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Monday, January 15 to Sunday, January 21 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |
Monday, January 8 to Sunday, January 14 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |
Season 4 starting next week!
by DaKinMan |

I hope everyone had a great holidays time off!

Shine your guns and clean your barrels, it's time to get back in action!

Season 4 is starting January 8th.

Beginners Win the ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship!
by DaKinMan |

Congratulations to Beginners for the win! It seriously takes awesome teamwork and preparation to pull off what this team has shown throughout the championship. They have reached the highest honours!

Globochem, last season's returning masters, finishes second and demonstrated insane skills and awesome team coordination as well.

Congrats also to Boss Fight and SMC Tactical and all the players. You guys put up one hell of a fight! It was pretty awesome to watch.

A special thanks to the casters of both official streams: Nightfiree, Silent Knight, radarhead and synkas. You guys should be proud of putting up quality casts like you did!

Matches will be 'vodcasted' a couple times and will remain in the videos gallery of both official Twitch channels: OnwardMasterLeague and OnwardMasterLeague2. Also, a few highlight clips were made here and here. Make sure to take a look!

Happy holidays and we'll be back full-force next season (with new stuff), around January 8th!

Championship semi-finals and finals today!
by DaKinMan |

The season 3 grand-final is happening today everyone!

Yesterday's round-robin was so epic, the Twitch exploded and we had to give birth to a sister-Twitch to be able to cast everything! We will be using 2 Twitch channels from now on to cover simultaneous matches happening in the league.

Congratulations to the qualifying teams coming out of the round-robin stages :

and all the runner-ups who certainly gave them a run for their money!

Very intense games! Today will be grandiose!

Burning Chrome wins the Wildcard Tournament and move on to the Championship!
by DaKinMan |

After many hours of intense gaming, the wildcard tournament is now over. Congratulations to Burning Chrome for finishing first and winning a spot at the Onward ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship!

Burning Chrome activated beast mode today, finishing the wildcard with 5 victories on 5 matches!

Mob Squad came close second with 4 wins. The brackets can be found here.

Congratulations to all participating teams and a big thank you to all of you (and your girlfriends or wives!) for all your trouble on this fervent day!

NEXT UP, THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Make sure to follow the matches in the official Twitch Master League channel. We will have insane casting ready for your enjoyment. Popcorn mandatory!

Wildcard Tournament this Sunday!
by DaKinMan |

The wildcard tournament is this Sunday and starts at 16:00 UTC.

More information on the format here.

Good luck to all teams!

Monday, November 20 to Sunday, November 26 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |
Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |

Season 3 is almost over folks! Only 2 weeks remain. Make your match count! Sooooo here it is ...

Here are the matchups for this week (Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19) !

To view the scheduled dates of the matches, visit the Matches page.

Americas East group:

Europe group:

Announcing the ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship!
by DaKinMan |

Alright gents (and OceanDolf :-)), it’s been a long season and it’s with great pleasure that we would like to announce the ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship! ProTubeVR is happy to repeat the experience with us to congratulate the very best Onward team with special ProTubes!

Also, VR Cover is getting in on the action and is thrilled to give prizes to every member of the winning team!

Finally, Downpour Interactive wants to give promotional T-Shirts as well!

Image courtesy of Viper