Monday, October 15 to Sunday, October 21 matches have been generated!
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Monday, October 8 to Sunday, October 14 matches have been generated!
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Monday, October 1 to Sunday, October 7 matches have been generated!
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SMC Tactical are the ESL, Leicester, UK, Invitational Winners!
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What a weekend of very tight matches between 4 very talented teams!!

We have our fourth and final contestant for Oculus Connect 5 in SMC Tactical! Congratulations!

SMC Tactical has won 3 matches in a row in this ESL Studio Invitational in Leicester UK and has been crowned grand champion of this tournament! They are going home with a ticket to Oculus Connect 5 and $7,000 out of the $15,000 prize pool.

Second position goes to Danglers, third to G-Men and fourth to Lemon Squad. Hats off to them as well!

Our four OC5 teams are locked-in and they are: Globochem, Beginners, BossFight and SMC Tactical. Expect very intense games at OC5!

Captain Sota's cap on the final map was huge for SMC Tactical!

Beginners are Finals Group B Champions and go to OC5!
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Congratulations to Beginners for advancing to Oculus Connect 5 !!

Legionnaires kept them on their toes in the 1st 2 maps, but Beginners swept them up in the 3rd map, winning 4-0, in this BO-5.

Also, good job to Blaze! They are a new force to be reckoned with!

Here's a clutch play by Kitten Mittens from Legionnaires

BossFight are Finals Group A Champions and go to OC5!
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Epic!! BossFight just won their spot, tooth and nail, to the Grand Finale at Oculus Connect 5!!

Congrats to Animal House and Silent Purge for putting such a show!! 

This is was not scripted! That is how Skoobydoo decided to end the BO-5 on the 5th map.. what a sneaky cap, taking Subway 4-3.

Round-robins are now over and Semis are next!
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Animal House, Legionnaires, Blaze and Silent Purge make it out of the Round-robin stages alive and will be competing in a few days for their Oculus Connect 5 ticket!

Animal House will take on Silent Purge on Friday 19h UTC and Blaze will take on Legionnaires on Sunday 17h UTC!

Those matches will be live streamed on VR League!

Don't miss it!

Kev's, from Silent Purge, very last play of the day granting them access to the semis

Onward Open Highlights!
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Such an epic weekend! Some of the highlights below!

Blaze and Burning Chrome take the Onward Season 5 Open Qualifiers!
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Congratulations to Blaze and Burning Chrome winning the open qualifiers!!

Both teams are moving forward into the round-robin stage in the group A and B as such:

Here's a nice nade from *Virds* from Blaze this weekend!

Season 5 Recap: Swaps, Shots and eSports ThoTs
by The Lonely Viper |

Ladies and gentlemen (realtalk, it's just gentlement isnt it...), Season 5 has officially closed out and while it was short it was certainly NOT boring! This season we welcomed a bunch of new teams and more player transfer drama than an ACTUAL sport.

This weekend we will host the Open Qualifier for the season championships. This will seed 2 spots into the round robin stage of the Oculus Connect 5/Onward Championship tournament so lock and load before it’s too late!!!

And a reminder: Challenges can still be played right now and up to Season 6!! So you can still climb and put yourself in a better spot prior to the Season 6 soft placements!

So what did you miss?

We’ve seen major movement in the top 3 with Mob Squad suffering a 50% loss rate, dropping to 8th place at the close from 2nd place last season! Danglers, Gmen and SMC Tactical in taking the victories all showed solid performance.

Gmen made an exceptional comeback on last season’s performance which might be attributable in part to having community superstar NightFiree casting his damn heart out. When you think about it, having someone on the team who is constantly picking up game knowledge and building the big picture has to be an asset for planning and tactics. Coupled with the fact they made a huge player acquisition with Peasley from Beginners, they are definitely a team to watch this season!

We couldn’t, of course, have a season rundown without mentioning Onward Master Leagues most casted and up-and-coming team, Lemon Squad. Having worked their way up to mid-tier status last season, the Lemons exploded onto the scene in week one with an incredibly solid roster of players who’s individual talent really shined in some clutch moments. In the subsequent matches you could really see them growing and playing more as a team which, we can only assume, is largely due to lots of yelling from Guika. Their single biggest win this season was against BossFight in an upset NOBODY saw coming, and while they weren’t able to replicate this during the rematch the message was clear; there’s a new team in the top tier and there’s BossFight blood in the Water!!

Speaking of, BossFight have seen some of the most drastic roster changes this season with their top player (ME) out of League play and picking up serious talent from other EU teams such as: Hoochy (Formerly Cannon Fodder), Mr Death (Formerly Lemon Squad) and the infamous RadarHead (Formerly Fatherhood and Marriage). Sitting pretty in third place with the most games played in the top tier, they continue to be the gatekeepers for ranks 1 & 2.

EU dominant and ever patient Beginners retained rank 2 by season end with a solid win streak and are showing zero signs of weakness. Having swapped out Peasley and acquired ICWoods from BossFight, the full set of Woods brothers will mean they can now fully encrypt their match communications in a think Liverpool accent and completely confuse everyone.

Omnipotent and all powerful capitalist machine GloboChem continue to reign undefeated by the end of the season and just barely inch out Beginners for top spot. With neither team having found a challenge or a match against each other, one can't help but lament this missed opportunity for a glorious blood bath. Globo dominated the ESL Invitational earned their place at Oculus Connect 5 in September. Having signed a multi-billion dollar contract with Arsenic (formerly Mob Squad), they might be poised to repeat their success and claim the lion’s share of the $60,000 prize pool.

All in all, the next few weeks will be pack with action EVERY WEEKEND!! Be part of it by joining the discord or tuning in on Twitch!