Onward VRML Server Banner Winner
by Giligin |

Soon after it's grand opening, Onward VRML Discord server reached Boost Level 2, which unlocked the ability to upload a custom banner.

A contest was held, in appreciation to the community, to determine what the new banner would look like. Six ideas were submitted by various members, followed by an open vote. The voting is now closed, and the winning submission has been decided. Congratulations to the winning designer, VR_Marksman, and thanks to all who contributed!

Presenting the new server banner:

New Discord Server for Onward VRML Goes Live!
by Giligin |

We are excited to announce the launch of the Onward VRML Discord server! The new server will now act as the home for all VRML activities related to Onward. All VRML players, and anyone interested in joining the League, should join through the server invite below.

We'll be keeping some VRML channels over in the Onward server in order to keep the community informed about the competitive scene, and we'll have a community news channel in the new Onward VRML server, as well.

This decision wasn't easy to make and is strictly for organizational purposes. Moving to a dedicated Onward VRML Discord will allow us to implement new features, organize more efficiently, and continue to grow. This new server will also match the format that VRML is implementing across our multiple leagues. We encourage players to remain active in both Discord servers, and as an organization, we stay committed to working alongside DPI to provide the best possible playing experience.

Click here to join us in our new home!

Beginners Crowned Champions
by Giligin |

Onward Season 10 has come to a close. During the 10-week season and 3-week post-season, 585 players participated on active teams.

Thanks to all who participated for making this another successful season!

Congratulations to the Season 10 champions!

The End is Near!
by Giligin |

Season 10 Semis and Finals are this weekend!

Make sure to tune-in! Pre-show @ 0930 PST | 1230 EST | 1730 UTC

Find the bracket here, and information on the tournaments here.

The matches will be streamed in Venues on Saturday and Sunday, on VRML's official Twitch channel, YouTube, FB Live, Onward_VRML and

Challenger Cup Finals This Weekend!
by Giligin |

November 28th and 29th saw the beginning of the post-season for Onward's Season 10 with a pair of Challenger Cups. The winners from each day, Aimless Gaming and Animal House, will face off this Saturday, December 5th, competing for the last available spot in the Round Robin tournaments leading up to the Semi-Finals. Come watch it in Venues, Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube!

New Sponsor: HyperX
by Giligin |

VRML is proud to announce a new sponsor: HyperX, which produces high-performance products designed to meet the needs of the world’s professional gamers! Some of you may recognize them, as they provided prizes for the recent Echo Arena Charity Cup. You can check them out here:

You can read more about the sponsorship here: