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Announcing Season 7!
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VRML is thrilled to announce Onward's 7th Season which is planned as such:

 - Jan 14th: Season Start

 - Feb 11th to 24th: Button Cup (1)

 - March 4th to 10th: All-Star Tournament

 - March 18th to 31st: Button Cup (2)

 - April 28th: Season End

 - May 4th-5th: Challenger Cup

 - May 11th-12th: Round-robin

 - May 18th-19th: Semis-Finals

Season will last 15 weeks (14 active weeks). With this planning, we're estimating that each teams should be playing 1 'repeat-match' (as much as possible) in their respective MMR range.

The Button Cup was so much fun, having 2 in one season might allow for a 'rematch'.

For the All-star tournament we will have key league players creating their own rosters (can't pick a player from their team). We're hoping we can also have a 'Rookies All-star Tournament' as well (in parallel). We're also thinking of bringing on new Onward game modes (for fun and promotion) during that event (if it's ready).

Globochem wins Season 6 Championship
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What an amazing weekend to close this season!

Globochem, Beginners, SMC Tactical and Blaze all gave their best shot and boy did it provide quality Onward matches!

In case you missed it, here are the yet-unedited footage from both days! Make sure to check the Season 6 Championship YouTube playlist as well.

Saturday's Semi-Finals

Sunday's Grand Final

See you all in Season 7 - expected to start around mid-January!

Season 6 Challenger Cup Winners & Round Robin status!
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First of all, congrats to Blaze for winning the Challenger Cup defeating Legionnaires, yesterday.

It was a tense match! Blaze won the 1st map. Legionnaires then won the 2nd, tying up the series. On the 3rd, watch as Naoko & Prefontaine secure Blaze's victory!

And what more to say on that cap by Virds! Rumor has it his mom shed some proud tears!

Blaze will now join and participate today in the Round Robin Group B!

Also, congratulations to Beginners and SMC Tactical securing their spot in next weekend semis!

Those were all some very close and insane matches wonderfully casted! Make sure to tune in today for more crazy matches for sure.

Announcing the Season 6 Winter Championship!
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VRML is happy to bring you the Season 6 Winter Championship!

This season has been short and pretty exciting! Plenty of highly memorable casts! Now's the time for the teams to show their worth in the end of season championship.

Up for grabs are ProTube merchandises/coupons from ProTubeVR, Official VRML player-personalized T-shirts, a selection of VR Cover accessories, Steam/Oculus gift card rewards and of course bragging rights!

Registrations for the Challenger Cup (pka the Wildcard) are now open!!

If you already have a team, go to your Team page to register


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