Monday, July 15 to Sunday, July 21 matches have been generated!
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Monday, July 8 to Sunday, July 14 matches have been generated!
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Beginners win the Season 7 Spring Championship!
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Congrats to our Season 7 World Champions - Beginners!

Congrats as well to BossFight for taking 2nd place! What a game! What a Season! 

Hope you had fun watching & playing. Join us for more Onward action next season! Stay tuned for more details..

The Season 7 Grand-Finals this Saturday!
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Saturday May 25th, Beginners and BossFight, the 2 teams with the greatest rivalry of all time, will battle it out for the great VRML honours and a golden ticket to the ESL Grand-Finals in Leicester, UK!

Make sure to tune in https://www.twitch.tv/onwardmasterleague @ 11:30 PDT | 14:30 EDT | 18:30 UTC

Round-robins stage this weekend!
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Congratulations to G-Men moving forward to the next stage! They'll be playing tomorrow in the Round-robin Group B!** :fire:

Yesterday, G-Men have been declared the Challenger Cup winners by eliminating Legionnaires.

Today, our 8 final teams are known and they are, coincidentally, the top 8 teams from the Worldwide Ladder!

Which 4 teams will be moving to the semis ?

Make sure to tune in @ 9h30 PDT | 12h30 EDT | 16h30 UTC to find out!

Announcing Season 7 Spring Championships!
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VRML is proud to announce the Season 7 Championships!

Grand prizes from our beloved partners ProTubeVR and VR Cover as well as the coveted golden ticket to ESL's VR League Season 3 Grand finals!

Good luck to all teams!

Monday, April 22 to Sunday, April 28 matches have been generated!
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Your Onward VRML Ambassadors!
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As we are almost ready to embark in the Season 7 Championships, we want to bring attention to members of the VR communities that have been actively promoting Onward, VRML & VResports in general via casts, content, conferences, articles... to name a few. THANKS!

Hats off to all the players, fans & followers!

Monday, April 15 to Sunday, April 21 matches have been generated!
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Monday, April 8 to Sunday, April 14 matches have been generated!
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