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The Championship is fast approaching!

Players will be fighting for a total of $14,000 USD in cash and prizes!

Stay tuned! More details will be announced when the Championship webpage goes live!

Tournaments: August 7 to 22

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Watch live on Twitch and Facebook!

Monday, June 14 to Sunday, June 20 matches have been generated!
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Monday, June 7 to Sunday, June 13 matches have been generated!
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Monday, May 31 to Sunday, June 6 matches have been generated!
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Onward Season 11 Updates!
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With Season 11 in full swing and the first five weeks of matches on the books the Onward competitive scene has never been more chaotic. There are new and old teams alike in the top 10, the map pool is changing, and the Button Cup (which pits US teams against EU teams for MMR) is just getting started. Plus Onward returns to Oculus Venues for a special VR viewing experience!

First things first, we have to point out the new teams that have barged their way up the leaderboard, with Error 404 going an undefeated 8 for 8 in just 5 weeks. This week they were pitted against MAYHEM and Error 404 proved once again that they deserve that top position, taking the match 12-3 and moving up to 5th on the worldwide leaderboard. On the other side of the pond we have Velocity breaking into the top 10 as well, winning 6 out of their 8 matches and positioning themselves at number 6 worldwide. We also have some veteran teams breaking into that top 10 with Ember, Kai, and Peacekeepers taking up spots in the top 10. On top of that there are now 12 master tier teams, double what we had last season! 

Heading into week 6 we see the map pool change to a mix of new and old maps, saying farewell to Bazaar and USS Quest and introducing Cargo and Shipyard to the lineup. The current map pool is now Sand, Cargo, and Suburbia on the small end, Shipyard and Subway for the medium maps, and Downfall, Quarantine, and Snowpeak for the large maps. We can’t wait to showcase matches on Shipyard to see new strategies and watching teams new and old duke it out on the classic Cargo which has been played since the very inception of the Onward Master League. Will the new teams come up with unique strategies to win on Cargo or will the experienced veterans tip the scales in their favor?

In addition to the map pool changes, weeks 5 and 6 are the seasonal favorite thanks to the aforementioned Button Cup event. These matches carry matchmaking rating (MMR) and are used to balance the scales across the NA and EU leaderboards, matching up teams with similar MMR from both regions. 18 teams get to fight for the right to claim supremacy in the NA vs EU rivalry. The EU started out strong with a win from Velocity over ROME putting them ahead with 8 matches remaining.

Last but certainly not least, the Onward Master League will be returning to Oculus Venues! This allows the VRML to showcase some of our best matchups in a unique VR viewing experience designed for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2. The debut match in Venues was MAYHEM and Ember and it was all you could want out of a match, nail biting action, great casting, and a crazy scoreline with Ember coming out victorious. Make sure you get the chance to hop into a Venues match where you can chat with friends, watch the action on the big screen, and support the VR Master League and your favorite teams.