Season 12 Start Date is October 25th!
by Leeloo |

With Summer drawing to a close, everyone at the VRML are excited to announce the start of Season 12! We will get underway shortly with the first week starting on the 25th of October.

We're also excited to announce a prize pool for the Season 12 Championships, starting at $5,000 USD! This is just the beginning; watch for more announcements throughout the season about increases to the prize pool, as more contributions come in!

More details will be coming soon around Season 12 and any changes to maps or game play as a general whole will be announced to captains, the feedback forms are also being taken into account and again any changes will be relayed back to captains. Good luck everyone and wishing every team the best of luck in the upcoming season!

- The VRML team

Rest In Peace, Ryan 'DrunkdrUmMmER' Montgomery
by Leeloo |

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of beloved member of the Onward community, Legacy teammate, & close friend, DrunkdrUmMmER.

His teammates ask to respect their mourning & to donate to help his family through this difficult time.

This community is about more than just a game. For a lot of us it has become a huge extension to our families. Ryan, his family, and his friends will be in our hearts and prayers. We are sure you will all be doing the same. Thanks to everyone for taking a moment and donating????

Season 11 Champions Crowned
by Giligin |

Congrats & GG to all the participating teams in Season 11! Raptors became only the 3rd team to be crowned Champions in all VRML history! Beginners take 2nd place, Vikings 3rd, and Peacekeepers 4th!

To all the participating players in Season 11, thank you for playing and making those exciting and incredible plays!

If you'd like to view it again, head on over to our YouTube channel.

We can't thank our volunteers enough! To everyone who put in time and effort (Moderators, casters, creators, helpful community members, etc.), you all rock! Thank you!

Form applications for those looking to join the team will be open soon!

Season 12 is in the works. Keep an eye out for the feedback form. We appreciate your input to shape the League.

Thanks, as well, to all our partners and sponsors: Downpour Interactive, ProTubeVR, HyperX, VR Cover, bHaptics, CybershoesVR, Rebuff Reality, and ARMA.

We appreciate all the hard work that goes into this game and the competitive scene.

Meanwhile, have a great off-season!

Season 11 Championship Finals Are Almost Here!
by Leeloo |

Raptors, Vikings, Beginners, & Peacekeepers made it through to the Semi-Finals!! Congrats on making it to the top 4 and securing a portion of the $14,000 prize pool!

Saturday, they will fight in a single-elimination tournament where Raptors will face Peacekeepers followed by Beginners vs Vikings. Winners of each match will move on to the Grand Finals on Sunday. Details about the format, schedule, and prize pool, can be found on the Championship Page.

Who do you think will be this season's champion?

Watch it live in Venues, Twitch, YouTube or Facebook by following these links:

Semi-Finals Venues

Finals Venues



Facebook Gaming

Also, check out our amazing sponsors: Downpour Interactive, HyperX, ProtubeVR, VR Cover, Rebuff Reality, Cybershoes, bHaptics, and FiXT!

VRML Postseason Road
by NightFiree |

Season 11 has so far been packed with variety and an ever changing meta. The question of who will be the Season 11 champion has been permeating the air for several weeks now as titans of the VRML have fallen to the wasteside, allowing for new and old blood alike to rise to the top. Only 3 of the top 7 teams have been playing in the VRML for longer than 3 seasons. Raptors have claimed a 2nd place spot in the ladder after only being around for 1 season. The shifting map pool has added a tremendous amount of variety we have never seen in VRML and its now finally culminating to a spectacular showcase of skill.

It feels like forever since we have had the opportunity to truly put teams to the test and it's because it's been nearly half a year since we have had VRML Postseason action. Teams new and old had to quickly adjust to the long days of the Challenger Cup, and must prepare for the grueling test of skill that is the Round Robin. Then it comes down to a whole new level of competition as we get to watch the best of the best face off in the Semifinals and Finals August 22nd. 

Already we have had the pleasure of watching a fantastic weekend of Challenger Cup Swiss Tournament action. Insane plays, great strategies and new metas developed overnight for this best of 1 swiss tournament format. Each team played 4 maps if they were in Group A or 5 maps for B if they were in Group B. At the end, the team with the most map wins was crowned the group champion.

The importance of caps became clear to everybody on day 1 as Supermind capped their way through the early rounds of Group A. 

