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Everything You Need to Know About League Matches
by Theta |

About to play in your first league match? Not sure about some of the rules around bans, map selection, timeouts or reservists? This video's for you:

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Q&A #4: Finding Lobbies, Custom Maps & Team-Focused Tactics
by Theta |

Time for another Q&A! This time I cover what constitutes a good custom map, how to be team-focused, how to find good lobbies, and more.

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Q&A #3 for New Onward Players
by Theta |

Here's another Q&A session where I focus on answering questions from new Onward players about how to get better and manage competitive life in the VRML:

You can find more videos like this here: https://youtube.com/c/ThetaVR

How to Build a Team, plus Q&A
by Theta |

Here are two more videos for Onward beginners, one focusing on how to recruit and select players for your VRML team, and the other a Q&A session answering some common questions about Onward:

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How to Play on a Team in Onward: A Guide for New Players
by Theta |

Here's a new guide about how to be a good teammate in Onward. This is part of a series on team-related subjects, so don't worry if something specific you're looking to learn isn't covered in this one — more videos are on the way.

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Want to become a high-level competitor? Watch this guide!
by Theta |

Today I'm releasing Playing for Blood, a detailed walkthrough of the changes you need to make as a player and teammate to become a quality competitor. Everything in this video applies to Onward, but the principles apply to any competitive game. This one's a bit long, but it's worth your time if you're serious about moving up the competitive ladder.

You can find the rest of my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThetaVR

A Tutorial For Brand New Onward Players Interested in Joining the League
by Theta |

Want to jump into competitive Onward but don't know where to start? Watch this video I (Theta, a VRML veteran) created that contains step-by-step instructions for getting involved with the League:

For more tutorials geared towards beginners, check out my YouTube channel here.

League Is Now On The 3 Weeks Planned Hiatus For 1.8 Patch
by DaKinMan |

As you all know, the league is now during its 3 weeks planned hiatus to give some time for the 1.8 patch and Quest support to settle.

If all goes as planned, the league should be restarting on August 17th.

Monday, July 20 to Sunday, July 26 matches have been generated!
by DaKinMan |
Bringing Weekly Showcases of Onward in Oculus Venues
by DaKinMan |

We're incredibly excited to announce that we're coming to Oculus Venues to produce weekly VR esports showcases for Onward!

What is Oculus Venues?

Oculus Venues is your ticket to bringing the stadium experience, complete with a live crowd to react and interact with, into your home via Oculus Go and Oculus Quest! Featuring curated events like concerts, comedy shows, major league sports, and more, VRML is proud to bring the best of VR esports into the Venues lineup with Onward!

Oculus Venues is a fantastic opportunity to make our sport shine on an exciting, new platform. It's a chance to showcase to the increasing masses of VR adopters why Onward is something they need to check out, and why VRML is something they should take part in. We encourage you all to spread the word, join the audience in Venues if you're able, and show your support for the game, league, and your fellow players who are featured on it!