All teams are making their 1st appearance in seasonal finals, but don't count them out! They're a mix of seasoned who've participated in many seasons and newer players. 

It's going to be an exciting Finals!

Starting from this weekend, thanks also to the casting team we are going to be able to slow down the pace and have some time for ourselves to enjoy the finals too! Also and will not have the excuse that they are playing their matches! HA

Now for a brief recap of the Global Finals!
NoFunIntended (1#EU) vs TNK (2#OCE) | Saturday 22nd | 0800 ET, 1200 UTC, 2100 JST
Imperial (2#EU) vs Dark Tidings (2#NA) | Saturday 22nd | 1300 ET, 1700 UTC, 0200 JST
Proteus (1#NA) vs Bossfight (3#EU) | Saturday 22nd | 1600 ET, 2000 UTC , 0500 JST
OJC (1#OCE) vs RESURGENCE (3#NA) | Saturday 22nd | 2100 ET, 0100 UTC, 1000 JST - watch in Horizon Worlds HERE!

Links to stream:
Onward VRML Twitch:
Onward VRML YouTube:
VRML Twitch: 
Meta Horizon Worlds:

All of these matches will be Best of 5 Maps! Expect each team to give it their all!

Onward Season 13 Championship Has Started!
by Leeloo |

The regular season has ended, but the competition is far from over! Now, top teams play for a $7,640 USD prize pool from our sponsors and partners ProTubeVR, NightFiree, VR Cover, and ArmaGG!

Last weekend's Challenger Cup saw 30 teams in EU and NA compete for that last Round-Robin place in their respective regions. In EU, DubCity Warriors came out on top and join EU's top 7: 

EU Group A Bracket. Watch it live on Meta Horizon Worlds at

EU Group B Bracket.


NA Challenger Cup is still being fought! K-FOT and H3LL ON WHEELS will play a deciding match on Friday, October 14th at 8 PM EDT. The winner will play Notorious at 9 PM EDT to decide our Season 13 NA top 8 teams in the Championship!

Catch it all live on


Saturday's and Sunday's events will begin with the OCE/Asia Round-Robin. The winner of this tournament will move on to the World Finals!

OCE/Asia Bracket. Watch live on

NA Group A Bracket. Watch it live on Meta Horizon Worlds at

NA Group B Bracket.


Full brackets, prize pool information, schedules, and details about the competition can be found here:

Stay tuned to live feeds for a chance to win in giveaways!

Good luck to all!

Protube StackUp Tournament 2022
by Flapinski01 |

Protube StackUp Tournament 2022 is here!
All entry fees and donations go straight to StackUp.
We all love and support our veterans and active military. But the harsh reality is that they suffer every day with depression, anxiety, ptsd, and much more. Those who sacrificed for us are paying the price. The suicide rate for veterans is 1.5 times greater than for Americans who never served in the military according to a study in 2018. In 2019, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, over 6,000 veterans die each year by suicide. That's why StackUp ( is trying to eliminate extreme symptoms of trauma, stress, and isolation of military service members past and present. StackUp is bringing vets together through the "shared language" of gaming to put a stop to the veteran suicide epidemic. Each year StackUp sends approximately 150 supply crates full of gaming consoles and games, they hold around 20 air assaults' that send disabled/deserving veterans to gaming events, and by running a 24/7 online suicide prevention for veterans and active duty personnel. 

Thanks to PROTUBEVR for sponsoring this event we will have an early giveaway for anyone who registers early for the tournament!
The winner of this giveaway will receive a PROVOLVER from ProtubeVR! 

You could also win a HyperX Bundle!
This includes:
Alloy Elite 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Pulsfire Dart Wireless Mouse
HyperX QuadCast Microphone

All you need to do to enter is join the tournament before August 27th, at 2:00pm EST

Giveaway Ends August 27th, 2022 at 2:00pm EST


To register your team go to 

You can also register by going to our discord and click on the #register-here channel.
Link to discord 

REGISTRATION ENDS September 2nd at midnight EDT
Must be 13 years or older to participate

In case you missed it! SEASON 13 HAS STARTED!!
by Leeloo |

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our Season 12 winners after a long deliberation. Congrats to our finalists, ROME, ERROR 404, Raptors, and BossFight! For more details about the championship or to view the VODs, join our Discord server and visit the Championship page.

Thanks to our volunteers for your valuable contribution. We wouldn't be here without you! Thanks to Downpour Interactive! Your continued support and collaboration are a pillar to this league and your game remains one of the most captivating VR FPS games!

And, a big thanks to our sponsors!! Our long term partners DPI, HyperX, VR Cover, ProtubeVR have, yet again, provided awesome prizing for the championship and for the community in the form of giveaways!

Season 13 is here! Thanks to everyone who participated in giving feedback and suggestions, helping us make this season the best yet! Make sure to set you team to active if you want your matches.  The 1st casted match is happening today! Watch No Fun Intended vs BossFight at 1900 UTC on Twitch!

Let's have a great season!

Season 12 Championship is ALMOST HERE!
by Leeloo |
THIS WEEKEND! 4 teams play for the title & a piece of the $10k prize pool! Who is the favorite? Who is the underdog? Who will make VRML history? Tune in and cheer with us!
Championship Semi-Finals, Saturday 0930 PDT | 1230 EDT | 1630 UTC
Championship Finals, Sunday 0930 PDT | 1230 EDT | 1630 UTC

AND... Tune in on Sunday and you may have a shot at some cool prizes! That's right! HyperX and ProtubeVR are graciously providing us with prizes for the community. 
Good luck to all participating teams!
Congrats to our Onward Merch Giveaway Winners!
by Leeloo |

And the winners are....
Elmarvin, AmikOsik, Oakes, Downpour, and Douche Baggins!

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their story with us and thanks to Downpour Interactive for these awesome packages!!

Stay tuned for more giveaways and good luck to all our Season 12 finalists!

Season 12 Challenger Cup is Approaching!
by Leeloo |

The journey to the Championship continues!

This weekend, a team will rise to the top and play for that 8th spot in the Close Qualifier! 55 teams have signed up. The event will be streamed LIVE on

Saturday, Group A, will start at 13:00 UTC (5:00 PST, 8:00 EST, 22:00 JST) and Sunday, Group B, will start at 20:00 UTC (13:00 PDT, 16:00 EDT, 5:00 JST). The winner of each day will faceoff later in the week!

Registration closes Saturday at 11:00 UTC (03:00 PST, 06:00 EST, 20:00 JST) Good luck to all!

by Leeloo |

Join us for the exciting conclusion of Season 12!!
Championship info here!

Good luck to all participating teams!