After securing a 5-0 on map 2 things became challenging for Supermind as Kovra pushed them to 2-2 on Map 3. However, a clutch 1 v 3 from PhysicsT would set Supermind up for success as they would ride that momentum to win map 3, 4-2.

The final round of Group A would be super minds toughest challenge as Newbies were also playing well throughout the course of the tournament. Their coordination and utility use was on point as they dominated their way through Cargo.

An early lead came the way of Supermind on Map 4. The comfort of the lead allowed supermind to stick to the strategy that had won them several maps already, and locked in the Group A championship with a cap.

An honorary mention as one of my favorite clips, we did also get to see a knife fight.

With Such an incredible Day 1 Group B had a lot to live up to, and it exceeded all expectations!  

The very first game of the day pit the number 3 seed Silent Purge against the number 19 seed Blackwatch. Silent Purge stood as a giant test to Blackwatch to kick off their day, their first round would pit their rank 39 team worldwide up against the 10th best team in the regular season ladder. With confidence in their skill set, Silent Purge set out to replicate the magic that Supermind had honed in on day 1, and go for caps. They would learn a lesson Supermind did not, however, caps can be a double edged sword.

With tech difficulties delaying the start of several teams in Round 1, we had the chance to drop around to several round 1 matchups. And while 1 upset was certainly exciting, 2 is always better. SMC would have a similar morning to Blackwatch being thrust into an early tough match for round 1. As many know the success of your entire challenger cup can be determined off the first round and both teams were looking to set the pace for victory. This determination took us to a 3v3 on USS Quest. It was here that we would see a flank “the likes of which I have never seen” that would setup SMC for a chance at Group B.  

The capping plague that had rolled through Silent Purge and purged them of a chance at winning Group B did not effect Kai. They found the same success supermind did with caps securing them several intense wins in early maps.

With so much action our casting team needed a stretch break and I led the audience through a healthy exercise in stretching.

Just like group A, Group B would end in a battle between 2 undefeated teams. And just like Group A caps would be a key element in securing victory for the Kai squad. With an early lead Kai found a 404 Error in the Error 404 defence. 

A quick hotfix put Error 404 back into the action however and off a marsoc round win they put together a solid Volk defensive round.

With things going their way, Error 404 had an opportunity to cap and steal the final map from under the nose of Kai. With everything on the line, quick decision making becomes the most crucial.

Kai took Group B after a grueling 8 and a half hours of competition. They now go on to compete against supermind in a BO3 matchup Saturday at the same time that we will be tuning into Round Robin A. Be sure to tune into the pre show to get all the insights into the teams battling against each other and catch your favorite casters hype up some of the best Onward action your eyes can behold.



Dream Homepage Contest Begins NOW!
by Giligin |


We are always looking to expand and improve upon our existing architecture and tools based on your feedback. One of the areas we know we could improve is the user-facing interface of the website! While the function of the site is intact, we also recognize that visually, it could be improved. While our focus right now is on performance and stability, we're looking for ideas to make the front-end better.

That is where YOU come in. We would like to announce the VRML Dream Homepage contest! 

We want to tap into the vast resource of our various VRML communities and see if any existing (or aspiring) UI designers would like to take a crack at revitalizing the landing page of the VRML to fit with their vision of what the next iteration of the site should look like! The winner (chosen by the VRML Board), in addition to having the honor of all or part of their design implemented directly to our site, will receive $250, a Discord role, bragging rights, and their name will be credited on the website, news posts, and casts! 

How to participate?

Front-end designers will know best how to approach this. Each submission can include 2 different packages:

 1) Sketches (can be hand-drawn) of the various pages (can be Home page, Standings pages, Matches pages, etc)

 2) A stand-alone css file (stylesheet) to apply on the website to change its look without requiring functionality overhaul changes.


The pages MUST include all existing elements/functionalities in some form or fashion but the style is entirely up to you!


Designs must be submitted by midnight PST on September 30th to:

[email protected]

Good luck!

*Disclaimer - By participating and submitting your ideas or designs as part of this contest, you grant VR Master League a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free, license to use, reproduce, modify, translate into different languages or formats, and publish your provided content.

by Giligin |

The Championship is fast approaching!

Players will be fighting for a total of $14,000 USD in cash and prizes!

Stay tuned! More details will be announced when the Championship webpage goes live!

Tournaments: August 7 to 22

Join the Onward VRML Discord.

Watch live on Twitch and Facebook!