Week 14 - Monday, April 16 to Sunday, April 22 matches have been generated!
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Week 13 - April 9 to April 15 matches have been generated!
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Week 12 - March 26 to April 1 matches have been generated!
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Season 4 Week 11 - Introduction
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This time we are excited mostly about european matchups. Some very interesting matches are coming this week on top of the EU League. We might have pass already the half of the season so we are slowly approaching the crucial phase of the season 4 VR Master League!

Sunday 25.03 is going to be the day of prime in EU group. First of all, we will see one of the most anticipated match-ups in the league overall. Silent Purge is facing the masters of slow paced tactical gameplay – Beginners. SP is coming back to the league with great impact, 3 won matches lately show the power of SP, core player - Smurf is getting into his best performance from season 3. Beginners however are still unbeaten this season so they will try to keep their status “undefeated” as long as it possible.

4 hours later Beginners again in the battle of Europe. Boss Fight after cancelled match with SMC decided to continue their road on top of the league and accepted the challenge from Masters itself. Last week’s lost in a match against Mob Squad must have been painful to Bosses but they kept their good performance and won the league match against Spanish Bull already which gave them confidence in game again. This match will be casted by Silent Knight at our twitch channel on sunday 19 UTC LIVE!  

Cannon Fodder is fighting for a spot in championship. They gave Boss Fight a teaching lesson last week in the league match on Bazzar losing very close 3:4 by unfortunate. Hoochy did insane play each map and was definitely MVP including both teams! If boys from UK keep winning their “must do” in the league and consider some challenges against US teams they will spare wild card tourney themselves for sure. Their opponent French Onward Union on Sunday will not give the skin for free however. Go Go Power Hooch! 

We are looking forward to see these great match-ups this weekend!

Week 11 - March 19 to March 25 matches have been generated!
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Monday, March 12 to Sunday, March 18 matches have been generated!
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Week 9 - Monday, March 5 to Sunday, March 11 matches have been generated!
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Season 4 Week 8 – Introduction
by scoorpio1986 |

All eyes at America! This is going to be a very exciting week for Onward, especially for Americas East Division. 3 Match up's on top of the league table will serve us a huge amount of emotions for sure.

Globochem currently placed on 1st rank will try to continue their domination but Mob Squad will definitely not give their skin for free. This might be their revenge for hard loss against Globo from start of the season (16:0). Knowing current performance of both teams however we can't easily predict the output, but we can say it now - this is the most interesting league match in week 8!

Right beneath the top we will see 2 very strong teams in clinch. This Can’t Be Blank has big appetite for win recently however they have big problem standing in the way – SMC Tactical. Sickness and his crew lost to Mob Squad last weekend, it was very tight fight with many turns though. “This was needed loss to show us humility” – now it’s time to strike back!

Danglers will not have an easy life with G-Men as well. Last 4 league series won by G-Men makes this team very confident. Playing challenges gives obviously profits! Danglers played excellent games last weeks and lost only by a hair to best teams worldwide! (11:10 to Globo).

We are looking forward to each of these great matches this week!!!

Recap - Season 4 - Week 5
by Viper |

SMC tactical had their showdown against Legionaires this week. Things got off to a rocky start for the Legion as LangdonJordan took a stunning cap for SMC on the red car:


A beautiful display of smokes, suppression and execution! SMC went on to take the map with a clean 4-0! On Bazaar SMC were off to an agressive start but Legionaires maintained a solid defence under fire:


Both sides held the defence well and we saw true southern gentlemenly behaviour from the match MVP Langdon Jordon xD


SMC continued to hold the day and close out the series with 15 to 3!

Our other livestreamed match this week we saw Big Red One vs Soldiers of Bane:


S.O.B dominated Suburbia and Downfall:


along with Synthorian whipping out out some cracking shots on to bullseye the win for Soldiers of Bane on Downfall.

In what has to be the cap of the week, Nightmare Luna for B.R.O , battles his way 1v4 through the streets of Subway:


and in one of the most BALLER moves this week:


makes one of the most insane caps on THE hardest subway objective for MARSOC! Hates off!! Big Red One continued to dominate Subway

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks as we expand the team to help bring the community to life!!

If you're interested in contributing on the main page or with casting/running the League, apply below!! 

Casting Coordinators https://goo.gl/forms/fkW4XeWwLf1oaYij1

PR Moderators https://goo.gl/forms/R9rohhCbTYZyYzDu2

General Moderators https://goo.gl/forms/03s5P9TuAsmmVN7g1

To all Onward fanatics! We are recruiting!
by DaKinMan |

As some of you know, we are looking to recruit league moderator(s) as the league continues to grow. If you think you might have something to contribute in making the League prosper and show everyone how much this community rocks then step up!

We have already gathered important feedback from the team captains directly as well as in DMs about very interesting prospective candidates. We want to thank everyone for submitting your suggestions.

In order to ensure we are not leaving anyone in limbo, we wanted to continue the process and open up the applications to the public too.

We will be gathering submissions and recruiting over the coming week or two; it's an on-going process so bear with us.

Submit your name here: https://goo.gl/forms/MSbehlv8hlk5dT9l1

We are also looking to recruit an official league caster coordinator to make sure we cast as many games as possible and in a structured manner. This person will also help defining the general look of the stream.

For more details and to submit your name: https://goo.gl/forms/fpSKHqG3VHUITHw73

And finally, we are looking to recruit a PR moderator to create blog posts on website, weekly recaps, highlight reels, match hyping, etc

For more details and to submit your name: https://goo.gl/forms/pO9xWKzYrqUvthz13